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  1. Slater
    So the old pen threads are outdated, broken links, lost to time (from the site redesign perhaps).

    Anyways, I wanted to start up a new pen thread.

    I'll start it off with one of my favorite EDC pens:

    The Fisher Telescoping Space Pen:


    If you don't have one, treat yourself and pick one up. It collapses down to 3" long, no cap to lose, and the smooth reliable writing of all Fisher Space Pens.

    I've been carrying mine for 10 years. It looks a little beat up, but a few swipes with a scotch brite pad makes it look brand new again.
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  2. Saoshyant
    Ok, that'll be option 1 for me. And I remember someone mentioning Lamy too, as another option. I'm not a pen guy, but I'm growing quite weary of the awful pens at work as I have to hand write orders, etc.
  3. Slater
    I'm also a sucker for some of the nice Chinese ball point pens that have been out in the last few years. There are a ridiculous value, and have a very premium heft and feel. I usually swap out the cartridges for Parker or Schmidt Easy Flow 9000 refills, as the Chinese pens skimp on the ink to get the price low.

    My current favorites are the:
    • Jinhao x750 (stainless)
    • Jinhao 601
    They are so cheap to buy, yet they feel have the looks and feel of a pen 5-10xs the cost.

  4. Saoshyant
    Any particular chinese pens to recommend as a good starter?
  5. Slater
    Definitely - you can't go wrong with the
    • Jinhao x750 (ballpoint)
    • Jinhao 601 (ballpoint)
    Get one, or the other, or both. They are both that good.

    The 601 is a tiny bit shorter and a bit slimmer than the x750. The x750 is what I'd call a full size pen (think over-ear headphones), whereas the 601 is like an on-ear headphone. In contrast, a Parker or Cross pen are about half the diameter of the 601. The 601 is about the size and thickness of a Sharpie marker. The x750 is 1/2" longer and about 1/8" thicker the the 601.

    Don't get me wrong, the stock Jinhao ink cartridges that come with them are fine. Try the pen first and make sure you like the thickness, balance, weight, etc. Then when the stock refill is out of ink, switch to a better quality refill. You can match the refill up at any Staples/Office Max/Office Depot, of if you know which refill will fit just order them on Amazon or ebay. I like Parker, Fisher Space Pen, and Schmidt Easy Flow 9000 (gel ink) refills.

    You may have to tweak a pen to get the aftermarket refill to fit. I think on one of mine I pulled off a plastic plug from the back of the used up genuine refill, and used it as a "spacer" to get the new better quality refill to fit. I'd have to check. But again, the OEM Jinhao refills will get the job done, and you can buy them in bulk for really cheap (I wanna say qty 5 or 10 for like a buck each).

    As far as the styles of each of the ones I listed, they come in dozens of colors and finishes. My favorite are the stainless (called silver) finish on the x750, and on the 601 my favorite is the "Pure Silver" color (the same one I posted in the 1st photo). It's high polished/chrome brass, and it has a fine etching in it that makes it look like a multi-$100 pen.

    In over 2 years the finish on both the 601 and x750 have never discolored, flaked off, peeled, etc. They look as great now as the day I bought them, and I use them both a lot.

    The photos I posted really don't do the justice. Seriously, you will be shocked when you get them and are like "I paid HOW MUCH for these pens?" haha

    I buy them from ebay. Just search for "Jinhao 601 -fountain" and "Jinhao x750 -fountain" and you will find them. The "-fountain" is to make sure you exclude the fountain pen versions of the same pens.

    There are other Chinese brands that I've tried, but for the same price the Jinhaos are made twice as good in regards to quality and look considerably more expensive than the other competitor's Chi-Pens.

    The other nice thing about these beefier pens is they are easier and more comfortable to write with. I'm not elderly nor do I have arthritis, but imagine writing with a Sharpie marker all day vs writing with a slim #2 pencil. The Sharpie just fits the hand better, and there's less cramping/fatigue.

    The x750 also has an ergonomic shaped "finger grip" section where you hold it. The 601 is knurled aluminum, but it's still very grippy and comfortable to use.

    If you're interested, I'd be happy to take better photos of each (cap on and off, measurements of each, etc).
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  6. Fox2twenty
    Awesomeness, I'm in. :call_me:
  7. Slater
    You won't regret it. You can't even buy a decent ChiFi IEM for $4!
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  8. HungryPanda
    Thanks for starting this thread, should become a useful resource
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  9. mbwilson111
    Just got a notice that mine is out for delivery. Probably will be one of those 8 or 9 pm deliveries... I don't think I will spend the day looking out the window.
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  10. Death_Block
    Cool thread. I like stationary n stuff. Look forward for some new things to buy
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  11. Fox2twenty
    I want to know if you guys use edc pens that are for self defense, ya know, the spike shaped fountain pens.
  12. Saoshyant
    Oh, some of the tactical pens? Always kind of thought they were a bit silly, but then again they might be effective.
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  13. Fox2twenty
    Well, I was PD, Anything can be a weapon. The idea with the tactical pen is for it not to break. But any pen could be a weapon of last resort.
  14. Slater
    Agreed. John Wick killed 3 men with a pencil lol

    Tactical pens are related to the Kubaton, which a lot of people carry for self defense. With the proper training (the key here), it can an extremely effective self-defense weapon (used for pressure point moves and locks).

    Tactical usually have a hardened steel tip that can be used for emergency window breaking.

    However, Kubatons aren't legal to carry in all cities and countries, so you would want to check your local laws. I imagine the tactical pens are likely covered by the same regulations as Kubatons.
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  15. mbwilson111
    I guess I am too innocent. I did not know there were pens specifically designed to be used as weapons. I have been informed now that they are illegal in the UK. I think nearly everything is illegal here as a weapon. Apparently if you are using a flashlght to check something in the dark and someone attacks you, you become the criminal if you hit them with that flashlight. So I guess that means you have to allow yourself to be assaulted or murdered.

    Anyway, my Fisher pen arrived yesterday. I have not had a chance to really write anything with it but it seems very nice. I am annoyed with Amazon though. They have obviously sent me a return as new (not the first time I have suspected this). On the closed end of the cardboard sleeve you can see where someone tried to open there. On the open end, where the case is meant to just slide out, someone put regular household scotch tape over it when they returned it. I even watched an unboxing video to be sure that there is not meant to be any tape like that. I don't know whether or not to exchange it. My main worry is there is no way to check how much ink is left. What if someone used most of it and then got a new one and returned this in its place? I hate how people misuse return policies. Here in Headfi I sometimes see people order 3 or 4 headphones knowing they will choose one and return the others. Maybe someone did this with my pen.

    In the second photo you can see a little dot of ink inside the case. Not sure how that would have happened.

    R0012698.JPG R0012699.JPG
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