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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. LaughMoreDaily
    My Grey ZS5 v2 arrived today. I really liked the sound right away. I think it sounds better than the Black ZS6 v2.

    I believe it was Slater that said the ZS5 v2 is the ZS6 v1? With Sibilance and all? Is my hearing bad? I didn't notice any sibilance yet.

    As good as people say the ZS10 Pro is... I think I'm done buying KZ's for a while. I just bought the ZS5, ZS6 and ZS7 in the last couple months.
    Last edited: Jun 15, 2019
  2. Dani157
    KB100 for sure. Totally worth $50
  3. Zune
    I've nearly got the same setup as you. ZS10 Pro, JCally Cable and HiBy Music App. I'm just using and R6 rather than a phone and it rocks! It's seems to be getting better and better by the day too. It's surprising me in a pleasant way every day. Music i would normally dismiss on my old setup is suddenly interesting to listen to.
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  4. LaughMoreDaily
    Someone said it lacked bass though. So, they preferred the KC2 or something?
    Last edited: Jun 16, 2019
  5. Dani157
    Bass is fine for me but it is surely not basshead levels. Tip rolling helps in bass/treble tweaks.
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  6. mbwilson111
    The KB100 does not lack bass for me but it does not produce headache inducing levels.
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  7. BadReligionPunk
    KC2 is bass light. No rumble or slam at all. Don't know if its a fit issue, or what. There are 2-3 different graphs dependant on which vents you cover up and how much you cover them, but I don't cover any of the vents.. 100% cannot listen to bass heavy genres on it without getting bored. Everything else though sounds great. Like really great!

    I think the KB1 has boomy bleedy bass and sounds close to KB100, which has better bass control/no bleeding. I will know when I get them though. KB100 sounds like a good all rounder to me. like maybe a cleaned up c10. Thats what Im hoping for. KB1 I dont really want, but its like $25. I will just buy it cuz.
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  8. wepunwepun
    Hello everyone! I've been having another problem with my TRN BT20 attachment again for my KZ AS10. The left ear attachment doesn't want to turn on. At first I thought it just ran out of battery but charging it doesn't seem to do anything. To be more specific, charging seems to make the LED go blink between red and blue as if it were being reset instead of the usual just red if it's being charged. Was wondering if this means it's damaged? Thank you in advance!
  9. Slater
    That sounds like the button is jammed.

    Sometimes when you push in the micro usb to charge the BT20, it pushes the whole circuit board into the BT20 shell a few mms. This causes the button to get jammed due to being misaligned.

    The effect of this can vary depending on how it’s jammed. It could be jammed in such a way that the control button can’t be pushed at all. Or, it could be jammed in such a way that the button is continually being pushed. The latter case (what I think is happening) would cause the BT20 to go into pairing mode (ie the blinking red and blue lights).

    So let me ask you this: Is the control button functioning properly? In other words, when you push it multiple times are you getting a normal ‘click’ each time, and the button pops back out like normal?
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  10. gourab1995
    Kc2 tuning is compareable with the tin t2s. Kb100 is the middle ground between the K2 and kc2 in terms of bass response.

    The reason I didn't get the Kc2 while deciding between that and kb100. I wanted something to with a bit of a slam rather than cold sound, but tastefully done. The kb100 has more of a slap than a slam. A playful slap on the cheek. On a fleshy cheek, not a bony one. And it goes deep when needed.

    But then I read in a review that the KC2 and kb100 can be similar sounding when you use wide bore on kb100 and kz starline tips in the Kc2.

    Overall I'm in love with this iem. Its making it much easier to resist a kz buying spree.
  11. wepunwepun
    The button doesn't seem to be jammed. At the very least, pressing the button on the defective left feels the same as the non-defective right. I actually had the same suspicion and opened it up. I tried "realigning" the thing but nada. My worry is I somehow damaged the thing because of sweat. I'm only asking now, but the problem actually started for a little over 2 weeks now. I was at the gym at the time playing music when the left earpiece suddenly turned off on its own. Thought it was just low on juice but I never actually got the warning message it usually produces. Was able to turn it on for a bit before it turned back off on its own again.
  12. Slater
    Yeah, if the button pushes normally then that’s not the issue.

    I definitely know that sweat kills the BT20. I was gifted a dead pair from another member who used it work work out with, and when I opened it up to examine it, all of the components on circuit board were crusty and corroded looking due to salt from sweat. I’m convinced that’s what killed his.
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  13. BadReligionPunk
    Good to know. I use mine out and about and sometimes at work, where I work outside. So far so good. Hopefully someone can end up sweat proofing them. I really like mine. I'm not a fan of the neck wire thing, so tws is a god send for me.

    Just an FYI, and I don't know if it will help someone, but when not in use I store them in a container with silica gel packets in side. Do that to all my iems just cuz.
  14. Slater
    You could seal the seam where the cover is using clear or black silicone glue. It would only take a small bit, and once it’s wiped off and dries no one would even see it.

    You could also use E8000 flexible glue (the smaller size with the needle applicator) or even UV glue.
    Last edited: Jun 16, 2019
  15. SenyorC
    I know what I am about to post is not exactly new news but I thought I would share my initial opinions about the ZS10 pro that is getting so much love lately.

    Recently I have been working on some reviews of the IEMs that have been building up over the past few months (nothing out of the ordinary). My favourite <50€ IEMs have easily been the Tin T2s and those are what I have been using for comparisons.

    However, about a week ago, one side of the T2s died and while waiting for the replacements to arrive, the ZS10 pro arrived.

    I have only spent a few hours with them but I can honestly say that I think the T2s have been dethroned in the sub 50€ category.

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