Let's talk about pens...

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  1. Fox2twenty
    The last one, 849?looks really good. :call_me:
  2. Saoshyant
    I agree, it's a little tempting
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  3. Fox2twenty
    I should have never wandered into "other gear" land... :D
  4. Saoshyant


    It's small, but it's got a good feel to it. Plus it's click feels positively toylike.
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  5. mbwilson111
    What is it? Looks nice.

    Love the pen holder. I have the same one:)
  6. Fox2twenty
    Oooo. A good click is amazing. What is it? Like, what brand?
  7. Saoshyant
    Lamy Pico
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  8. Fox2twenty
    Cool :call_me:
  9. Saoshyant
    Tiny refill time
  10. mbwilson111
    Don't be terrified... its a really nice simple pen!

    I was really shocked to get it from Japan today after only 6 days.... my delivery window was Nov.10th to 24th. Of course I only got this one thing while my husband got a gazillion IEMs...

    I do love the wood... it feels like a pencil but its really cool that it is a pen. I often write with pencils actually but never mechanical ones. I like a nice wooden pencil as I often need to correct things... I have never found one in the UK that I like. I stocked up last time I was in Michigan.

    Over-packaging? Just the bubble wrapped pen in this box. I think all of my husbands parcels would have fit in this box!

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  11. mookil92
    lamy 2k F is the only pen i have left at the moment, just can't beat it
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  12. Slater
    Beautiful pen!
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