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La Figaro 339

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by cal8949, Jul 15, 2010.
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  1. bobbyblack
    Hi,you know how is the procedure of shipping for the LF amps bought by non US people?
    They first ship to US-massdrop or direct from China?
  2. bobbyblack
    I read the thread twice and took notes of best combos of tubes and impressions but right now seems a little chaos,need to clarify them.
    For example my 1st set of notes:
    2399/5998/6080WA Thomson, Chatham/6AS7G Chatham/RCA
    RCA 6AS7G/TS EF86 mesh
    Mazda Thorn EF86 and Svetlana 6H13C
    Bendix6080/TF EF86 mesh
    Mullard EF86 and GEC 6as7g
    Mullard EF86 and RCA 6as7g and felt no need to roll in my GEC 6as7g or even Bendix 6080wb. Using Yggy as input and HD800
    339 GEC 6AS7 UK L63 is the best match
    almost exclusively use the EF86 adapter with two Telefunken EF86's (mesh plates). I have a lot of 6SJ7's and EF80's, but they don't see a lot of use. For power tubes I typically use an RCA, Chatham or Sylvania 6AS7G.
    BEST:GEC 6AS7G,Bendix 6080WB Graphite Plates
    . For EF86 tubes try: valvo / mullard / amperex meshplates, telefunken, even the Russian
    Svetlana Winged C EF86/6267 best bang for the buck
    7236 power tubes and Sylvania 6SJ7WTG
    Mullard EF80 are the one I use all the time, in combination with some Chatham 6AS7G-Lieven
    RCA 6AS7G and the Tung-sol 6SJWGT-dark Liu''

    The second set @until then impressions:
    Favorite combinations thus far, in no particular order (because dependent on mood and music), include:

    GE 6AS7GA -- RCA or JAN Philips 6SJ7WGT

    RCA 6AS7G -- Telefunken EF86 or RCA 6SJ7WGT

    Bendix 6080WB -- RCA 6SJ7WGT

    Tung-Sol 7236 - RCA5693

    Svetlana Winged "C" - Sveltana EF86

    LF339 really sings with Mazda Thorn EF86 and Svetlana 6H13C
    Mullard EF86 and GEC 6as7g.-Until then,the best''

    Third,@Liu impressions of LF compared with EC ZDS with different tube combos:
    has been back and forth between ZDS and 339 all night. Utopia, HD600, HD650. Yggy via Lynx 16e card as source. Both very good in different ways, but it is totally dependent on tubes, and I am purposely using a darker set in both. 339 remains more dreamy (and thus more immersive) with my transducers, yet powerful and spacious. ZDS slightly more transparent and resolving; slams hard yet more refined. Huge caveat due to tubes used, as I need Bendix, 7236, or GE 6AS7GA for a more neutral set. Tungsol 6SU7GTY RBP as driver in ZDS--if I really wanted to play hard, it would be Mullard ECC35 (but equally so different tubes in 339).

    339 is very close to ZDS. And it wins on pure enjoyment level most of the time. I have come to truly appreciate the suggestions upon entering this thread for the RCA 6AS7G/TS EF86 mesh combo.''

    Anyway i want to thank everybody who posted in this thread and helped one way or another.I'm sure i am gonna love this amp.
    Sorry for the long post.
    Last edited: May 3, 2018
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  3. wwmhf
    This 6SN7 factor is interesting and it seems to be the version I should have chosen because I really like the sound of 6SN7 from 336 SE.
  4. wwmhf
    Do you mean the 339 amp will be hotter if I replace those two Chinese power tubes by two Tungsol 7236? If so, I will have to use this amp in a suitable season...
  5. Mizicke5273
    When I turned my amp on yesterday afternoon to warm up, there was a white light, sort of flashing, coming from the right Power tube. I powered the right side off for a minute or so and turned it back on and everything worked fine. The same thing happened this morning. Is that what a tube arcing looks like? Should I be concerned about the amp; any issue to look out for with the limited details I provided? These are the stock Chinese Power tubes btw, so I guess it is time to try a different set.
  6. wwmhf
    Yes, you should be concerned with that tube, and stay away from it.

    I had this happened twice last year, once happened during my listening of music and it was a terrible experience because it hurt my ears. One tube completely failed after that, the other one seems still to be working, but I decided not to use it because I do not want to put my ears in danger anymore.
  7. wwmhf
    I like how this 339 sound with the Russian EF86 (6 theta 32 number on tube) tubes, the power tubes are still the Chinese ones given by the manufacture.
  8. danniveng
    My very first post here, be gentle :). Last week I got my long expected LF339, coming with the default Chinese tubes, the warm version. I have it connected to a Chord Hugo dac (source is Macbook or iPhone, Tidal HIFI) and my primary use of headphone is HD800 - but also using HD650 and Beyerdynamic DT1770 Pro. I have already spent a lot of time listening, of course, and pleasantly surprised by its musicality and it's warm and crispy sound via HD800. Of course it has more authority when comparing the sound straight out of the Hugo which is also a very good match with HD800. But there are many opinions here, I know, it's all a matter of taste. But now you know where I stand :). I listen mostly to acoustic, vocal music, well-recorded.

    I have not used my HD650 much since I've got my HD800. I've tried them on LF339 as so many people enjoy that combination. I have to be honest that I prefer the sound of HD800 with all the micro details and the bigger soundstage etc. Missing sometimes the unique intimacy of the HD650 but I am almost sure I can tube-roll that and get that extra dimension to my HD800. Right now I just enjoy this new impressive sound landscape. Yes, I miss a bit more full-bodied sound signature, a bit more punch - without loosing the very fine middle tones. I know I need to change the tubes soon. I have looked at these as my power tubes, Mullard-6080-6AS-rebranded-Philips - anyone that know these tubes, and the sound? I am not either which drivers I should use. I have read this thread, and I am a bit surprised that there are not that many HD800 combinations out there.
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  9. wwmhf
    I do not have that kind of 6080 tube, but I do not think this Mullard-6080-6AS-rebranded-Philips are anything very special. Of course Mullard means something, but there are many 6080 tubes at much more affordable price and they might also sounds as good as a "Mullard".
  10. bobbyblack
    Somebody tested 2 or 4 6BL7 tubes on the La Figaro,maybe @Until Then?I'm curious since many think are superior to 6AS7 type of tubes
    Last edited: May 5, 2018
  11. maximus69
    I just confirmed that the current drop on massdrop is the unit with green capacitors
    I just confirmed with a guy on massdrop sho just received his 339 that he has the green capacitors.
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  12. wwmhf
    I got mine a few days ago from Massdrop
    and it has the green capacitors
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  13. MJS242
    I always liked the Chatham 6AS7G (copper rods) and the EF86 (mullard, telefunken, amperex). I get why people like the Bendix 6080WB with graphite plates, but I always found them overrated for my tastes. I'll get some better clarification from the designer on the 6J4P vs 6C5 version differences. If you dig in this thread deep enough, you might be able to find some impressions of people who modded their 6J4P version to use the 6C5/L63 (telecaster or wall-e, pretty sure one of those two did it). That was many years ago now though.

    @Liu Junyuan Thanks! I'm afraid not all of my posts are that useful :)
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  14. danniveng
    Thanks for having a look @wwmf. I'll try them out and make a little review. Unfortunately, I do not have much to compare with yet but one must start somewhere and the only way to get into the game is to try things out. But that's the fun (and somtimes expensive) part of the game as well. :)
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  15. danniveng
    Is it important that the Chatham 6AS7G is the copper rod version? Lieven suggested me to buy the Chatham or the black plate Rca. Not sure what the latter exactly refers to. I've ordered the Mullard 6080 one to test it out. Will also look into the thread as you mentioned about the modded 6J4) version.
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