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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Conest
    Well.. according to the pictures (in the review section), Viola Purple and Tyrian Purple is same ..
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  2. sino8r
    Could be, I just looked at it again. I really wish KZ stays with this natural iem shape. They are really comfortable and seal nicely. I really love the design. I wish they'd give us a BA10/AS10 inside of the ZSN style shell.
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  3. Conest
    And why Viola Purple is more expensive than those three ?
    Which one should i buy , any suggestions ? This is so frustrating...
    Is there any quality difference as mentioned before in this thread..and if there is..
    Purple and silver one is better than the other two ??
    If they are.. which one .. Tyrian Purple or Viola Purple...
    Edit: Noticed one thing... If you check any of these variants on Gearbest.. it shows Six pictures with Option to sepect colors and all of them have same price..
    Except Viola Purple.. it only shows two pictures..
    And why there are Two Without Mic option now.. and one of them is only available for Viola..:triportsad:
    Last edited: Nov 24, 2018
  4. Conest
    Anyways.. ZSN aside..
    I'm new in this community
    And I have ordered ZSA as my First IEM..cant wait to try them out..
    Any suggestions for the Upgrade cable ?
  5. sino8r
    I got the purple one with the mic for my girlfriend on Amazon. I liked the shiny face plate but the grey and green looks good too. The grey and black definitely have a textured faceplate. That's the only difference I can tell. You could try Aliexpress if Gearbest is being a pain... I like that store if it's only available from China. Good luck!
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  6. sino8r
    I like the 8 core copper/silver 2 pins that have many brand names. About 20 US dollars. Or the TRN Bt3 if you want bluetooth. I think the ZSA is a good choice. It's a good, comfortable, nice looking iem. Your next one should be the AS10 or TFZ King or Queen for the ultimate budget experience! Very full sound, really close to large headphones sound, and nice bass. I think you'd enjoy the AS10. Once you get that one, there isn't much of a need to go for anything more expensive. Alot of people here here been getting them for 40 US dollars with all the sales going on right now. They're usually closer to 60 dollars. It's a really good deal and wonderful iem. It sounds almost as good as my mid tier iems that go for several hundred dollars.
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  7. Conest
    Sure... Thanks a lot for the help..
    I was thinking to buy ZSNs as they are really hyped..
    So AS10 are better than those ?
    :L3000:(i like this emoji )
    Are KZs durable??.. i want them to last longer..
    and i found build quality better on ZSN too..
    Soooo.. help
    Last edited: Nov 24, 2018
  8. LaughMoreDaily
    AS10 = $ 60 ZSN = $18 ... AS10 has to be better. Consumers would be pissed if it wasn't.

    If you want an IEM to last 5-10-20 years... then KZ is the way to go.
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  9. chi-fi mel
    I found these tips I had set aside for some reason. It turns out they are remarkably good and I'd like to buy more but I don't know what kind they are. You can see in the picture where is says XL on the tips. If you can identify them despite the poor image quality I would appreciate it!!

  10. LaughMoreDaily
    Why are you having such a hard time buying a ZSN? Stay away from Gearbest and go on Aliexpress! Click on the photo and buy. Gearbest is screwing their own business up.
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  11. Conest
    Yeah, that's true..but i found ZSN cheaper on Gearbest but their Viola Purple costs the same on AliExpress..
    Thanks anyways..
    Maybe i will use my ZSAs for some time and save for AS10s :L3000:
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  12. Conest
    I was planning to buy two KZs..
    ZSA was on a great deal.. got it for 10$ and i was just having confusion for the second one.. :L3000:
  13. LaughMoreDaily
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  14. Conest
    Thanks for your time Everyone..
    Glad to be part of this community..
    Seems like my Next KZ will be AS10
    ( But you gotta collect em all) :ksc75smile:
    Last edited: Nov 24, 2018
  15. LaughMoreDaily
    FYI, The product was IN STOCK when I ordered.

    Penon Audio just sent me a few cute e-mails,

    "hi dear friend
    Thanks for your order, but I am sorry that we have set this product (AS10) out of stock ,but due to system issue , you still ordered it , so we have to cancel the order for you."

    "hi , dear friend
    we are clear KZ inventory now , so sell it at 50% off , which is a loss , and we won’t get it in stock any more."

    "hi,dear friend
    we are sorry about this inconvenience caused you .
    we will cancel the order for you now , and issue full refund to you via paypal , pls check later .
    any questions,pls feel free to contact us ."
    Last edited: Nov 24, 2018
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