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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. revand
    I am having a ZS5 bought in November 2018. I am very satisfied with it, sounding great with a Yinyoo 8 core cable :)
    Those who have both the ZS5 and the ZS10 Pro, what is your opinion, which one is better? Is it worth to upgrade from the ZS5 to a ZS10 Pro? I was thinking to try an all BA IEM so I am waiting for the AS12 reviews to come.
    Any of you compared the ZS5 and the AS12?
  2. HungryPanda
    I have original ZS5 and ZS10 Pro, get the ZS10 Pro you will be amazed
  3. Wiljen
    Agree on the Zs10 Pro. Sad part is they seemed to be moving forward and improving with the ZsN and Zs10 Pro models, and then they went back to lets make 9 different models of the same thing with the latest releases none of which are anywhere near as good. 1 step forward...
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  4. Podster
    Ditto on Hungry and Wiljen's take, for sure will be a step up:beerchug:
  5. Fuyaa
    Hello guys,

    I am considering to purchase either KZ ZSN or KZ ZSN Pro.
    Price is not an issue, since the price different is only like a dollar (KZ ZSN is cheaper).

    I mostly listen to classical music, opera, jazz and sometimes pop music.

    Which one is better?
    Or maybe there is another KZ that is better for classical?

    Last edited: Jul 8, 2019
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  6. archdawg
    As to which one's better depends on your individual preferences - there are tons of reviews out there already with loads of comparisons between those two models.
    Let me continue with what has been suggested xy times in the last xyz posts here: throw in some extra $ and get the ZS10 Pro (less than 30€ on Ali Express - a s.t.e.a.l. IMO). I own all three and would pick the 10Pro any day of the week without thinking twice.

    Nuff said, next please ...
  7. Podster
    Not to mention the ZS10 Pro is in the ZSN shell:rolling_eyes:
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  8. Zune
  9. Mr. Rattlehead
    KZ ZS10 Pro are straight up porn. They have no right to sound like that for that little damage. Finally a true successor to my two year old KZ ZS6, which the Tin Audio T2 just weren't. Listening to them, I could also pinpoint those niggles with my KZ ZS6. Quite surprised by the amazing fit & comfort, details, separation and the near-perfect balance of lows, mids & highs to my ears. Can enjoy them for hours without feeling any fatigue. Overall, the best $30 ever spent without a question.
    KZ has surely come a long way.

    Will upgrade the cables soon, although the stock ones are pretty decent as well.

  10. Mouseman
    I will...825th the votes for the ZS10 Pro - they're amazing and have such great sound across the board. I'm waiting patiently for my balanced cable, one seller stiffed me (or the boat got lost), so I'm waiting for that dispute to be settled and the second order from someone else to be delivered. I can't wait!
  11. Podster
    Sorry to hear you got stiffed Mouseman, I find KZ’s silver Upgrade cable to sound pretty good but I an now waiting on a 16 core because the 10 Pros deserve it:grin:
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  12. voicemaster
    Just received my KZ aptx-HD bluetooth cable after like 1 month of waiting (I even forgot I ordered this thing) from Aliexpress. The first thing I noticed when trying the HD cable is how much louder it is compared to the old non HD one. I also noticed a better connection and range with the HD cable. With the original one, if I moved like 5 feet from my PC, it will start to lose its connection, but with the HD one, I can go outside of my room to start getting loss connection.
    Also, the HD one comes with preformed wire just like the new ZS10 pro cable unlike the regular one that came with wire. It is also longer for about 1 inch than the regular one.
  13. DynamicEars
    Hey since you got the bew BT cable from KZ, are they far better in connection section? if you put your DAP or phone inside bag, is it work flawlessly? did you encounter any connection lost so far? thanks a lot
  14. HAMS
    I have the old aptx for zsn. I'd say connection is
    slightly worse than my BT20 but still useable not to mention they sound better than BT20. Never have connection problems inside pocket or bag, makes me wonder if people overblown the problem or they fix it with newer batch.
    edit: Just did a test. With the old kz aptx (type c) I get 10 meters without connection problem, with trn BT20 at same distance sound on the left side dies.
    Last edited: Jul 9, 2019
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  15. voicemaster
    I will do test on my portable device today. I only tried then with my pc so far and there was none connection loss yet.
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