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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. khighly
    Is KZ's most recent Bluetooth cable any good? Looking to get it for my ZSN since it's the only one available for that connector. Anyone know if it *really* has AAC and aptX?
  2. GrassFed
    hello KZ connoisseurs, if ED16's top end is too strong for me, should I try ZSN? :) Tried ZSA a while back. At first it was impressive, but somehow after a couple days it sounded harsher... ED16 was less intense, but still, it mainly stays in the box.
  3. 1clearhead
    Yes!!! :wink:
  4. SybilLance
    @crabdog, a very good review; well written and with FR graphs, too!

    May I ask what eartips did you use to listen for your impressions and comparisons? Your initial photos show the default smooth eartip but the latter ones for the comparisons show a medium-to-wide-bore smoky grey silicone tip with the short red core. Save for the color, the latter tip looks similar to the one I'm using.

    The reason I'm asking is because I find that with the smooth default tip and the Starlines (both small-bore) the ZSN bass is accentuated such that the midrange relatively becomes a wee bit recessed. Treble also becomes smoother, with an ever-so-slight drop in detail. Foam tips seem to heighten these effects even more. I noticed it when changing tips and listening to Steely Dan and Donald Fagen, whose albums I'm very familiar with.
  5. crabdog
    Thanks for your feedback. I have a stash of XL tips that I have collected over time. 9 out of 10 earphones come with tips that are too small for me.

    I can't remember where I got the grey ones in those photos but that is my preferred type of eartip.
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  6. sino8r
    Uh oh, my iFixit bit kit doesn't even have that size lol! May have to order some smaller sizes myself. Probably will polish my a little bit as well 20181123_033522.jpg
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  7. LaughMoreDaily
    Is the KZ AS10 a MUST BUY... it is 50% off on Aliexpress. $44 in total.
  8. Mybutthurts
    I love it... It's downgraded my ZS10 back into its box
    Very open compared to the ZS10 and easier to drive.
    Needs to be run in for a few hours to rid it of a quite sharp treble out of the box.

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  9. sino8r
    You can always try the foam mod. Cuts down on the treble without muffling sound, adds more mids, and bass. I use it on every KZ I own. Apparently, I'm a bit treble sensitive. Anyways, it's very simple once you remove the screen. No burn in required. You only need foam from an old case or sound insulation, a needle to remove the screen, a flashlight, tweezers, and a tiny amount of patience. Look down the nozzle, locate the chamber with two visible armatures and add 1mm x 1mm square bit of foam. If it's still to much treble, add another small bit outside the chambers and lightly push it in front of both chambers so that it's covering the bottom of the nozzle. Don't use too much or pack it too tightly or it will muffle the sound too much and kill the overall volume. Good luck!
    Last edited: Nov 23, 2018
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  10. Mybutthurts
    Didn't really need to go that far for me, swapping between the ZS10 & AS10 while comparing the two over several days. The sharpness disappears or my ears got used to it, which I doubt.

    Looked at that mod, but with my lack of dexterity I'd would have made a mess of it.
  11. Nikostr8
    ok i received today my ZSN and i can not believe this earphone is so cheap , i am speechless ... they sound so damn good!
  12. SomeEntityThing
    Received my black/black KZ ZSN 3 days ago. I'll probably want to spend more time with them for more meaningful analysis, but not to worry; I don't think they're "garbage" any bit :p Listening to FLAC files on my Shanling M0, these have beautiful highs and delicious bass, though the mids are a bit recessed and vocals aren't as forward as they are on, say, the KZ ED16. The build quality and ergonomics though! Oh my goodness, it really is wonderful to hold and wear these things, and the cable is the best KZ's offered so far because no memory wire. Why? Why is this possible? It isn't even fair. The quality of the ZSN for this price should be illegal XD
    Last edited: Nov 23, 2018
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  13. Slater
    I wonder when manufacturers will catch onto this simple trick :wink:
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  14. LaughMoreDaily
    Would you make love to someone with it in the bed - hence cheating on them at the same time... is it that good? :)
  15. ShakyJake
    It is only $33 from Penon. From the deals thread (Thanks @pthora):

    KZ AS10 IEMs for $33, down from $60ish street price or $40ish on the AE sale. This is the lowest price I've ever seen for these.

    KZ ZS10 IEMs for $22.50, down from $44.50. Good price.

    Full deal post:

    Another low is the ED16 at $12
    Last edited: Nov 23, 2018

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