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Leckerton Audio UHA-4 VS. Headstage Arrow 3g; A Comparison. MOBILE DEVICE WARNING

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  1. Anaxilus


    Agree, my Arrow isn't dry or overly bright either.  I think it's pretty smooth.  I was thinking maybe my 2.2G is just different.
  2. Kunlun
    Good review, good pictures. Thanks!
    I'm crossing the arrow off my list (although I know that quite a few people love it). I have to think about the leckerton...
  3. Mad Max
    Nice review.
    Leckerton eh?
  4. Blasto_Brandino

    The amount of effect produced by the crossfeed on the arrow (When set to "II") and the UHA-4 is equal, but I found that the Arrow distorted the sound field, the UHA-4's effect was much more natural.  And I cannot stress how much better the UHA-4 drove the HD650's than the Arrow, the arrow could drive them louder, but the UHA-4 drove them better,, FAR better. infact when I get back home i'm gonna be tossing a pizza in the oven and kicking it with a Coke, the UHA-4 and the HD650's

  5. Anaxilus


    Sounds like it has a nice synergy going on there.  Something I'm struggling with a bit right now on my ES5.  
  6. Armaegis


    The mad scientist in me is pondering how to build his M3 as a transportable unit [​IMG]
  7. Armaegis
    Is anyone else wondering what the "special request" on the UHA-4 was?
  8. Mad Max

    Switch to full SMD?
  9. Blasto_Brandino
    i had requested silver faceplates and  a black case
  10. munkyballz
    Wow.  Nice review/comparo, and surprisingly, didn't even sound all that close.
    Will add this to my list when they get more black models made or B-Stocks in.  Cheers for the time/effort!
  11. Armaegis

    That would required designing my own board which is beyond me at the moment. I was thinking more along the lines of a slim enclosure and power via battery pack (like the Energizer XP8000/18000).
  12. Nando1970
    a couple of questions:
    - are they resistant to cell phone interferences? I hate when my Sflo2 headphone out catches my blackberry interferences and this would be my main motivation to use line out + amp...
    - why are you "gonna use [the Arrow] to power the ER4s"? I have ER4-S (and now ER4-P too, thanks Anaxilus) and I have to decide which amp to drive them
    thank you
  13. Anaxilus


    I recommend you try the Leckerton since you can return it and it's cheaper off the bat.  If you like the sound then stick with it.  If you feel the bass is lacking and want the feature set of the Arrow then try that after.  Hopefully the cheaper option gets you the sound you want.  I don't see a problem driving the ER4S with either at all.  You should be in good hands either way.
    Maybe I should just order one and put this lingering question to rest in my mind.
  14. Blasto_Brandino
    The entire time I tested the amps they were sitting on top of my droid which was linked to my computer providing it internet access, I never noticed anything. I did run the droid for a few minutes with GPS, Bluetooth, and Wifi on. but still noticed nothing, but I use a Verizon phone, a GSM device might be different, I cannot say. There are many different handsets out there and they are all build/ shielded differently so YMM(significantly)V. 
    2. I plan on using the arrow with an Iphone 5 (I am currently going month to month, i was due for an upgrade april 3rd) and wanted to attach the Arrow to the back of the Iphone, keeping it super slim. Sound wise I know the UHA-4 would sound better, but I want that slim rig because I plan on taking it everywhere the phone goes, sort of like a permanent amp of sorts.
  15. Anaxilus
    I'm the same Blasto.  It's really hard to give up the package and features of the Arrow.  Even if I got another amp not sure I would sell the Arrow.  >.<  I hate this....
    I'm wondering how the 4G w/ treble booster will affect clarity and detail.
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