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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. PhonoPhi
    BA10 has the same drivers as AS10, so they are close: BA10 being more resonant with more extended highs. In some sense, BA10 can be viewed a step toward CCA C16. Yet, not only the size of BA10, but its sharp angles is quite something.
  2. gourab1995
    Wow didn't know that about the ZS10 pro. Guess now they need to work on that treble and tuning.
  3. Zerohour88
    sigh, the usual "KZ better tune 1 DD than use more drivers" that gets parroted once in a while here.

    You have a lot more leeway in tuning several BAs together (via tubing, crossovers, zobel circuits) compared to using 1 DD. You're stuck with the sonic qualities of that 1 DD while trying to get it to follow the sound sig you want. And tuning a single DD is not easy, that's why high quality DD iems like the Dita Truth and Sony EX1K costs a lot more than your average KZ.

    Its not as easy as "why don't KZ just tune it?" as people make it out to be.
  4. Makahl
    Indeed, the AS16 is a good example of good tuning. :laughing:

    Tbh, I can't see how my post can relate to your comment since it was just a small "wish" coming from a personal perspective after talking about the harman target. But ok...
    Last edited: Jun 9, 2019
  5. Zerohour88
    I did not say that tuning via multiple BAs will definitely get good results, I said more leeway, not the same thing. As in, you get more options and more variables to play with.

    Its simply because comments like yours are always seen whenever tuning is mentioned. I just thought it'd be simpler for everyone if people are made to understand the intricacies of tuning other than "just tune it".

    for example, most TOTL IEMs are multi-BAs, like the CA Andromeda, 64Audio U12T, Ultimate Ears Reference. There's a reason why its tricky to incorporate DDs. CA tried it with the Solaris and instead of "Andromeda with DD bass", it turned into something a bit less than stellar.
  6. ShakyJake
    Thanks for making me aware of Crinacle's graph compare tool. It is awesome. I used the TOTL Sony IER-Z1R as the baseline, but you can, of course, use any IEM as reference. Also, for grins try the complimentary airline iems that he has in there. Thanks @crinacle!
  7. crinacle
    Do note that the Harman Target is also available on the comparison tool. You don't have to use the Kanas Pro.
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  8. gourab1995
    Anyone compare the soundmagic E11 to kz? Their new tuning looks very flat. Also how do iems like vsonic gr07 stand off to the Kanas pros?
    Last edited: Jun 9, 2019
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  9. Slater
    Wow that’s a name I haven’t heard in a while. I didn’t even think they were even still around!
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  10. nraymond
    I've been comparing the ZS10 Pro, Kanas Pro, and the TFZ King Updated Version. For eartips I've been using the JVC Spiral Dots on the ZS10 Pro, the Acoustone AET07a ("Sound focussing wide-range clarity") on the Kanas Pro, and the Auvio (Radio Shack) earbud tips on the TFZ King Updated Version. My reasons for those tip choices (after about a half dozen comparative personal tests) were to enhance the sub-bass on the ZS10 Pro, maintain the response on the Kanas Pro while increasing personal comfort, and slightly temper the sub-bass on the TFZ King Updated Version (respectively). The thing that is so far standing out to me is that I think the Kanas Pro is the least fatiguing to listen to for extended listening sessions (I think on par with the Maxell MXH-RF550), with the TFZ King Updated Version second, and the ZS10 Pro third. The TFZ King Updated Version has a remarkable amount of clean and impactful sub-bass, which depending on the eartips I think can be too much (fatiguing for certain genres). I need to do more extended tests to see if the Auvio eartips are the best match for them, but I think in some ways they can give the Kanas Pro a run for their money (and currently the TFZ King Updated Version are just $69 from PenonAudio, so about half the price of the KP. I think the single DD in both those models may also be contributing to the lack of extended listening fatigue. For the money though, the ZS10 Pro are certainly good.
  11. gourab1995
    I had the e10c they were so good to me at the time. From there went to kz legends like ate, ed9. Realized the difference in sound that a wide bore can make through this iem. Doesn't compare to iems now.

    This time e11 have a very flat tuning compared to E10 v shape. It's driving me nuts. I want to know more about this iem and how it compares to modern day stuff. Surprisingly saw it there in crinacles graph compare tool.
  12. Slater
    Agreed. I had E10C as well. They died a long time ago though (crappy cable). I wish I had kept them though; I’m sure I could have recabled them no problem.

    I also still have the HP150 and HP200 full size cans, which are awesome except for the crappy weak hinges.
    Last edited: Jun 9, 2019
  13. LaughMoreDaily
    I'm really loving the friendliness of the ZS6 v2. Any other best friends out there of him?
  14. Tweeters
    Does anyone know for sure if there's actually a 'v2' of the ZS6?
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  15. B9Scrambler
    Bingo, bango, bongo!
    Last edited: Jun 10, 2019
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