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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. khighly
    KZ T1's sound fine on most songs, not much mid bass to be expected but they do have an okay low end and honestly really decent extension - better than I expected. Highs are controlled and extend really well even with bluetooth. Soundstage has this weird cramped feeling at first (maybe from isolation) but do have some depth to them. I wouldn't get these if you want top of the line KZ's, but they're at least as good as the ZSN's. Fit is good and they don't stick out more than the AS10's. They have pretty decent isolation, probably better than all of the KZ's I own except the AS10's. Volume is adequate, maybe a little low. On a song here or there, these aren't so hot with compression such as Incubus - Leech sounding like a dumpster fire with its percussion - especially some hats.

    Case is nice, the lid doesn't stay open and I wish that mechanism to hold it open had just a little more friction. Charges way too slow for 800mAh but from China that's probably a lot safer than fast charging. Whatever dweeb thought it would be logical to put the left and right IEM's on the opposite sides should never make that mistake again.

    BETA ISSUES: I seem to have a problem with AAC but it could be my equipment. I cannot seem to hold a stable high quality connection compression wise on my laptop (admittedly it's a linux xps13 with open bluetooth codecs, but it works with all other devices fine). It honestly sounds like poor 96Kbps audio (though full 44/48Khz audio) and drops out after a few minutes. Does anyone else have any issues? SBC works at what sounds like a much higher bitrate but doesn't seem nearly as bright as AAC (though SBC is perfectly fine). AAC should be better than SBC. The codecs on these seem wonky and not performing at their highest bitrates like my TRN bluetooth cables or even the KZ aptX cable when it works, but I'd need others to confirm. SBC works fine with good range, and according to Rtings tests, SBC and aptX are nearly identical. HOWEVER, even though SBC works fine I do experience time to time side dropouts, the connection between them is not rock solid. They do automatically reconnect, but it's a little annoying. No latency issues that I've noticed, and they connect pretty quickly to my devices. They also pair together quickly.

    These hit right at my expectations for $41 first gen and also my first true wireless. I hope at least KZ Official store fix some issues and send their early adopters another pair for free, though these are 8/10 usable right now - for the reason of annoyances in codecs and stability between ears. They also *very clearly* advertised this is a public beta, which I think is fairly responsible. Can't wait to lose one!

    Here are some quick rough pics.



    Last edited: Aug 6, 2019
  2. igorneumann
    The ED16 never soumded right for me, and I could never point the finger on what is wrong, it just sounds weird.
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  3. igorneumann
    Did you compared with the ZSN side by side?

    Because I did said earlier it was as good as the ZST (it impressed me) just to find out the ZST was so much better making AB.

    Does it have AAC?
    My cellphone have sbc-hd, it does a pretty decent job, but couldnt detect aac on this iem.
  4. khighly
    I haven't done any side by sides and am still doing battery life tests. I'll update with some thoughts after. I really think they could be better if the codecs were improved.

    According to some data I have in bluez/pulseaudio, these are at least trying AAC. They originally connect and very very slowly try really hard to increase their bitrate, it's very noticeable....then they just drop AAC and stop becoming an audio interface until I relink. Again, this issue could be my equipment, but these are advertised as AAC, and I'm confident in bluez/pulseaudio enough that I believe they're at least attempting AAC.
  5. khighly
    The charging of the case is very slow for 800mAh. It's around 3hr and what appears to be 75% I can charge my 15000mAh battery with the same non-quickcharge 2.4A charger in just a little more time.
  6. igorneumann
    Will try to force AAC, but I doubt it will make much difference, thats good for Apple devices that already have its music in AAC so it avoids re-converting it with a different codec.
    That said, dont expect much difference changing codecs, isnt uncommon to SBC headphones to sound better than APTX ones.

    I would say they doesnt sound like their wired counterparts because of the weak amp.

    UPDATE: Today it connected using AAC, I changed from SBC to AAC and there is a very very marginal difference, maybe would be more pronounced if my music was already in AAC.
    Last edited: Aug 7, 2019
  7. LaughMoreDaily
    Did you play around with different
    tips, cables, dap's etc with the ED16?

    I think you may be right in that the ED16 may sound weird but for an occasional listen I think it's great. I do think the bass is a little overwhelming in a bad way tho.

    My comments aren't a recommendation for people to buy it.
    Last edited: Aug 7, 2019
  8. igorneumann
    Not really, maybe I get back to it to play around, I feel the same with the TRN V10, something odd, cant point exactly what it is.
    The ED16 is polarizing, some love it, some don't... For me it looks like a dead end, II dont see how it fits in KZ lineup.
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  9. SenyorC
    The ZSN Pro has arrived that I ordered to compare to the ZSN and ZS10 Pro. I won't be rushing to review it as I like to listen to things for a while before I start comparing to others.

    Having said that my first impressions, using stock tips (I only use foam tips) and the stock cable, were "where are the mids and why are things so sibilant?"

    Anyway, I will leave them playing for a couple of days and then start to listen to them with my usual choice of tips.
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  10. Nimweth
    ZS10 Pro: Very impressive! I didn't think the ZS7 would be improved upon but the 10 Pro has wonderful mids and sparkly treble and a huge soundstage, and doesn't give anything away in the bass. Sub-bass has great detail and texture and mid bass doesn't bleed. It is a bold cinematic presentation. Using them with a TRN 16 core silver plated cable and the pre-fitted tips. Vangelis's "Rosetta" sounds amazing. I'm a happy bunny!
  11. mbwilson111
    Did you ever check to make sure that your ED16 was in phase? I love how mine sounds.. enough to have bought a spare at the time. I ended up giving the spare to my husband because I took pity on him for not having one... lol.

    When I first heard the ZSA it sounded weird and turned out ot be out of phase. It has since been fixed but it is not mine. Belongs to my husband but I was the first to listen to it. He had left for work right after it arrived and left it with me to try. I remember thinking "why did he buy this horrible thing?" :) I never did listen to it after it was fixed because the fit was not right for me anyway but apparently it is meant to be good.
    Last edited: Aug 7, 2019
  12. baskingshark
    The stock tips are very adequate, but personally I find spin fits improve the isolation and comfort.
  13. Nimweth
    I only received them yesterday so have not tried other tips yet. They sound so good I didn't change them!
  14. darmanastartes
    Hidizs has two new USB-C dongles coming out:
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  15. lgcubana
    I have the same aftermarket cable. Beyond the improved aesthetics, do you really feel that the TRN cable is an audible improvement ?
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