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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. LaughMoreDaily
    KZ ZS10 has some tuning problems that I noticed today. No wonder no one likes it. :wink:

    It left my ears ringing... maybe the ZS10 retuned my ears!
    Last edited: Aug 6, 2019
  2. SinisterDev
    Yeah, I've seen alot of people complain about the original ZS10. I've never listened to a pair of them to compare to the new ZS10 Pro, but I'm really happy with the Pros. I guess they made some significant improvements from the original.
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  3. Nimweth
    I had the ZS10 and found it to have a strong but not particularly detailed bass, recessed mids which rose to the border with the treble, where there were some artefacts (probably related to the crossover). Treble was bright with some harsh peaks. Fit was difficult, bulbous body and short nozzles. Gave it away.
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  4. igorneumann
    For anyone wondering about KZ T1 battery life, 4h20m at 50% volume.
    Also, the connection is the strongest I ever tried, not a single disconnection.
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  5. baskingshark
    Thanks for taking one for the team to buy and test it!

    A few questions:
    1) How far is the effective distance for the BT?
    2) How would u compare the sound quality to other budget IEMs/KZs?
    3) How's the fitting and comfort?

  6. mbwilson111
    No one? Don't speak for everyone.

    With my ears, my music, my sources, and Spinfit tips, mine sounds nothing like you are describing They fit me fine using Spinfits.
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  7. xxAMAROKxx
    The AS10 is the most balanced of the three, while not so technically capable. Especially the bass section.
    The AS12 and AS16 are both more resolving from bass to highs. They can be compared with $200 and $300 iems or big headphones. They are almost a real top klasse, with only small flaws.
    AS16 is mid-to-lowtreble centric for my ears. AS12 focuses to a higher treble part, which is very detailed and not too forward (it reminds me a TSMR 3 Pro). Also bass is very clear and more audible. Mids are a little warmer and less harshy.
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  8. xxAMAROKxx
    I see you are using a silver cable with KZ ZS10. It's very good choice soundwise. Much better than original.
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  9. Mouseman
    Fantastic, thanks for the report. Is 50% a sufficient everyday listening level? If they can make 4 hours, that's great -- I can get to lunchtime and drop them in for a recharge.
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  10. mbwilson111
    Ah... I did not even think about that. I am not sure if I notice a difference in sound with cables but then I don't really listen for that. I just change them for looks or for comfort. I can't remember now which stock cable came with the ZS10... the older or the newer style.

    You are making me want to get them out and use them today but my Semkarch CNT1 has just arrived.... sometimes I hate having so much stuff. It can be overwhelming for me.
  11. Nimweth
    I suspect it was a fit problem, I tried Spinfits, Spiral Dots, Starlines, Trinity Kombis, everything. They just didn't suit my ears.
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  12. baskingshark
    The original ZS10 shell is super huge I gotta say.
    Most of my friends who own it complained about the fit just like you. I think I'm the only one who found it usable with spinfits.
  13. igorneumann
    I just tested the distance, in a room with about 15m (straight line) it worked flawlessly, left the room, closed the door and walked about 5m more before it disconnected, so pretty good.

    I didnt made AB tests yet but they arent far away from the KZ hybrid bottom line, You can expect something similar to a ZST (read: the very lower end of hybrid KZ) with a little less bass extension (expected as we are comparing a 6mm with a 10mm dynamic) and a slightly flatter signature (still clearly a "V" shape though).

    But take it to a grain of salt as I didnt compared it side by side yet.

    Fitting is really good, not as comfy as a ZST/ZSN but pretty close, it stayed all day in my ear (while working, sitted) didnt tried to run with it yet.
  14. igorneumann
    More news on the KZ T1, just tested its Mic with my wife and... Its bad.

    You can use it but expect to hear "what?" more than once.
  15. igorneumann
    I like the ZS10 quite a bit, specially when Im using it so I dont have to see how ugly it is.

    Yes its gigantic but I would take its fitting over the zs5/6/7 anytime. (Not even bringing the ba10 aberration to the game)

    That said, I would never buy another one, just because the Pro is so much better.

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