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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

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  1. Jacob McCauley

    The knock-offs on Ali are fantastic! I've been using them for almost 2 years now after I got tired of spending all the money on Comply tips that break within a couple months. The knock-offs even seem to last a bit longer than the Comply ones oddly enough. For the price you can't go wrong and they have various sizes to fit most earphones. 
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  2. Jacob McCauley
    GB has vastly improved their shipping over the last few months. The Priority Line to Canada for me is a great option (although not available on everything but usually on all earphones) and usually arrives in about 2 weeks. Then there is the E-Post express option through the Registered Air Mail option which is around the same time (or perhaps a tad slower) as the Priority Line but is often a buck or two cheaper. I almost always use either of those shipping options now unless I am in no big hurry to get it. It's made GB even that much better since most other similar sites and Ali of course often take at least a month if not more. 
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  3. fonkepala

    Same here. Nothing but positive experiences so far with Gearbest shipping. I use the Priority Line or the SEA Express (this is only available for South East Asian countries I think) option, with insurance added on for a buck plus. Very cheap and gets to where I am within a week normally.
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  4. Jacob McCauley
    Glad to hear it's a positive experience no matter what country you're in. They really are a cut above the competitor sites with regards to shipping and even their prices are often cheaper. For some reason even a lot of the KZ line can be found at a great price and the flash sales are great too. Although they seem to be a little slow in getting new models. I had to order the new ZST model from Banggood (it is on sale at least) but they don't offer any sort of speedier shipping in between standard and express like GB does. 
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  5. TheSweeney

    Good to know, thanks for the info. I'll definitely have to try the zs1 but I'll have to try the ate-s too, sounds like people either love or hate the extra bass in the ate-s and from what you've said I'll probably love'em.
    I cant justify buying more iems until I get shut of these ATR/ZS3's though :frowning2: Cant go buying more when I have 4 new pair sitting right here lol.
    Cheers for the tips on the tips too, much appreciated. [​IMG]
  6. fuzzyash
    So what tips have worked for people with the kz zs3? With the stock tips, they just slide out
  7. B9Scrambler

    I use either RHA tips or Ultimate Ears tips. KZ's new 'star' tips aren't bad with them either.
  8. hakuzen
    i also tried KZ's new 'star' but also old KZ's grey/brown. switched between M and L sizes, and discovered that my ears are nearer to L size (13mm diameter) than to M.
    no slide out, got desired seal with L size from both KZ's, but the texture, thickness and stiffness (remind me spiral dots) of the new 'star' tips provided the best seal. their medium-to-wide bore is a little bit wider than the old gray/brown's. the extra length of their inner tube helps to get deeper insertion. didn't notice any filtering of frequencies. tried them with KZ ATE (very long nozzle, spacers are needed with short tips) and others, thanks to that extra length.
    i liked them a lot, and they are not expensive, so ordered a ton.. together with a new set of spiral dots, ML size (which always work).
    try them.
  9. haiku
    The ATE S continue to amaze me anew every day. Why? Are there iems with better details? Definitely. Do they deliver the ultimate bass? Don´t know, I´m not a basshead, but it´s the right amount and quality for me. What about the mids? Especially vocals are beautiful with these.
    2 things stand out for me. One is the way they present the highs. Yes, they are rolled off pretty much, so they are never peaky or sibilant. From my experience, this eliminates the big problem most treble heavy iems and earbuds have nowadays.
    The second thing is, they don´t compress the sound when it comes to dynamics. Most earbuds and iems I´ve heard (lately the SE215, FA Heaven VI, InEar SD2, KZ ZS3) tend to compress the sound pretty early, which creates a really nasty sound. Can´t stand it. Now, with the ATE S I can listen to Goldie´s "Timeless" in full blast, with the subbass pumping, and still I hear a big open soundstage and highs. 
    So, when I listen with the ATE S it´s like I´m just hanging loose, riding the waves of sound. Wonderful......  
  10. jgpz
    Just a quick question about the ZST, has anyone else had an issue with the one of the earphones sounding distorted/crackling? Just wanted to ask cause I returned the first set i got for another because the right one had this issue and then the replacement i got also had the exact same issue on the same side.
  11. Ruben123
    On eBay I saw the ATRs for only $4,30. Id say get some.
  12. mebaali
    After 2 days of use, my ZST still sounds the same as i felt OOTB (i.e., tight bass, sucked out mids, grainy treble). OTOH, ATR is doing a pretty decent job on all fronts (cleaner sounding of the two).
  13. Ruben123

    ATR is one of the most allround earphones KZ ever made, I think it works with most genres. If only it were transparent like the ATE... damn I like that design.
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  14. squallkiercosa
    Funny thing, for me it's the other way around: It took some time for the ZST to really show what they were capable to accomplish. Voices are still laid back but the treble has come forward to show some presence, maybe the bass took the back seat at some point leaving the shy treble to stage. 
    The ZS3 still sounds flat for me. Nice FR though. I love the earpieces' shape. Edit: The cable guide is too stiff, planning to remove the metal bar inside eventually
    Maybe I should try the almighty ATR or ATE... or run away from here
    Too bad I only have two ears and little time to enjoy music. 
  15. haiku

    Better run. Once you get the ATE (S) or ATR, you´re hooked. [​IMG]
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