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La Figaro 339

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by cal8949, Jul 15, 2010.
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  1. Mizicke5273
    Anyone have experience with any of the below DACs and the 339?

    Gustard x20 Pro
    Gustard x22
    Schiit Gungnir Multibit
  2. bobbyblack
    Hey Mizicke,i am waiting some feedback from you,how you like the amp,which tubes are working for you,i saw you have a nice starting collection of tubes.
    This thread it's dying,somebody else with another opinions?Waiting time is killin' me,2 months for the drop,another 2 or more until it's here...In the preparation for him i bought EF86 adaptors from Ebay+2 pairs of EF86 german tubes(Valvo and RFT)+Tesla EF806(which is supposed to be the ''super EF86'',with better specs and lower noise)+some nice RCA 6AS7GA-similar with RCA 6AS7G but with different envelope glass(like 6080).I post tomorrow some photos.
  3. Mizicke5273
    I'm coming from a TubeMagic A1 that had a channel issue; which I temporarily replaced with a Schiit Vali 2 for about a month. Those two are the only other Headphone amps I have experience with. My setup includes a Schiit Loki, which I added alongside the Vali 2 and I use to add bass. I had also used some EQ in Foobar2k, on top of the Loki, for even more bass and a more V shaped sound at times. When I first powered up the 339, I noticed a definite improvement over the TubeMagic A1 and Vali 2. The bass saw a big improvement and I am now only using the Loki; I'm not even using EQ in Foobar2k for the more V shaped sound. On the Loki now, I have the 20 Hz knob set to about 2/3, where I used to have it all the way up with the Vali2, and the 400 Hz is set at about 1/4, which I used to set at about 3/4. And as I mentioned on page 274, cymbals are very clear and detailed on "Children of the Grave" by Black Sabbath. I am very pleased and happy with the 339; it is a joy to listen to.

    As for tube rolling; I did not get a lot of time with the stock Power tubes, since the one was bad. I have the Mullard EF86s and Raytheon 6080WAs in now and have not tried much else.
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  4. bobbyblack
    Probably the amp and even the tubes need some time to burn in,some time for you to be accustomed with he's sound but is nice you allready like the sound of it.From now on is room only for the better.
  5. Josh76
    I've spent a chunk of time lately purchasing and experimenting with tubes so I'll add my opinions to the mix. Some taste notes, I like a full sound without going basshead. I think this means strong mid-bass in addition to solid sub-bass without being overpowering (unless I'm listening to rap or something). I put my favorite headphones and dacs below.

    Favorite pairings:
    • Tung Sol 5998 with Philips/Sylvania 6SJ7WGT (everything but classical) - So full-bodied and clean! The Philips/Sylvania 6SJ7WGT are the full/bassy tubes in this combo.
    • Tung Sol 7236 with RCA 5693 Red Hots (classical only)
    Second favorite pairings:
    • Tung Sol Chatham 6080WA with RCA 6SJ7 (most music except classical) Sometimes the bass on these 6080's is too much and they are fatiguing. VERY fatiguing with the Philips/Sylvania 6SJ7WGT drivers.
    • RCA 6AS7G (Black Plate) with Philips/Sylvania 6SJ7WGT (everything but classical) - The Tung Sol's are more airy, detailed, and musical but these RCA's are decent and a lot more affordable.
    Waiting to try (still shipping):
    • Sylvania 7236
    • Phillips/Mullard 6080
    Other notes:
    • The RCA 5693 tubes are only good with the specified Tung Sol's listening to classical. In every other pairing (and music genre) I've tried they are either shrill or boring.
    • Tung Sol 6SJ7GT tubes may be OK, I need to try them with more variety of bassy power tubes. For the price, I don't think they are worth it (the RCA 6SJ7's are much cheaper and easier to find)
    • EF-86 tubes (tried Telefunken and Amperex) don't have the full-bodied sound I am looking for and by the time I ordered bassy power tubes my EF-86 to 6SJ7 adaptor was going bad :frowning2:

    Favorite headphones:
    • HD-800S and HD-800 modded (only heard both for 10 minutes each)
    • Elex
    • HD-6XX
    • LCD-2c
    • HE-4XX
    Headphones I didn't like:
    • Aeons Closed
    • K7XX

    Mimby and Yggy are my favorite dacs, plan on trying Gumby with the La Figaro when funds allow.
    Last edited: May 15, 2018
  6. Ze_Blitzkrieg
    Headphones I didn't like:
    • K7XX

    I tried a friend's pair of K7XX recently (before receiving the La Figaro 3339), and while I was 'surprised' by what AKG had done to their sound. . .it was still not 'enjoyable' to me. Obviously subjective, but I found them to still not be natural sounding. In the dynamic realm, Sennheiser is king of that to me, and it seems to me that the Senn's definitely come alive with the LA339 (ignoring tube rolling). The HE-500's also sound quite lovely from this amp.
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  7. bobbyblack
    Hi Josh,thank you for your impressions,i like the sound to be exactly like you described,warm and detailed mids with good bass and sweet highs.
    I think you are set for power tubes and for drivers maybe you need a replacement for your broken adapter to use with EF86(people seems to like them more than 6SJ7 variants).
    Also is interesting that you liked the HD800S and even Elex more than HD6XX which is supposed to be a "lethal" combo with LF339(i know that the HD800S is technically the better headphone but HD650 with good OTL can beat alot of TOTL headphones).
    About power tubes i don't intend to invest to much in something like Gec or Bendix,i need probably 3 flavors to put them in nice combos with drivers.I want the Mullard's 6080,Chatham 6AS7G(more neutral and airy) and i allready have the RCA's 6AS7GA.For drivers i found some local guy who has them cheap(i paid 6$/tube for the RFT's,15$ for Valvo and 15$ for Tesla EF806).
    I read that the RFT EF86 is the warmest from all the EF86 version's, maybe you can check it out.
    Last edited: May 16, 2018
  8. Josh76
    Yeah, perhaps I should buy another set of adaptors and the RFT tubes you're suggesting.

    Oh, ha, I wasn't listing them in order of preference. If I was, the HD6XX would be my top headphone. I may change my mind once I own the HD-800S and listen to them more but I'm under the impression those excel at certain genres rather than everything. I do like the Elex a lot but need to be in the right mood for them,, they are ENERGETIC. When I want laid back, the HE-4XX is my favorite.
  9. bobbyblack
    Ohh,i see,that's a good and bad news as well,lol,the good is i save some serious money replacing HD800S with HD650 and the bad is that i love these headphones(HD800S),they do everthing so good,will be hard time deciding the next move :thinking:.
    Last edited: May 17, 2018
  10. Josh76
    I could be wrong, the 800S may be better at everything than the 650/6XX, I didn't spend enough time with the 800S to be sure one way or the other. I could see how they REALLY excel at vocals (especially women) and classical.
  11. bobbyblack
    Time will tell,thanks.
  12. wwmhf
    Even though I could not spend more time on 339 before my trip, I liked how it worked with HD650. Together, they provided more music details than my 336SE. Music produced by 339+HD650 was more solid while 336SE sounded slight more smoother. However, I still could not like my Byer T1 on 339.
  13. adeadcrab
    So what driver tubes are we all using? So far I have:
    Tung-Sol 6SJ7GT Mesh plate
    GE 'Reds' 5693
    Sylvania 6SJ7WGT

    Thinking of getting some more varied driver tubes later down the line...
  14. Mizicke5273
  15. MJS242
    If anyone is interested in adapters from Yuking/La Figaro let me know and I can inquire about a group buy.
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