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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Podster
    Actually I hear a big difference in the SP cable and the stocker MB, the Sony's started sounding a little too neutral and warm so I've changed out to the Pro's and Holy Top end:smiley: If you want to hear that detail just go from the Sony's or Shure's to a KZ Z model:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Congrats on the Semkarch's:beerchug: I need to ping the Hubby and ask what he's thinking about his R2 Aten's:wink:

  2. SoundChoice
    ZS10 (original) is the only one of my 23 million IEMs that doesn't situate in my ear to provide a seal no matter what I did. It's like trying to get last jigsaw puzzle piece to fit and no matter how you turn it or stomp on it that it just won't fit because, well, oops, it's a piece from a different puzzle. It also was my first IEM purchase so I was sure it was me and not the colossal failure of a company that made something designed not for the human ear but one of a rabbit. Glad I then tried another brand and didn't give up since I've learned that IEMs can enhance music enjoyment while decreasing your bank balance.
  3. igorneumann
    Its what Im doing, work with it and charge on lunchtime.

    For work thats the volume I use, dunno if you like it louder but dont expect fine control over the volume, very jumpy.
  4. courierdriver
    Uuuummmm...huh? Not following you here, bro.
  5. mbwilson111
    Maybe he meant turn off the internet?
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  6. courierdriver
    Not sure how that has anything to do with my going to sleep. LOL! I sleep fine, whether internet is on or off.
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  7. mbwilson111
    Some people like to make random comments:)
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  8. BadReligionPunk
    Make sure you get that or it can spiral out of control quick.
  9. SinisterDev
    Hey folks, I need some suggestions for an upgrade or replacement cable for the ZS10 Pro's. I know there's a TON out there. But I have an issue that's kinda narrowed my choice options.
    The problem is the case I'm using on my phone. The port cover is kind of restrictive. The jack on the stock cable actually isnt long enough to go through the phone case housing and fully plug into the jack. I took some measurements. The angled jack on the cable that came with my CCA C10 is 30mm long, and 8.6mm wide, and that is long enough to fit. However it's a SUPER tight squeeze. Like so tight that I'm afraid of damaging the jack from repeated use. Now the jack on the stock ZS10 Pro is 24mm long and 5.5mm wide. It's too short to plug in through my phone case.

    I really don't wanna change my phone case, because it's really comfortable/protective (and a pricey case). So I've been looking to see what cables I could possibly pick up that would be a good fit on the ZS10 Pro. I've seen some really nice upgrade cables, but they don't usually tell you how long/wide the jack is, and it's hard to tell from pictures. So i figured maybe some people on here had some cables they prefer and some calipers or something available to take a quick measurement of the jack dimensions. If anyone's up for the task or has any suggestions I'd really appreciate it!
  10. Makahl
    I got a similar dilemma some weeks ago but now using apple's dongle it fixed my issue and I can use all my cables without any problem (also it sounds better than my phone's output). Another option would be Hidizs Sonata II. But I hope some user can help you with some nice cable suggestion. :)
    Last edited: Aug 6, 2019
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  11. SinisterDev
    I was considering picking up something like the Sonata, or even just a good 3.5mm extension. But i am hoping that maybe there's a good upgrade cable out there that can fit. Sometimes I like to keep my phone charging while I listen to music, when I know I'm just going to be stationary and relaxing, and I wouldn't have that option with most typical USB C DACs or dongles.
  12. LaughMoreDaily
    The ED16 is in my ears today... It's very nice sounding with grey starlines (v1?). It really does live up to the ZS7 labeled on the body. The treble extension is piercing in a good way for me and the soundstage is very wide and high, 3D like and holographic. A great iem with grey starlines!
    Last edited: Aug 7, 2019
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  13. lgcubana
    What phone do you have ?

    Can it do Near field charging ?
  14. Unolord
    I use the Hidizs Sonata with my Xiaomi Mi A1 when listening to podcasts with the ZS10 Pros. Hidizs sent it to me as a bribe after writing a bad but accurate review on Amazon of their AP60ii that died on me within 3 weeks of purchasing. It's actually decent. There's a new version coming.

    For music (FLAC from 16-44 up to 24-192) i use the Hidizs Ap80 that I got through their messy Kickstarter campaign spread over two 400gb cards.
  15. SinisterDev
    I have the Galaxy S10+. I actually did have a wireless charger for it, but it crapped out on me. In the middle of utilizing the warranty to obtain a replacement. I suppose wireless charging is a good option if my USB port was otherwise occupied.

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