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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Slater
  2. gourab1995
    The cable I'm using is actually the jcally 8core cable. It tends to improve soundstage and signal quality for a compromise in imaging. I don't recommend it for zs7. It will bring out the bass way too much. I'm back on the stock cable for zs7. The silver cable from kz is good for more treble focus. But like Slater mentions, they will oxidize and turn green.

    Here is a link for your reference:

    You also mention you had "that" cable from "that" store. So you should be fine with that. Don't think these will be a step up from "that".
    Last edited: Jun 13, 2019
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  3. RikudouGoku
    WOW just picked up my ZS10Pro with the kz 8 Core gold/silver upgrade cable and WOW IT'S AMAZING!

    It's like a zs7 (lows) + tin t3 (mods, highs) and a zsn (body) combined into one, simply amazing.
  4. Dani157
    ZS10 pro looks real good value under $30 and I'm assuming it will reach that value either in June sale or 11.11 if it hits ~$25 I'll bite the bullet. Till then KB100+Tennmak Pro+Piano+DT6 are more than enough for me
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  5. Nimweth
    After further listening I must say I'm impressed with the ED9, it's the best single dynamic KZ I have heard, it has very good levels of detail and resolution, especially at the price. It joins the ZS7 and ZSN Pro at the top of my list of favourite KZ models. I am using the dull nozzles and Spiral Dots on them. They scale well, too, sounding very good on my Moto G3 but gain extra quality through my DAP and headphone amplifier. Very pleased!
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  6. Slater
    Sorry, my bad. The photo was kind of dark, and I didn’t zoom in and examine it close enough.
  7. gourab1995
    Took that half decent photo in the middle of the night, so I don't blame you. :L3000:
  8. macky112
    4B0D6698-9869-473E-B596-9B05806564CB.jpeg 00844241-9546-42A8-A352-8EA19FB19367.jpeg

    For those that find the ZS5/ZS6/ZS7 housing to be uncomfortable, I stumbled upon some old double flange tips from Meelectric M6, and the double tips are longer than the large starlines and also has bigger bore

    Worth a try
    Last edited: Jun 13, 2019
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  9. BadReligionPunk
    Yea already one place on mobile app selling for $31 - $2 coupon = $29. I again stared at the buy now button for about 10 minutes but backed down.

    I wouldn't be shocked to see it in the c10 $24 range for and after the sale.
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  10. Dani157
    Yeah. It's inevitable. Anything in C10 range should be a steal if I were to judge it by all the reviews and impressions. Best KZ of all time at ~$25? Totally legit and worth it.
  11. DocHoliday
    It's unfortunate that you've never experienced the ED10, which - IMHO - can go toe to toe with the ED9 as best single dynamic KZ model.



    Honorable mention goes to the ED3 "Perfection" which you'd probably enjoy more than the ED9 based on your preferences.


    With the ED3 "Perfection" the original founders of Knowledge Zenith targeted Audio-Technica's $500 50th Anniversary Flagship CKW1000ANV sound signature. Sure, the snobs jeer and ridicule KZ routinely today but a handful of us know that the $10 ED3 "Perfection" was a welcome improvement over the $500 CKW1000ANV.



    p.s. - I wonder how the 2014 ED3 "Perfection" holds up against today's Tin Audio T3. Loomis or B9 can probably chime in on that.
  12. Nimweth
    Yes, I had the ED3 perfection, but one channel went dead. I also had the ED3 Acme, HDS1 and HDS3. I have never heard the ED10, though. ED3 Perfection was quite V shaped as I recall with slightly recessed mids. ED3 Acme was more balanced, similarly the HDS1 and HDS3. ED9 seems to be more detailed and clean. I have the T3 and it is my current favourite, the clarity, resolution and refinement are very addictive! ED9 with dull nozzles has a similar overall profile and is amazing for the money.
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  13. DocHoliday
    ED3 "Acme has the more pronounced bass and slightly recessed midrange.
    ED3 "Perfection" has gently boosted (but quick) bass, gently boosted treble and an excellent midrange. Consider the ED3 "Perfection as the sweet spot between the ED9 gold filters and ED9 brass filters.

    I'll have to revisit my view of this but I've considered the ED3 "Perfection" to be KZ's single dynamic predecessor (and perhaps inspiration) to the ZS6 sound signature, albeit with a smidgen less bass. Just did a direct comparison and I find the ZS6 to be a more open and airy 3D-like presentation of the ED3 "Perfection" sound signature on tracks like this.

    Last edited: Jun 13, 2019
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  14. tzincbg
    Guys, any cable with mic for the KZ ZS7? The ones from BA 10 and ES4 fall off and can't stay connected even seconds.
    I bought a Nicehck cable which fits well and is more comfortable but there is no version with mic.
  15. Nimweth
    OK, thanks for that, it's hard to remember when it was a while ago! I wonder if we could lobby KZ to revisit single dynamics and come up with a Kanas Pro type IEM? They have been totally focused on hybrids and multi BAs for some time. Also a single BA would be interesting!
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