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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Superluc
    The ZSN fit different than the ES4 ? They look alike, but i have some problems with the ES4.
  2. Slater
    Sounds like I need to try them again.

    Lithium batteries do take a few cycles to reach their full potential. I don’t use the BT10 often, so I’m sure it’s draining some between uses.

    I’ll set up a test rig - a phone and IEM at listening volume and use a timer app on the phone.
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  3. Slater
    Do you have the ZST?

    ZSN shell is almost identical to the ZST.
  4. stryed
    Anyone could compare the AS10 vs KZN a bit more? And how does the KZ5/6 fit in when you are not too trebble sensitive?
    I'm having a hard time not buying the KZN with the KZ7 on the horizon, and the AS10 seemed like the better KZ5.

    Just bought the new lucky nicehck by the way :)
  5. Superluc
    Nope, that's why my question vs the ES4. I feel like the ES4 try to go too deep inside, and too straight. My ears didn't like that.
    The ZS5/6 category fit better on my ears, maybe because of the less long and a more angled nozzle.

    Maybe i better wait for the ZS7, even if they don't seem to want to cover the screws. The one on the rear hurt me a bit, do you think i'm an alien ?[​IMG]
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  6. sino8r
    Sounds good! Can't wait to hear your results! I don't use my TRN much anymore but it did last all day when I did for months. I'd say it was worth it especially considering how few 2 pin bluetooth options are available in quality models. I mostly use the Sony MUC-M2BT1 now but it is mmcx. Love the LDAC format it uses. Sounds as good as a wired connection but it is expensive at around 200 US dollars. Worth every cent if you use Bluetooth daiIy though. I have some 2 pin adapters but they make the connectors really long and kind of awkward. They still fit but sometimes the wire won't stay behind you ear and you have to tuck the wires under the collar part. My go-to two pins are the TFZ bluetooth. They are the dangling model but I've figured out a way to get around that annoyance. I have a small clip used for LG Bluetooth models (you can buy replacements on Amazon) and have it clip behind my neck. It's keeps the module earrings out of the way and looks alot better (at least from the front lol) I use one on the Sony too. Keeps the extra length of wire out of the way. The TFZ bluetooth is around 50 bucks so not much more than the TRN. It definitely has a 7 hr battery life with higher volume.
    20181123_203720.jpg 20181123_204156.jpg
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  7. LaughMoreDaily
    I'm having some problems ordering from Penon Audio, it says "Security header not valid." and won't allow me to make an order.
  8. MrMajony
    I happened the same when ordering a zs10, I could only use paypal
  9. LaughMoreDaily
    I did the same. Paypal works. I ordered the ZS10 in Black and AS10 in Cyan/Green as the Black was sold out?
    Last edited: Nov 24, 2018
  10. voicemaster
    Will do when my as10 come in from china.
  11. SybilLance
    It's unbelievable for what the ZSN is being sold in our part of the world (shopee.ph): as low as ₽672 for the cyan no mic, ₽679 for the black no mic, and ₽680 for the purple no mic. That's $12.82, $12.96 and $12.98 US, respectively, even lower than for what I got mine.

    If you've got promo codes and coins you can knock the price down even more. That's what I did last 11.11. Even better, there are Free delivery discount vouchers + COD.

    Here's my ₽567 breakdown:


    China Girl Store (thatgirl.ph) also sells the ZSN silver-plated upgrade cable for ₽249. That's ~$4.75 US. Mmmaybe I shall get one. And the cyan for my husband. I have enough coins, I think. :smile_phones:
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  12. Conest
    Anyone solved the mystery of KZ ZSN color variants on Gearbest yet ?
    I wanna buy one but dont have any idea which one to pick -
    Medium Turquoise
    Viola Purple
    Tyrian Purple ( Seriously , what is this color )
  13. sino8r
    The AS10 has larger soundstage, a bit more detail and separation, and heavier bass abilities. The treble amount is around the same. High but not piercing. The ZSN can have mild sibilance but nothing to worry about. To me, the AS10 has the detail of ZS6 but lacking the treble overload. It too can sibilance but it's extremely rare. The ZSN can really thump and is extremely V shaped. It's alot of fun but it can compete with the openness of the AS10. The ZSN is like the bigger brother of the ZSA. I hope that helps!
    Oh and the ZSN lacks mids but can be equalized to fill in. I don't feel like the AS10 has that issue. Plus, all armatures means that it willbsound like it always within a couple of hours of listening. Whether burn-in is real or not, it does seem to somewhat apply for dynamic drivers.
    Last edited: Nov 24, 2018
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  14. sino8r
    I think it must be a mistake until we see it in person or an image. A few folks have mentioned this but I've yet to see anything besides a description. Maybe it's a future version or release? Maybe one that didn't make it to production?
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