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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. TheVortex
    I have the CCA C12 which could benefit from the same thing. Easy to do?
  2. PhonoPhi
    Tastes differ a lot, I guess.
    Just recently I removed a treble filter of AS12 and so happily listened to all the sparkles, no more striangulated brass, quite similar to C12 and A10 (no filters, I double checked)
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  3. AxelCloris Administrator
    We've removed some off-topic discussion, and we thank those who have been keeping the thread on-track. We appreciate the assistance.
  4. DynamicEars
    Zsx is the latest offer from KZ and they are better in most section but thay have more balanced presentation.
    If you are looking for a bass slam, ZSX will do good but just good enough.
    You may want to consider TRN V90 for punchier bass and rattles to your inner head. They are on same level abilities with ZSX and same price too, only different in presentation with more v shaped, slamming bass and more boosted highs than ZSX, but ZSX have more forwarded mids.
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  5. planetpowers
    I definitely need my inner head rattled, and my older ears have no problem dealing with the highs being boosted. Any fatigue from extended listening? I'm often listening for 8+ hrs a day.
  6. DynamicEars
    the V90 while boosted in highs they are pretty smooth, not piercing or harsh. Im treble sensitive and still can take them without any problem
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  7. courierdriver
    You said it and I agree. This less expensive Chi-fi stuff allows people to experiment with different sound signatures without breaking the bank. I absolutely love my ZS10 PRO, and have no regrets buying them. They work great with the types of music I listen to most often, and make me happy. After more than 6 months of owning them, I still can't believe that they sound as good as they do, for the amount of $ I paid.
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  8. planetpowers
    I agree as well. I really enjoy my ZS10pros and I'm looking forward to trying out the TRN V90s and maybe the ZSX.
  9. Solar1971
    Let’s be honest.
    KZ is the best Chi Fi company currently.
    No, they don’t make the ultimate best IEMs, not even amongst only Chi Fi companies.
    But they make the most good , cheap, nice sounding IEMs.
    I would bet that most people that are “into” Chi Fi, started with KZ’s, and
    That’s what got them into this scene to begin with. If not for KZ, many of us wouldn’t
    Even know about all the other good Chi Fi companies.
    Thank you Knowledge Zenith. :)
  10. richario
    I came to Chi-Fi several years ago, looking for an alternative to the Sennheiser CX series and Jay's A-Jay's 3 headphones, I found the legendary xiaomi piston 2 which hooked me. Stumbling on to KZ almost never happened!

    The journey took in trips through later Xiaomi models, Musicmaker models culminating in the TK13 (TO12), which was my standard at the time. I had a few KZ's like ED3 sport and classic, HDS 1 & 3 which I enjoyed but didn't consider to compete with my (more expensive) Toneking's.

    The headphone that truly ignited my passion for KZ was the ZS5v1, I was floored by the jump in sound quality and value.

    Current favourites would be AS10 > ZS7 > ZS6 > ZS5v1 > As12 > ZS10. The AS10 with Trn BT20s is now by far my favourite, I love the (for KZ) forward mids, the bass is a great balance between speed and weight which works perfectly for my ears.

    Thanks to those members of the thread who helped inform those buying decisions with their insightful reviews and robust discussion.
  11. BadReligionPunk
    I was a straight up Japanophile my whole life. JVC, Audio Technica, Sony, ect. Got hooked into the KZ ZST hype. Was blown away with what I got for $20. Then Ed8, Ed9 Edr1, Ect. Then it moved to other Chifi manufacturers. Now my life in hitting rock bottom and I see no way out.

    KZ is a gateway drug basically.

  12. Solar1971
    lololol. Oh my god so true. Gateway drug is so accurate. But now, I need more drugs!!! Hahaha
  13. BadReligionPunk
    Yup. I have already had multiple interventions and I get that disappointed look from everyone in my family. In fact I just stopped hanging out with everyone because of it. Those people are crazy. I don't need them. I don't have a problem. They do.
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  14. genck
    it's okay, inanimate objects can be your friend too. they are the best type, easy to change when you don't like and only make noise when you want them to.
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  15. BadReligionPunk

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