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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. xxAMAROKxx
    Hello, ZS7 have arrived yesterday, so I did a quick comparison with ZS10 Pro (original cables and silicone tips)
    So ... ZS10 Pro are more detailed from lows to heights.
    Bass quantity is similar, zs7 have more hum in sub-bas.
    Mids are in back seat on both. Better balanced on ZS10 Pro.
    Heights are more prominent on ZS10 Pro. More presence and airiness.

    And my preferences?
    ZS10 Pro are great for electronic music and vocals. Their elevated heights do a good job here in terms of feeling and space. But I found ZS10 Pro as unbalanced for genres like rock, metal, indie, some pop or instrumentals etc. There is simply too much treble on high-hats, cymbals, percusions and similar high pitched instruments.

    And while ZS7 aren't so extended on both ends, I like them more, as the iem suitable for more genres. Also I prefer upper-mid bump in these days, which is audible and very well behaved on ZS7.
  2. billbishere
    I have had the ZSR's for a long time. Have always thought they were great for the price, a little sibilant and not all that comfy but a pretty great overall sound for a 3 driver hybrid for the money.

    Arriving tomorrow will be the ZS10 Pro's. Not sure why I even bought them other than curiosity so I am looking forward to a 5 driver IEM. I recently picked up a tempotec USB C dac I was going to use for my iSines but went with the Anker adapter to use the cipher cable instead. So know I have that dac that needs some IEMs, so i got the KZ's! lol That is my justification I guess.
  3. Podster
    ZSR's are a great little iem, I'm fairly certain you are going to love the 10 Pro's! Congrats:beerchug:
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  4. macky112
    so it seems like the ZS10 Pro I ordered from ebay was never shipped, and I finally got a refund

    I am happy with my ZS7 but i am still very curious about the ZS10 Pro
    I am curious how the latest revision ZS5 compares to the ZSN and ZSN Pro in the ~$15 price range

    the latest ZS5 is related to one of the ZS6 revisions right?
  5. billbishere

    I ordered from Amazon. 43 bucks next day shipping. Was really around that same price everywhere I looked. Including AliExpress
  6. Makahl
    Damn, I needed to give my ZS10 Pro to my gf and I'm listening to a lot of experimental electronic music recently that has a lot of emphasis at the sub-bass region, reading this thread it's a consensus that ZS7 has the more oomph than ZS10 Pro. So, I'm curious to test it out and apparently it's the right call for electronic and metal. I'd buy another ZS10 Pro but the ZS7 is slightly more fun and less "correct", right?
  7. xxAMAROKxx
    It realy depends on genres you are listening to and on your treble preferences. Because I hear the biggest difference between these two at higher region.

    To be honest, for me the best balanced KZ are still the newest revision of the ZS10. They are smooth, maybe a little boring after a long time, but I can listen to everything with them. Detail-wise they are between ZS7 and ZS10 Pro.
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  8. voicemaster
    Because it is the right thing to do!! xD
  9. RikudouGoku
    What are the Best kz for female vocals or mids focused?
  10. Slater
    I’m not really sure what the status is of the ZS5.

    What I mean by that is there was the original ZS5 v1. Then they came out with the ZS5 v2, that was basically the same as the ZS6 except in a plastic shell.

    The part that is unknown, is that KZ now has a revised ZS6 with toned down treble (ie ZS6 v2). So the question in my mind is did KZ also revise the ZS5 too (ie ZS5 v3)?
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  11. macky112
    I was wondering about the possible zs5v3 as well due to the existence of zs6v2

    How about zs5v2 vs ZSN/ZSN Pro at the ~$15 tier?
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  12. Aparker2005
    I've only seen one review for the as12 so far. Doesn't look like a need to purchase with my as16 and zs10 pro based off the review
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  13. courierdriver
    Ditto. 10 Pro is crazy good.
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  14. courierdriver
    The ZS10 PRO is really something special. It's so hard to believe that a set like this, is less than$50. It competes with alot of earphones that sell for double or triple the price. Get the ZS10 Pro, and be done with it. I could happily live with these forever.
  15. courierdriver
    Nothing wrong with that. I find this shell to be a great fit for my ears anyway, and there are other KZ'S that are kinda big. For me, the fit is great. All around, I the 10 Pro hits all my targets.
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