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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Slater
    Wow, from $60 to $33 in just a few months.

    IMO, that’s more in line with what it should have originally been anyways.
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  2. s620
    Hi, just sharing my experience with TRN BT3 Aptx bluetooth cable recommended many times here.
    I bought it on Aliexpress and disappointed with the battery.
    With my TRN V80 headphones it plays a little less than 4 hours, not 7-8 hours as declared.
    I thought it is a faulty instance and ordered it again from a different seller and got the exact same time. Both sellers high-rated.
    So, for now I'm thinking it is a system problem, and the issue is that battery life depends on the headphones itself.
    TRN V80' declared resistance is 30Ω what seems max in class. For example ZS10 has 16Ω, ZS4 - 18Ω, AS10 - 14Ω.
    Should higher impedance take higher voltage and amperage to get the same response... Like 16Ω plays 8 hours, 30Ω plays less than 4...
    Any ideas? Shall I get longer battery life with lower impedance IEH?
    Last edited: Nov 23, 2018
  3. cacio
    this is normal battery life for the old bluetooth tech. for longer battery life you have to wait until we get the new bluetooth 5.0 qualcomm chips. they are up to 65% more efficient. i also wait for this ...
  4. Mybutthurts
    When I bought my as10 in October price on gearbest was £34.30, currently it's is £42.85.
    So. If they are $33 that is a bargain.
  5. Slater
    4 hours for the BT3 and BT10 is about typical. I think TRN was on drugs when they came up with that 8 hour figure.

    In actuality, that’s a best case scenario. More of a theoretical time that you’ll never get in the real world. I think what they do is fully charge it, turn it on with NO IEM, and let it sit until the battery runs out. I could see that lasting 8 hours, but it’s not realistic.
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  6. assassin10000
    Volume level will also effect battery life. The ohms level will have some effect on the amount of power needed to achieve the same volume level if the sensitivity is the same. YMMV.

    I ordered the BT10 instead of the BT3, since it had a softer neck cable, BT 4.2 vs 4.1 and better sweat/water resistance. I'm hoping the battery life is better than 4 hours (5-6), as just like yours it claims to last 6-7 hours.
    Last edited: Nov 23, 2018
  7. Slater
    The question I have is “are they worth it”?

    I mean, I have so much good gear, I don’t know if I need the AS10. Especially if it’s just a side grade, as I have loads of side grade gear.
  8. Slater
    I got some bad news for you. My BT10 has about the same battery life as my BT3.
  9. assassin10000
    Oh well, that's how the cookie crumbles sometimes when gambling on chinese electronics. 4 hours will still be enough for my use.
  10. MrMajony
    Is it still worth the kz zs10 for $ 22 taking into account the new releases of kz ?
  11. Slater
    Not just Chinese electronics. Many stated measurements are not as perfect as what you’ll get in the real world. Gas mileage ratings on cars, lumen output on LED lights, square footage coverage on paint, battery life ratings on laptops, the wattage in car audio, etc.

    I see things like that as close approximations, not necessary as absolutes.

    The TRN battery life is particularly inflated though, being half of the rated spec. That is somewhat unusual, as most reputable products aren’t inflated by 100%. That would be like a “foot long” sub sandwich only being 6” long lol
  12. sino8r
    I get 6-7 hrs daily on mine. But, it's on mid volume most of the time. I guess usage makes a difference though. Full volume would probably be closer to 5 hrs.
  13. sino8r
    I would pass. It's a weirdly tuned iem and mostly unpleasant. The only time I enjoyed mine was with TV or movies on the phone otherwise it kinda sucks. Go with AS10.
  14. Slater
    BT3 or BT10?
  15. sino8r
    Both when I still had the BT10. I wasn't a big fan of the dangling plastic earrings. Still, only half volume mostly with intermittent pauses at work. Lasted all at work and even though the afternoon at home. Like I said, I probably only had it blasting full volume for 1 hr or so. This is from a Samsung Note so maybe it didn't pull as much power as a dac or amp but then again that's that my area of expertise. I have yet to really get into dacs and amps. Have had no trouble driving my iems even one at 32 ohms. Haven't really needed a dac either. Got a huge memory card and my Note 9 powers iems rather easily.

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