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Lets Talk Metal

Discussion in 'Music' started by zackp, Jan 3, 2009.
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  1. markm1
    +1 for OM. I'm late to their party. Read about them for a number of years....and while I enjoy ambient, post, doom and some stoner, on paper they didn't sound that exciting. No guitars at all. What?!
    But.....really like Advaitic songs. Kind of like Sunn O ))-you either enjoy something that much left of field yet still vaguely metal or not. It's just such a different kind of listening.....anyone that likes something different...beautiful and heavy-
    Really cool album.
  2. campj

    Yeah, Exdromos is great. The new Gigan is really good too, I'm surprised I'm not seeing more about it on year end lists.
  3. Tom Yum Goong

    Not many people can handle this kind of stuff :p
  4. Trogdor
  5. vipervick
    Om is the descendant of Stoner Super Group "Sleep", very trippy.
  6. Navybsn
    Sleep - Jerusalem and Holy Mountain are epic. Everything Electric Wizard is great stuff too. The thing that sets OM apart is the production. They don't rely on fuzz ( at least on Advaitic Songs)
  7. markm1
    Someone recently asked Morbid toaster about a CD player.
    This year I put together a little medium fi dedicated listening station that includes a dedicated stereo, HP set up and Sonos to stream my digital music in different rooms with wireless speakers. I'm still updating and dreaming of new gear.
    That said, putting together 3 separate parts of my system and not having-uh $10,000 lying around waiting to be spent..... I did this on a budget buying one component at time and looking for good price point per $.
    I went through an internal debate of CD players. As we all know people on Headfi will spend big $ on CD players. I'm just not sure it's worth it in the end.
    I don't know if this post will have value for anyone, but for what it's worth, I ended up researching  and purchasing the Onkyo 7030 for under $200 and I consider it an excellent value. I'm sure you can find it used or on sale, close to $100.
    I'm sure some of you may disagree with $1,ooo CDPs-I'm just posting for me-at this point and time-this CDP that I bought new for about $170 works well and didn't set me back much at all.
    Here's the Amazon link.
    I bought it from Crutchfield in Virginia. I have found nary a negative review. It's simple, doesn't have many bells and whistles. But for someone like me, who just wants a dedicated CD player to play one CD at  a time, not part of a surround system or anything, it works great and gives me a clear, neutral sound IMO.
    A lot of the recommend CDP on this site will run you $500 +. I'm just now sure it's worth it for me. Maybe if you have an EXTREMELY revealing system. But, for those of us with say $1500-3,000 invested in a medium fi rig-I have doubts.
    I posed the question on a schiit page (I own the Asgard-2) and got the same response when I found someone with the same player. You'd have to scroll down a bit to see a couple of responses to my question.
    I do enjoy sitting down in my computer room with my stereo and putting in a well recorded CD and listening thru speakers or HPs and having that experience drinking a cold beer of just enjoying the CD in good fidelity. When I'm doing other stuff in the house-I enjoy my wireless streaming of my digitized lossless files. But, the CD dedicated rig has better sound.
    Unlike many of you, I don't listen through my computer. I just rip into lossless files store it on a NAS and stream it through my Sonos gear or listen to CDs.
    Vinyl sound like a great way to go w/metal-but given all this other gear-it's not affordable for me at this point. Functionality and convenience is a big driving factor for me. With Sonos, I can walk into the kitchen and use my cell phone to listen to any of the digitized music I own in a few seconds...so easy getting ready for work, making coffee, preparing a meal at the end of the day, etc. Then when I want to sit down and really listen, that's a different experience-but takes more work. I actually, have to stay in one room and take a CD out!
  8. ferday
    I can't remember the last time i actually played a CD LOL.  both of my main listening areas are attached to PC's, with the rest of the house on a network, so ripping a new CD to lossless and using the computer is the order of the day
    i'm excited for all the end of year lists that will be coming...i'm supposed to be home over Christmas so i should get some time to read all of yours...and make one of my own.  it ended up to be a pretty good year in metal i think
  9. markm1

    That sounds like the way to go for most of you. In my case, I access ITunes through an older PC and didn't want to hose down my newer PC w/ 15,000 tracks or something. It was just a question of storage. Putting everything on an external drive of some kind was the way I decided to go. I'm not tech savvy smart enough like some of you whiz kids to put something together like you have. I'm old school (not to mention just old) with a liberal arts vs IT engineer personality and need something really simple.  [​IMG] 
    Then again, I still read books that I can hold in my hands and have to be stored on these old things we used to have many years ago called book shelves-ha!
  10. Redcarmoose

    If you have been reading Head-Fi for years and years you could see a slow migration from CD to computer audio. The more you read the more you find out that various members have different systems and in many ways it's personal and just has to do with how we maybe hear. It comes down to the sound from all your gear. There was an amazing USB computer audio backlash a couple of years ago. Mainly some folks found that they thought that USB had added distortion. You then had folks using optical to go to their DACs not USB. Then you had new asynchronous USB ways with maybe less distortion.

    The thing is that computers have a ton of non-audiophile stuff in them that you would never find in high end audio. Fans, motors and all these small components pulling on the power supply. Just a whole different world from what you find in even the basic priced high end audio. Basic good audio gear has stuff separated, even channels separated, they worry about cross interference from other nearby parts. How much all this effects the sound is debatable, still maybe every small thing starts to add to the bigger picture.

    I don't know I have not tried everything. I do believe though that with my system I get the best sound straight out of a CD player, with no USB in the loop. It seems strange in ways because it seems we could get a better stream from pure digital files going to a DAC from a hard drive. The mechanical aspect of the spinning disk seems old fashioned.

    I really like the sound of Rega CD players. A CD player does not give you the freedom of playing downloads (unless you burn a disk) but my whole metal collection in on store bought CDs with some vinyl, so it works well for me.
  11. markm1
    Thanks for Recarmoose. It's helpful for someone like me who's only been dabbling a year or so in this niche.
    If you don't mind my asking, what's the price point for the Rega?
  12. suicidal_orange
    I've been looking but still found no review - is it worth picking up?  It's not cheap enough for me to risk it "blind" and the shop shuts in a couple of hours...
  13. MorbidToaster
    Their cheapest new CDP is 1k, IIRC. Though I like their older series more. There's a Saturn and an Apollo on Audiogon well under a grand right now.
  14. DJ George T
    Oh yeah, Crimson Moonlight's material exceeds all my expectactions. Extol is easily one of my favorite bands. The self-titled release this year is mindblowing. It is all skillz. I had to have this release in both CD and vinyl. I still go back from time to time to Mortification's Scroll of the Megilloth. I have yet to find a more frightening sounding death metal album and the lyrics are all true. Most death metal albums overdo it. Most band these days are either playing too fast or trying too hard to be creepy sounding. This one from Mortification is honestly and sincerely DEATH. I also have not found a release like Horde's Hellig Usvart or Paramaceium's Exhumed of the Earth, the sounds of Horde make the hairs of my back stand up and Paramaceum's sound is truly depressing. I love it all!
    Other stuff I am listening:
    And of course the almighty Slechtvalk
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