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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

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  1. zzhead
    Originally Posted by EISENbricher
    ZN1mini has 4 pin connectors but it lacks any switch or mic. 
    It's been mentioned on the product page for ZN1mini on KZs own store on Ali.
    hi again and ty for the reply
    Well now.. how to put it.
    Zn1 mini seems to have mic. Actually I am using it right now..........
    I am on the phone and use it as hands free
    How do they hear me loud and clear as they say?
    The phone is the full distance away in my back pocket.

  2. vsls
    So I have around $25 refund to spend and my choices are limited.
    I am considering to buy Piston 3 ($12.5) and KZ ED9 ($13) or 1More Voice of China ($21) and another extremely cheap KZ maybe?

    From KZ line they have ATE ($10.5), EDR1 ($7.5), ATE-S ($14.5), ED4 ($6), EDR2 ($6), ED3 ($12)

    Should I still consider Piston 3? I think that ED9 is a solid buy, so should I try another KZ of the above mentioned?
    I have HDS1 and I'm pretty satisfied so far by the sound and fitting.
    I'm looking for good midrange and I listen mainly to Rock, no amp. (NO EDM ever!)
  3. zzhead

    Rock zircons and you are done. Also drop Pistons and go for zn1 mini and/or Ate((not the S) patrioti
  4. collidestar
    who brought on this seller? 
  5. vsls

    Probably Zircons are extremely bassy for my tastes and also they're not available at that shop.
    From KZ line there are only those I've mentioned above so no zn1 mini either.
    I will consider ATE although I don't know how bad is the memory wire
  6. zzhead

    I had the zs1 gave it as a present just because of the over ear wire.
    A deal breaker for me.
    That's why I suggested the ATE regular.
  7. EISENbricher

    Just for the sake I did testing on both my mobile phones (Lumia 520, Gionee E7) and sister's phone (Lenovo P1).

    None of the phone shows mic icon when connected (it does with my HDS1 mic version) and doesn't function as expected.

    Phone mics are very sensitive, maybe it's picking your voice even from far? But from my own testing as well as from kzs product page all I can say is that ZN1mini lacks mic.
  8. zzhead

    If I knew then what I know now.
    But soooo much commentry on zn1 and no mentioning of such an important issue?
  9. Ahmed Waheed
    i oredered ED11 should i cancel the order?
  10. EISENbricher
    Nope, ED10/11 actually the most comfortable IEM that I've ever had. Fit is very personal. Please don't judge any IEMs 'fit' from a single opinion.

    I'd suggest to gather opinion of multiple ED10/11 owners and go with majority.
  11. EISENbricher

    ZN1 (with amp) has mic while ZN1mini doesn't. Let's first eliminate that ambiguity.

    I think most people on head fi forum use their earphones with DAP/DAC or other sources. Main reason is that most phones' output suffer from typical low end audio gear such as poor impedance match, frequency roll off and low output current.

    Personally I've always preferred non mic versions because they have one less weak point in build (the mic cable joint)
  12. Ahmed Waheed
    i used the search tool in the thread and i guess people seem to like it. but is it durable? i lost my sony nc31em because cable torsion. my budget is 20$ if there is a better recommendation for higher price and i was going to purchase piston 3
    and i really like the ROCK Zircon
  13. EISENbricher
    Earpiece, check. Built like tank.
    Cable, check. Usual KZ cable.
    Connector, check. Usual L shape KZ.

    You'll know KZ build quality if you've even used any model in past.

    Can't comment about earpiece joint though, no KZ joint has ever failed me and I'm not gonna pull it for the sake of testing, haha.
  14. nolife1123
    Piston 3's kevlar cable tend to drag out if pulled hard, or so I've heard, other than that, it seems rugged, with decent materials
  15. Ahmed Waheed
    i tried the piston 3 for about 5 mins. not enough time to make an opinion but i like it's materials. 
    however i will keep ED11 and buy another IEM
    Piston 3, some people say it doesn't fit with any tips
    Rock Zircon
    i really like the Rock Zircon
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