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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. courierdriver
    The ZS10 PRO is a really great sounding earphone for the price. It deserves to be auditioned. For $50 bucks, it performs on par with alot more expensive sets. For many people, the fit is also more comfortable.
  2. mbwilson111
    Definitely! For those of us who have loved speaker based systems, it is a great feeling if an iem can achieve that sensation.
    Last edited: Jun 12, 2019
  3. LaughMoreDaily
    I dont know any KZ Fanatics in my city. :frowning2: I just got the Moondrop Crescent and will audition other brands as well before peaking back into KZ land. My iem knowledge is narrow minded = KZ. I need to change that.

    PS: Do you wanna know something crazy? I swear my ES4 are better than my ZS6 v2. I think that pair are either over rated or mine arent made right?
    Last edited: Jun 12, 2019
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  4. mbwilson111
    I think you just get into different moods... like everyone. Some days the magic happens with a certain iem... some days not.
  5. alex5908
    What's the smallest size of the stock tips for ZS7 in mm?
  6. Slater
  7. courierdriver
    I haven't tried the Starline tips on my ZS10 PRO yet. I did use the supplied medium tips that came on them for several days though, and I kinda liked them. Bass was a bit rolled off though, but I thought that the mids and highs were quite clear. Wish they would supply different bore sizes and a bigger selection of SML of this new tip. I think this might be a better upgrade to the Starline tips. Just my opinion, of course. Note that this was in the early stages of use...before break in. I switched to Complys and then New Bee medium tips, which helped bring up the bass. The New Bees are, IMHO a much better and more comfortable set.
    Last edited: Jun 12, 2019
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  8. alex5908
    Thanks Slater. You are an angel (as always been)!
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  9. pbui44
  10. courierdriver
    I'm not a KZ fanatic by any stretch. I never owned any KZ products before my recent purchase of ZS10 PRO. But honestly, these things sound great, and make me wanna check out more of their gear. Their pricing fits my budget, so why not??!!
  11. Slater
    As much as people swear by the New Bee tips, I've never tried them in my life. It's really been due to the fact that I don't really use foam tips, so I always thought it would have been a waste of money buying an eartip kit that included 50% foam tips.

    Are the silicone tips any good? Is there a similar tip (I might be familiar with) the silicone tips can be compared to, so I know what to expect if I decide to order a set?
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  12. courierdriver
    I'm afraid I can't compare too much at this time. I have Spinfit CP145's coming, as well as 2 sets of New Bee foam and silicone combo. I bought a set of 6 pairs of the New Bees when I got my KanasPro back in March, and they worked much better than the stock silicones that came with the KPE. The stocks were bass light, and none of the sizes were ideal. In fact, I'm pretty sure I got 2 of 3 tips in either small or medium size. I had a set of Comply foams kicking around so I used them for about 2 weeks. I bought those when I bought my Edifier bluetooth iems last year, but I really didn't like them too much. Those Complys had a foam wax guard that I felt reduced the mids and highs too much. Bass was enhanced, though. I ordered the New Bees and found the medium size to work great, but still wished for a bit more bass fullness. In terms of comfort and isolation though, they beat the hell out of the Complys. I used the second set on my ZS10 PRO and liked them with the New Bees also. I just wish there was a bit more treble extension. So a week or two ago, I ordered 2 more sets of New Bees, which now also included silicones. I'm looking to see myself, how they compare with the New Bee foams I already own, as well as the Spinfits that are also on their way. I'll be sure to post my impressions once they all arrive and have had a chance to compare. I can honesty say though, the New Bee foams are way better for comfort than the Complys. They also sounds more transparent. Not to mention, the New Bees are much less expensive.
    Last edited: Jun 12, 2019
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  13. Assimilator702
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  14. gourab1995
    Foam tips don't create that room effect as much as silicone tips do. The spinfits generally tend to let the lower frequencies breathe a little better, tone down subbass, increases mid bass, treble depends on the bore size. Usually makes the highs pleasing to listen to. Mids will be clearer. They add a slight sort of reverb to the sound in my experience, instead of being totally dry.
    Last edited: Jun 13, 2019
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  15. LaughMoreDaily
    Check out their future gear. Other than the ZS7, you are not missing much.

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