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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Zerohour88
    cost-wise, its not that expensive to actually make a multi-BA IEM with crossovers. Someone estimated that it costs around usd$300 (for the BAs, crossovers and then shell manufacturing) or so to make a CA Andromeda that sells for usd$1000, bearing in mind that cost is calculated using consumer pricing (bulk buyers will have much lower prices). The high cost is in the research and development, so after they're done, they need to recoup that cost somewhere.

    KZ releasing so many models and then getting feedback on them is basically a shortcut to R&D while also being a big bait to users who itches to buy anything new, going so far to release a new sister brand so they can try out different kind of tuning. One tuning looks like a failure? well, we'll just release another model that kinda fixes what people think was wrong with it. I do wish they were more proactive in sending out early review units instead of hoping on vendors like Linsoul though (which is doing a stellar job of reaching out to both reviewers and consumers).

    uh, I hope NiceHCK doesn't do the same thing? I've measured some cables from them and all seems to be quite low-resistance (below 0.3ohm, I think, which is good enough for me).

    I think Kinboofi also had similar issues? I remember someone sharing a pic of the jack and wires not being soldered, can't remember which maker it was.
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  2. Slater
    That was me. It was a defective Kinboofi cable (an isolated QC case).


    NONE of the wires were connected at all! I did get a refund on that particular cable though. Whoever was in charge of soldering the wires fell asleep that day lol.
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  3. archdawg
    Like I posted before, the treble on my newer red and green ZS6 sounds distinctively different than that from my older grey pair - less peaky and piercing but here's another clue: the treble on the newer versions of the ZS6 and my new 7 sounds more accurate and natural to my ears than that of my older 6 and for example the original ZSN; something very obvious with higher pitched natural instruments, e.g. brass, violins and especially cymbals.
    To me this refinement was the first real hint towards upgraded or customized 30095s on my newer ZS6.
    Now, have KZ gone a step further and modded the crossovers on the newer ZS6 and 7 and maybe other models as well? Could be since my new ZS7 don't sound nearly as dark and rolled-off as some older reviews (maybe based on an older version?) made me believe and what kept me from pulling the trigger on the 7s for quite a while.
    With that being said, I'd really love to know the values of the components on the different passive xovers but still can't take any measurements myself since my trusty instruments (Keithley & Co.) are still in storage some 4000km away.
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  4. archdawg
    You might have killed one or more of those BAs. Just relax, at least you didn't drop some Andromedas, lol. If you have some bucks left somewhere why not order a new pair or for a couple $ more the 10Pro if you don't have them already.
    PS: after the mishap with my Shures I imagine and treat my BA based IEMs like raw eggs on wires - no further accidents so far.

    BTW, there's another sale on AE next week, but I don't think they'll drop those prices any further.
    Last edited: Jun 10, 2019
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  5. seowtf
    Sharing my thought on KZ ZS10 Pro

    The ZS10 Pro has a translucent plastic body with aluminum nozzle with stainless steel face place. Built quality and finish is excellent and size is compact and fit comfortable for long listening .
    The dynamic driver in low frequency is tight and agile. Bass is elevated and extended is deep enough which not sound bloated or boomy and definitely not bleed into mid. Good punch enough for fun-joy music listener but shy off for bass head.

    The mid tuned by balanced armatures give good details and warm signature. You can hear voice texture and instruments separation as well.

    Trebles is elevated as well give airy and precise details without harshness. No fatigue on hours play.

    Soundstage and imaging is deep spacious. Easily drive by modest source. Even direct drive from phone source Galaxy S8 given ample juice.

    Overall this is good aesthetical, good sound retrieval and balance being touch of bright and dark signature .

    This is the third pair of KZ given me much surprised after quite a while (since kz6 and AS10) . Which trigger me to grab a second pair as well. Some of the more expensive iem which requires a powerful source feed or may need to tune up bass mode. ZS10 pro can be plug n play direct from phone source still give ample of juice on low, high and mid. It bang for bucks on value as well.

    You can grab it from Aliexpress or Amazon.


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  6. Caipirina
    Wow indeed. Soundmagic were my first ‘serious’ -ish IEMs and the first time a seller told me ‘check what they say on head-fi about those’ .... so, yes, they were my introduction to this place :wink:. Liked ‘em so much at that Time that i bought a second pair ....

    Back to KZ. All this talk about the BA10 ... now I am even more looking fwd to get to my ‘loot’ ... too bad my travel plans got postponed...
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  7. ostewart
  8. archdawg
    I've been listening to my new ZSA on the road today and like them quite a bit as well, especially with hip-hop and house tracks.


    When I got back to our house in the sticks though and took a little break between some trees with my ZS7 ... well ... clarity, details throughout the spectrum, spatial accuracy, width, depth and height of the soundstage, instrument separation and layering even with heavily crowded tracks, speed and precision of the sub-bass without bleed-through into the lower mids, ... in short: a different league.
    Last edited: Jun 10, 2019
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  9. RikudouGoku
    Are there any must have kz iems out there other than the zs6, zs7, zsn and the ZS10Pro? (those are the ones I have ) preferably something with Detachable cables and with a different sound
  10. archdawg
    No detachable cable but classic KZs with their own fun sound sig and outstanding bang for the buck - the EDR1 and ED9. Even with technically much more capable IEMs in my collection I still enjoy them a great deal.

    Next please ...
  11. pbui44
    If you want to buy something other than KZ, the Final Audio E3000 is a great value pick.
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  12. Aparker2005
    I've been using my AS16s more and more. I had a huge gig Saturday and used them as my in ears for drumming.

    The level of clarity with them is so good. The bass actually wasn't bad live either. Still doesn't have as much as the zs10 pro, but I also feel the as16 are more comfortable.

    I think I'm done buying iems for a long while with having these 2. They're more than I could ever ask for for stage needs.
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  13. LaughMoreDaily
    I'm still trying to figure out if my KZ ZS6 v2 sound went wonky. If so, I'm staying away from KZ for a while. I just got them. :frowning2:

    They fell on the ground and the magnet in the USB connector may have touched the headphones. They dont sound as good as when they were new...
  14. katatonicone1
    Guys, which of the two would you recommend. The 8 core with better conductivity or 16 core because of... 16 cores? Thanks.
  15. randomnin
    I have a 2-pin 053. It's thick, if the cable breaks, I'd say the problem would be in the reliefs or soldering, not in the lack of cores.
    Next I need an MMCX cable, I think I'll get a black jcally (I thought that the dark copper of 053 would look fine, but it looks a bit like a thick blingy chain that's lost its shine). Though the forbidden "yoo" one costs 20% less. Doesn't seem anyone's published any measurements, I might take the risk.
    Last edited: Jun 11, 2019

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