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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. MrMajony
    $5 sony mh755 kills my tin t2 from my list
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  2. HungryPanda
  3. courierdriver
    Yeah, the 10 PRO is one of those iems that makes you want to rediscover your entire music collection. This set is crazy good and with alot of the types of music I listen to, I'm finding I like it a bit more sometimes even to my KanasPro.
  4. LaughMoreDaily
    You said a bit more "sometimes" though. Things work that way with a lot of iems.
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  5. xxAMAROKxx
    Looking forward to the AS12. While AS16 are my favourite iems due to their superb treble performance, I would like to see configuration like 4x treble, 1x mid and 1x bass BA :dt880smile:

    I have also ZS10 Pro, which dissapointed me after a while. Their forward treble has two peaks, at around 5kHz and 10 kHz. The second one bothers me quite often.
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  6. nxnje
    As i was ill in the bed i started listening to many of iems again.
    I have to say prefer the bass on the dynamic driver.
    For example the AS06 has great bass with nice texture but doesn't have the slam of other DDs from KZ.
    When i listen to DD bass i feel it more natural and slam while the feeling with BA is different with more accurate and resolving punch.

    In any case, the as06 are really undervalued.
  7. gourab1995
    BA bass isn't very pleasing to listen to (at least the one I tried). It doesn't have the sound pressure to create a drum like effect. DD bass hits you, BA bass passes through you. It's a choice to summersault into the pool of bass with a loud DD splash or dive smoothly into it with a BA.

    A big reason why I returned my as10 and don't find it good to listen to music for enjoyment. It's ok to test how music sounds. I like to "feel" the strength of the low end to a certain extent. The zs7 addressed that in a good way.
    Last edited: Jun 17, 2019
  8. Nimweth
    I think I would prefer 1 bass BA, 2 mid BAs, 1 mid-high BA (as in the ZS7) and 2 treble BAs. The 31005 BA works really well in the ZS7 and the DT6.
  9. xxAMAROKxx
    That would be a little disappointing, I expect and believe in 31736 BA.
  10. cleg
    Everyone has a ZS10 Pro review. I don't want to be an exception :)

  11. Nimweth
    No need to be disappointed, the 31736 is a treble unit so there could be two of those as well as the 31005!
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  12. archdawg
    Just picked these puppies up at the post office ...


    ... fired them up 10 mins later and man ... this is the shhhh..... right out of the box.
    The first things I noticed were the impressive clarity, spaciousness, air and the spatial precision; to my ears this is a league above my ZS7 and 6s. The highs sound a wee bit peaky here and there but nothing to worry about right now. The lower frequencies sound just right to me, not as fast and dry like the ZS7 but pretty impulsive, fast enough, no bleeding worth talking about and really well behaved. Where the ZS7 seem to have a little edge to my ears is with percussive instruments; they sound distinctively more cohesive, punchy and snappy but in terms of their timbre the 10Pro win.
    Anyway, just some first impressions, I've yet to try different tips, cables and sources but anyway ... I've never been that impressed by any IEMs right out of the box that much .... great job KZ!
    And now babies ... burn, burn, burn, hahaha...
    Last edited: Jun 17, 2019
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  13. KopaneDePooj
    How does the ZS7 compare to the FiiO FH1 in terms of sound signature, and bass / mids / treble breakdown?
  14. courierdriver
    True, but when I originally bought my Kanas Pro a few months ago, I was shocked at how good they were and very much in league with much higher priced iems. They were giant killers in terms of price to performance. The KZ ZS10 PRO is another such type of iem, and it's only $50. I can't wait to try a few more different brands and styles of tips on them. I have Spinfit CP145 on the way, as well as New Bee silicones.
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  15. Assimilator702
    Which tips do you use with your AS16? I just got the CCA A10 and treble is tuned way too hot for my tastes. It’s like treble murder. The closest I can get to an acceptable sound is using foam tips from the JVC Marshmallows with no rubber tube in the core which in my case boosted the treble more. I then place a small speck of foam into the bore of the tip.

    Now I’m looking for some foam tips that will affect the sound in a similar manner. The ones I have are all pink and purple.
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