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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. mbwilson111
    I think we were typing at the same time... you were faster:)
  2. B9Scrambler
    It costs a lot to store all that info on servers. The company I work for keeps only very basic records for account activity older than 2002 for this reason. Can't imagine how much Amazon spends yearly on data storage O_O
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  3. loomisjohnson
    i agree with laughmore that any iem has to meet a quality threshold; it's not a bargain if you won't listen to it. what's really intriguing about chifi is that that threshold keeps dropping--whereas five years ago it was hard to find an acceptable phone for $50, today you can spend $11 on a zsn or einsear or whatever and be content. likewise, the point of diminishing returns has dropped precipitously, which is to say that the incremental improvement between, say, a good $100 phone and a megabuck one isn't as big as it used to be.
    to use a crude analogy, somebody once described australian wines as "$7 wines which taste like they could be $12"., which with no disrespect to australia, was snarky but valid. now we have $12 iems which, at least in comparison to their mainstream counterparts, really could be >$100. which to me is much of the pleasure of this game.
    thanks for listening. back to work.
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  4. nicksson
    Nice said
  5. Conest
  6. Dobrescu George
    If you got them for 11 USD, there is no space to complain about them :)
  7. PhonoPhi
    It would be really great, Dear Sir, if you can kindly compare ZSN with few similar in construction (DD&BA) IEMs in a higher price bracket from your reputable collection. Pointing out in an A/B comparison specific features that can be attained with more expensive IEMs would be very valuable for us all, and especially still new audiophiles.

    Just a thought - imagine a (strictly hypothetical, of course) situation that some IEM for $15 is so really amazing - how hard then would it be to write meaningful positive reviews of similar $50-$100 IEMs for the reviewers.
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  8. vegetaleb
    Finally got my ZS4, I liked the new cable, fit wise it's better (in my ears) than ZSR but not as good as ZS3, I guess it's the memory wire being more flexible than ZS3.
    I will try them again and also with ZS3 cable
    SQ wise they don't have the heavy bloody bass of the ZS3 which is nice, I had to mod the ZS3 to reduce bass and reveal mids, now the ZS4 are even better and without mods.
    I think they will be my perfect companions for the incoming ski days
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  9. SybilLance
    Quite. It is a given that in-ear headphones should, first and foremost, have the ability to reproduce music with a certain degree of fidelity—the threshold we’re talking about. On the other hand, that degree may still largely depend on the individual.

    A $3,000.00 Shure KSE1500 electrostatic might not even merit a blink from an “audiophile” with deep pockets but I know I would never enjoy it. How could I when every time I insert them into my ears all I could probably think about are the things I could do with that amount to realize my dream kitchen? Or could I say that because I have a 3 thousand dollar IEM everything else that costs less would sound inferior? A snob might.

    Again, context. I think about my father with his 2nd-hand Garrard turntable and his DIY Heathkit tube amplifier and DIY speakers playing the precious 78-rpm records his father gave him. Whenever he’d listen after dinner with eyes closed and with hands slowly caressing the air, could I say his immersion in his music back then was any less than what a Michael Fremer would experience, listening to a cost-no-object system?

    Pardon the output medium and temporal displacement but it’s intended to emphasize that uncertainties do arise when unfair and improper comparisons are made.

    What is not uncertain is the astonishment and delight that would have ensued were my father still alive and in his prime, and were he to listen to a humble KZ IEM such as the ZSN, or even to the sub-3-dollar MX500 earbud I just received as a freebie.
  10. gbrgbr
    Can someone who has both the KZ A-Paragraph (straight) and B-Paragraph (angled) cables please compare the connectors on them and let me know if the part of the connector that actually gets inserted into the socket is smaller on the A-Paragraph cable.
    See : https://www.head-fi.org/threads/kno...essions-thread.698148/page-2619#post-14647438

    I wanted to get a KZ Type-C cable for my ZSA. I thought I would have to buy the B-Paragraph cable and then cut the connector to fit the ZSA.
    Looks like KZ Type-C cable that has to be used with ZSA is actually the A-Paragraph cable (even tho the ZSA has a angled cable).

    See this pic, it actually states the straight cable is to be used with the ZSA:
    kz type-c.jpg

    EDIT : Here's another pic from the KZ BT cable :
    kz type-c.jpg

    Actually, if someone has the ZSA and any A-Paragraph cable, see if the cable fits the ZSA.
    Last edited: Dec 12, 2018
  11. SybilLance
    No, I got them for less. And no, I’m not complaining—I’m celebrating. Celebrating that something that looks this good, that’s built and designed so well (barring the occasional KZ QC misfit), feels expensive, seats so comfortably, comes with the best cable KZ has produced so far, also sounds good across many genres, and with good recordings and gear and amplification sounds even better, could be had for a mere ~$10.78 US.

    Surely I’d need space for this, as I’m talking about my purple ZSN and its bright copper cable with the improved connectors. :)

    I’m also disagreeing with a point—or maybe a couple—in your impressions of the ZSN. :wink:
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  12. Dobrescu George
    If you don't consider the price point, then things are different.

    Like, this is amazing if you only have 20$, but if you can pay 100 USD for something like Astrotec AM850, it sounds more detailed, has better textures, more air between the instruments to breathe. Even if you can increase your budget to get KZ AS10 instead of ZSN, it is much better, much better details, more engaging, better resolution, more impact.

    Then, if you can pay 300 USD, you get into the Azla Horizon - FiiO FH5 - FLC 8N - Final E5000 - Periodic BE area, where those sound much much better than 100 USD IEMs, this is why I'm saying it sounds good for the price. If you're not taking the price into account, it sounds okay, but that is it.

    It would be great if that were so, but it has enough roll off in the treble to say that it isn't better than 50-100USD IEMs. The fact that something less expensive outperforms something considerably more expensive is always something to be happy about, and you can always write positive and meaningful reviews about it :) The point of reviewing is sharing news, being honest, and giving insight. ZSN, as interesting as it is, lacks treble extension and lacks resolution / textures.
  13. Dobrescu George
    It is always okay to disagree, but please keep in mind that we all have our backgrounds, and if I heard ZSN 5 years ago, for 10 USD, they'd be the best thing since sliced bread.

    Back then, I couldn't find anything like ZSN, with this sound, for this price, so I upgraded from a 10 USD no-name IEM, which sounded okay, but not even as good as KZ ZSN, and kept breaking ever 1-2 months, directly to IE8 from Sennheiser. I now find 100 USD IEMs that make me feel like IE8 will lower in price soon, and with how quick tech is advancing, I'm sure those 100 USD IEMS, will then cost 50 USD, and so on.
  14. PhonoPhi
    It will be surely great to write a review about an outperforming IEM, but what about outperformed ones?

    No direct comparisons for us?
    What about Fiio FH1 - does it have faster bass and more resolution than ZSN, what about the crossover range especially for cellos in a string quartet?

    I am still awaiting my ZSN (alas, those postal gnomes, even goblins it seems...) to compare with FH1 and ZSA.
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  15. PhonoPhi
    P.S. and my AS10s are surely more enjoyable than Fiio F9 pro to my ears/brain :)
    (Meant to add it but started a new message, my apologies)
    Last edited: Dec 12, 2018

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