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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

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  1. pashhtk27

    The new tips would be the ones with ed12, atr: the first link. Great to know they come with hd9, makes me want to buy one. :)
    The second ones are the old whirlwind tips. Good wide bore tips. :)
  2. camikeva
    Just chiming in with my ZST experience.  Several pages back, someone described them as "dark".  OOTB, I agreed with that assessment.  Bass was a bit much and treble was very weak.  After butn-in, it seemed that the bass settled in, but is still certainly above neutral.  Even after 50 hours of burn-in, the treble still seemed weak.  So, I just put them on and used them.  After an hour or so of actuallly listening, the treble started to come to life.  I know that sounds like "brain burn-in", and maybe it is, but the treble really improved.  It is still not a bright iem, but cymbals and other extended treble notes are there.  The other point to make is clarity.  I have found that a BA adds great clarity, and that is true with the ZST.  All in all, it's a good first effort in hybrid iem's for KZ.  I have a few others like the Senfer 4 in 1, and the Magaosi BLK-35. I don't think the ZST is at quite the same level, but the others are morfe expensive.       
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  3. B9Scrambler
    It sounds like the ZST takes the ZS series sound into the hybrid realm. Definitely looking forward to picking up a pair at some point with the hopes they best the crossover equipped ZS1.
  4. mebaali
    Received ZST, today. OOTB with stock tips and cable (using OnePlus One without any EQ at 50% volume), to my ears, these have tight bass, recessed mids, and somewhat grainy treble (listened to Fountains of Wayne, Shawn Mendes, BORNS, Oasis, Bayonne, and Red Hot Chili Peppers in M4A at 256kbps). Imaging, instrument separation, and detail retrieval are decent. Soundstage width is average. Newer KZ tips provide good fit and isolation for my ear canal shape.This is one of the few IEMs (KZ in particular) in my collection that is little difficult to drive with my usual volume setting in OPO (have to raise the volume of OnePlus One by at least 50%, for my tastes). Hope the sound improves further with more usage.


    (BTW, bought these for 14.5 US$ from chinadiy shop in AliEx)
  5. ioques
    Thanks for the info. I think those new ones are better but not a big difference.
    About HD9, if you like ATR, ATE you should go for it, then tell me what you think :wink:
  6. mebaali
    Listening to Oasis on ATR (straight outta laptop using Foobar2000 via WASAPI output at 30% Volume ). Love the imaging and instrument placement by these.

  7. Ruben123
    So the HD9 really is any good eh, and I was thinking that it was a fake KZ. Like to hear more about it, not that I need it (need??????) but who knows if it is better than........ oh well. Please tell us more. Im selling my ATR and ZS3 too even though Im going to have one of them, just not wanting to have the pressure of already having them around lol
    [Im probably getting the ATR besides the HDS1 only, a small good sounding IEM and a comfortable warm sounding one besides my neutral/bright IEMs. Now I only have to choose between ATR and ZS3. Any input is welcome]
  8. Jacob McCauley
    Which other foam tips have you tried? I used to use the Comply ones which always worked great but we're a little over priced. The last couple years I just get mine off of Aliexpress like for example: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/New-1-pair-C-set-3mm-4-9mm-Caliber-Earphone-Sponge-Comply-T200-T400-T500-tips/32484955186.html
    Super cheap and as good if not actually better than the Comply ones with plenty of sizes to choose from depending on your ears and which earphones you have. For the price it's worth it to get a bunch and see what fits best. Worth a shot if you haven't tried them yet.
  9. harry501501
    Ahaha, i didn't even notice the big "S" at the end of my KZ ATE. I assumed they were the same pair! Soooo, everything I've said is actually about the ATE S
  10. TheSweeney
    Anyone in the UK looking for ATRs or ZS3s PM me. I have 2 pairs of each for swaps, all new.
    Looking to swap all or some of them for something that sounds similar to the Tennmak Pros (quite warm and smooth sounding). Possibly Senfer 4 in 1s?
    I'm willing to send first, if you are a trusted member, and could possibly add a LITTLE cash depending on whats offered.
    Lastly, sorry for posting here but I cant post in the trades section and this seems as good a place as any to swap some KZ's
  11. harry501501
    Got my KZ ZS1 today. they remind me A LOT like the Tennmak Pros, the pros maybe being slightly leaner and the ZS1 having slightly bigger soundstage and more forward vocals.
    In terms of the ZS1 vs ATE S.... ATE S wins. The ZS1 is clearly more refined, has clearer mids, much better crispier treble detail, bit bigger soundstage... BUT it doesn't have the smoothness and warmth of the ATE S. The bass on ATE S although slightly boomier and less controlled still sounds more fun and musical. it also does kickdrums like no other IEM :)
    The ZS1 just like the Tennmak Pros may be very detailed, but they are quite clinical and too 'clean' sounding (for me)... which lots of people will prefer. the ATE S though is like the 'little engine that could' lol.
    What i will say of the ZS1... vocals sound AWESOME on it, helped by being pushed forward. male and female vocals are near enough perfect to my ears.
  12. TheSweeney

    This is music to my ears [​IMG] I'm looking for something that sounds similar to the tennmak pro's so thanks for this ^^^^ I really need to try the ZS1 and the ATE S after reading that.
    Anyone looking to swap some ZS1's or ATE-S's for some ZS3's or ATR's?
  13. B9Scrambler
    HD9 is a little different from most KZs and different than the ATE/ATR it's design is inspired by. Currently borrowing a pair from another Head-fi'er and will be posting more later when I've spent some quality time with them.
  14. harry501501
    You'll probably like the ZS1 more than the ATE S if you like the T Pros. The more i listen to the ZS1s the more i prefer them to the TPs. They're a tad smoother with less bright treble, a bit more natural sounding. Better bass. Live music is great. Got Queen on full blast... sweeeeeet.
    Remember that the ZS1 are far cheaper than the Pros too.
  15. harry501501
    Tips make a big difference I've noticed already with ZS1. They are quite difficult to fit so I'm using some small/medium foams which make the sound bit smoother than with silicon tips (more bite, treble). With silicons they are very similar to Tennmak pros, with foams on def smoother and may lose out a tad on detail due to this
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