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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. citral23
    I suppose we're a bit bored since they stopped releasing something every month. But yeah. Sorry.
  2. Mellowship
    Don't need to be sorry. Just do like me and dig for old models and listen to them again! Great fun!
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  3. caprimulgus
    For what it’s worth, I’m really enjoying my ZSX. :)

    My first chi-fi (or anything) in a while, since ZS5 - I’ve been out of the game! As a basshead, I kinda feel like I need to try ZS7...but I just got ZSX and BLON BL03, so I think I’m not missing out on too much. (Right? Right?) :p

    The more I read, I’m thinking I should have got ZS7 & V90 instead of ZSX & BL03. Or maybe I should just get them all? Ahaha :)
  4. TheVortex
    Just buy them all and then sell off the ones you don't like. That's what I do : )
  5. oMalakai
    Heya, yesterday I got to try the CCA C12 (Which should be the same pretty much than the ZSX, right?) against my TRN V90 and well...I think I kinda like them a bit more. They seemed a bit bassier, with less recessed mids. At this point I'm gonna end up buying them too. OH WELL
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  6. PhonoPhi
    Great idea!
    My KZ appreciation came from AS10. Amazing BA bass, gentle treble, grainy sound of less-dampened BAs, nice resolution. Still love it, especially for string quartets. AS10 survived all the heavy use perfectly (the second one is still unwrapped, the only duplicate in my 30+... collection).

    Beautiful anodized aluminum shells of BA10, and I learned to fit it (!)

    Old trusty ED9.
    Tiny cheerful ZSA.
    Different colours/flavours of ZSN, ZSN-pro - ear candies :)

    My first KZ - ZS10, a bit quirky but with a lot of interesting traits.
    Sparkly ZS10-pro - the zenith of good "steely" sound, worked really nice for electronic music to my ears.

    Austere AS06 (less BAs is less to me), amazing for solo cello music.
    AS12 - did not work for me as is in timbre, but with treble filters removed (great tips of the HeadFi) - my sparkly gem, more cheerful than A10 of CCA.

    That brings me to CCA, which I so far collected all 6 (all are really nice) and especially enjoy C16, C12 and CA4 - the best simple design to my tastes, nice periwinkle colour, and simple nice sound of a V (W?)- shaped single BA hybrid.

    Indeed, KZ and CCA, I very much miss your new promised IEMs -C18, C20!?
  7. genck
    I've had my ZS 10 Pro for 3 months now and I want to hear this "steely sound", give me a track where I can hear that.
  8. PhonoPhi
    Any good recording of higher notes of the violin.
    I personally like this timbral approximation more than dampening of Knowles (that I've heard in Fiio, surely Knowles are different) or even a recent generation of KZ BAs in C12 or ZSX. Though the latter are more enjoyable for cymbals and other sparkly sound. A good reason to have few IEMs after all!

    P.S. edited for typos
    Last edited: Dec 14, 2019
  9. genck
    such as
    Last edited: Dec 14, 2019
  10. PhonoPhi
    One extreme I use - Paganini Caprices (No 5) by Radulovich in 24/96, "as such".
  11. genck
    Great music and I see why you were hesitant to list it, it does sound a bit metallic on my ZS 10 Pro as I just compared it to 5 others. Well, I don't listen to that music but it is very relaxing. This is not an issue with modern metal, hip hop, EDM, imo so the whole "sounds steely" is dumb. If that is your music of choice then by all means, get something better.
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  12. PhonoPhi
    I was rather lazy, not reluctant (and also good quality is needed both in a recording and a file).
    I enjoy "steely" and try to be mildly ironic and contrargumentive about it.
    I feel for KZ (and feel a bit sad about it) that KZ has to address treblophobia of their customers, like in AS12 for instance.

    ZS10pro, I think, is one of the best choices for the genres you've listed.
    Last edited: Dec 14, 2019
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  13. genck
    Thank you for your opinion but I've already found my top 3 choices for the genre I listen (mostly deathcore) - tfz t2, blon 03, semkarch cnt-1
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  14. PhonoPhi
    You are most cordially welcome.
    Enjoy your music!
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  15. Podster
    Well I had my first great system at 10 years old (older brothers hand me down from his military days) and at 63 I can honestly say I’m a proud (not superior) Audio-Phool:beerchug: to have attitude towards a word just shows one wants to argue instead of enjoy the music:thinking:

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