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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. dondonut
    Anyone found out what the difference between the Viola Purple and Tyrian Purple ZSN @gearbest is? Attempted a chat, but like always communication is hard:


    Are they the same or different?
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  2. BCool
    I already have one of these that works really well and generally works better and is easier to use than the KZ model. I think until there's a cable model that has a good antenna and lasts for more than 2-3 hours I'll stick to it.
    They do look interesting and I eagerly await your impressions!
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  3. Sylmar
    Got the ZSN today and I'm really enjoying it. KZ really is making a lot of of progress and I'm so happy they also got the cabling right.
  4. crabdog
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  5. FettaBiscottata
    I'm looking to buy the KZ ZSN tomorrow, but i need just one info to decide which colors would fit best for me.
    Does the brushed alluminium surface (Black and cyan) feel a little "bumpy" when you try to scratch it with your nails or is super smooth (like the purple one)? I get tingles everytime i touch a brushed alluminium surface and would like a really smooth surface, like glass or stainless steel.
  6. randomnin
    Having purple ZSN in my ears, the bass is better than the average KZ, well textured, mids and highs are good as usual. These IEMs are also handling sibilance in vocals better than average. The fit is good, even with the default tips. Isolation is about average. The chassis is well made, but it's not so spectacular that this factor should play a major role in choosing whether to purchase these IEMs. The copper colour cable is nice, but the splitter is too low again. Overall, definitely one of the best KZs.
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  7. randomnin
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  8. Sylmar
  9. Slater
    You know, something I noticed with the ZSN...

    The ones with the black back have a very obvious brushed finish (very obvious in crabdog's photo). However, my silver backs have a much more polished finish (which appear to have been either tumbled or blasted with walnut shell to achieve the polished finish). It's not 100% mirror polished, but about 80% of a mirror polish.

    It's not good or bad either way, just something I noticed. I was originally planning on polishing the silver backs myself, because in some photos the silver backs looked like they were as brushed as the black backs. But when mine arrived and I saw the polished finish in person, I didn't have to do it myself.

    I still may give it a full polish on a buffing wheel for that mirror chrome look, but I have to wait for my new pentadriver bits to come so I can remove the special security screws holding the rear cover on.
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  10. stryed
    Received the KZ silver/copper cable https://www.aliexpress.com/item/KZ-...Mixed-Cable-Use-For-SE846-KZ/32944500379.html
    Not bad quality at all but not a huge fan of the color and lack of mic. Not sure about the SQ coming from a bit of silver in my KZ5 wire either. Will have to listen more closely as for the time being I'm enjoying the EzAudio D4.

    I'm thinking it's more worthwhile buying IEMs and interchanging cables that buying cables on their own. Anything else around with a mic that's not plagued by QC fails? I heard TRN had some issues sometimes.
    Last edited: Nov 22, 2018
  11. 1clearhead
    Great review, crabdog! :beerchug:

    ...Now, if you can only get your hands on the purple/silver ZSN with that light/copper cable to hear the bits and improvements that makes the ZSN one of the hottest purchase in 2018!
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  12. cacio
    IMG_20181123_022019_01.jpg IMG_20181123_023311_01.jpg

    got my ZSN today. bought on 11.11 from official KZ store. pretty fast shipping to Germany.

    I don't want to write much about the sound, because they need some burn in time. The only thing I noticed is that they are super efficient. To efficient. They are really loud on my OnePlus 3 with just 50% Volume (the Takstar 82 Pro take like 80-85% for the same volume. And Superlux HD 668-B are not at all load with 100%. Also my old Havi B3 Pro are just on medium volume @ 100%)

    They have such little resistance that with my OP3 I even have a small background hiss noise which I have not noticed with other headphones until now.

    I have yet to try the ZSN with my hifimediy SABRE ES9018 DAC. But I'll wait some days till they are burned in enough. And the ZSN are anyways not for desktop use but more for mobile use, that's why I care more about the performance on my phone.

    So I thought maybe the BA driver is wired in parallel with the DD, so I took one side apart. First I thought it was Torx , but its not (see 2nd picture)

    The crossover seems to be soldered on to the dynamic driver, and I can not tell 100% if both drivers are wired in parallel or series.

    Because the are "to efficient" I would rather mod the to series wiring (If they are wired parallel)

    I will update on sound quality after some days.

    But overall I am really happy already
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  13. Migou67
    Still amazed by the ZSN, I have to forget this unreal price just for enjoying the sound without a placebo effect.

    I have only one con after fews hours of continual use, I started to feel uncomfortable with the original eartips. A bit too hard for my small and sweet ears :D

    I have replaced it by Ortofon eartips, they are softer for long sessions and same opening. I think is the medium bore, I have got it so long time ago now.

  14. Slater
    Thanks for the photos! Very clear and closeup - so helpful :)

    As far as I can tell, the drivers are wired in series not parallel.

    I am impressed at how clean the assembly work is inside. No glue glopped everywhere. Even the soldering work looks quality. And the jack is screwed down wOw!

    BTW that 5-point driver is called a pentadriver, and it used in Apple products.
    Last edited: Nov 22, 2018
  15. 1clearhead
    +1 I was surprised to see the jack screwed down as well! ...Incredible value! ...And the crossover is a plus, too!

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