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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. DSebastiao
    Guys, what's the difference in sound between the TRN V80 and the AS10?
  2. sino8r
    My apologies! I really messed up that reply! I'm surprised you responded to it lol! I was going to suggest a aluminum case but if money is any issue being a student, I completely understand! Now for the old man lesson of the day (I'm 37 but that's still old to you. Well, I thinking remember when 35 was old in my 20s at least) When you finish school, you can buy 20 or more ridiculous iems like the rest of us. Do well in school and you can trade up those chifis for Campfires or something! Thank goodness I done with all that. School is tough! And this is something most adults won't admit to... It's much harder than a job but the consequences and responsibilities are greater so I guess it's about even in the end. Glad I finished though. The case you picked out looks good. Looks like the one that came with my Fiio FH5. Can hold 2 iems and a couple of cables.

    Oh and about the cables, yeah it seems that it is just printed backwards. One of my TFZ bluetooth cables appears to be backwards but I just reversed it. You can always check the sound with a phase test video on YouTube if you're concerned about that.

    Lol! Man, I completely forgot about Flux gel! I never used the stuff myself. I always just held the wire and worked quickly or used a tool to apply slight pressure. For some reason, I was thinking about arc welders and the Flux wire that comes out. I recommend any tech guy or gal to try welding once or twice in their life. It's alot of fun using a torch or a real welder after using a soldering iron for alot of their life. It's an awesome experience. After my first tech job, I worked on industrial batteries and used a torch for the cell connections and arc welder for the battery casings. It was a dirty job but really fun sometimes. Glad to be back in a office for many years though...
    Last edited: Nov 21, 2018
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  3. Kazelement
    How does the ZS10 compare to the ZS3, ZSN and ZSR. Maybe some can explain the strength and weaknesses of each possibly and which music there made for.
  4. Luxed
    Well, it doesn't help that I basically hate school and what it tries to teach me. Not in the "school is useless" kind of way. But more in the "school doesn't teach you enough useful life advices". I always found that I can teach things better to myself compared to school. I'm almost done with it, and I really don't want to ever have to go back. But right now, I'm in Computer Science learning about programming so I couldn't be happier!

    And for the case, I think I'll buy the one that was recommended to me for extremely cheap. I wanted a single case for all my IEMs but in the end I only have 2 that I'll use on a regular basis (ZSN and AS10), and my other IEMs will stay home (I may sell my SE215 and my Brainwavz M100 (if anyone wants them)).

    Yes, I searched more about that and found some usefull videos to check if everything is good, and it is. The difference is so big that I would have noticed.
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  5. sino8r
    Well, that's great about the programming. I took A+, Net+, C+ in college. Very valuable skills if you're going into the IT field. Fun too! I understand what you mean about school and not learning what you think might be useful. I lot of people feel that way about science, math and history but I think some (not all) applies in the real world and conversations. I realize you can look up info/facts these days and get answers almost instantly but it does take away from finer conversations and discussions if you don't know the subject well. Gone are the days of the old bar arguments about a topic when you can just look up the answers on your phone. Plus, I think it does teach some discipline that we need in the world really started to erode with my generation. Yeah, and teaching style has changed alot since I finished school. My mom taught for years but retired a bit earlier than anticipated due to how parents react and lack of discipline towards their children. It's gotten really bad. I feel sorry for the younger generation.

    Anyways, I'm sure you'll be happy with the AS10 and ZSN! They're probably the most refined KZs to date. They really sound almost as good as mine in the several hundred dollar category.
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  6. SybilLance
    Hi to all!

    Received my KZ ZSN the other day and I must say I still was surprised by the quality of the sound despite reading how good it is through several pages in this thread and elsewhere: It is wonderful!

    If I can find a really good bargain (<$30), I might be tempted to get the AS10 this Black Friday.
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  7. DocHoliday
    Most of the KZ's released after the ZS3 do have notable improvements in sonic presentation but none have the superb isolation of the ZS3/ZS4. The ZSR comes close enough but I typically use my ZS3 when I need total immersion when gaming.

    Last edited: Nov 21, 2018
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  8. dondonut
    Which color did ya get? :gs1000smile:
  9. dondonut
    Exactly, gaming, public transit, vacuuming etc come to mind. Good to hear people still like the ZS3 / ZS4. I want both the ZSN (in both purple and black) and ZS4 now. When will it stop.. while very affordable I can't justify buying all this stuff!
  10. CoiL
    I wish ZSN would be inside ZS4 shell... who knows... maybe somehow :wink:
    ZST shells were ok for me but for longer listening sessions started to disturb from somwhere. I have small ears.
    ZS4 provides superb fit/comfort/isolation for me.
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  11. hakuzen
    exactly the same here. located the pain in the ear lip where zs4 has a dip for. guess i pushed zsn too much deep for long.
  12. SybilLance
    The purple, naturally. :)
  13. SybilLance
    Re: KZ ZSN

    I hear a balanced, natural and coherent presentation, with bass reminiscent of the HiFiMan HE-400i but with a tad more quantity and extension. No bass bleed or masking that my old ears can discern, just that pleasant warm foundation. The mid-frequencies don't seem recessed at all; in fact they are in the right proportion relative to the bass and treble. The latter is clear, detailed but with a smoothness of character that makes it non-fatiguing over time. Thus the natural sound. In this regard alone I consider the ZSN better than that of my other KZs (ATE, ZS5 v1, ZS6, ED16)

    The shape of the ZSN housings seems custom-built for the conchae of my small ears. This, plus the protrusion angle of the sound tube and my current eartip ensure that the latter is aligned on-axis with my ear canal without any wiggling or other contortions upon insertion. Perfect fit, just the right seal, ideal sound projection every time. Oh, so comfortable—fell asleep with them on last night.

    The package from the seller included 3 other pairs of assorted eartips aside from the stock KZs. One is a wide-bore translucent-white soft silicone tip with a short thick teal core. These are my Goldilocks tips, the ones I've been listening with and by which my descriptions/impressions are based.

    You know, I bought these gorgeous gems for ₽567 (~$10.79 US) last 11.11. Having gone thru life's ups and downs, I can recognize—and most heartily recommend—the outstanding value that's the KZ ZSN.


    Best KZ stock cable for me.
  14. Mellowship
    The Beoplay H3 ANC still sells new for around 140-170 USD. The AS10 can be had at 40-50 USD. I'd say the H3 has ANC, which is a good commodity to have around if you travel a lot (especially by air) or if you commute using noisy transportation, even if the sound quality is not as good (or as "special") as the AS10. I would trade in a blink of an eye and order another AS10 on black Friday sales!
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  15. sino8r
    To me, the ZSN fit perfectly so I'd like the AS10s internals in the ZSN shell. It's the first KZ that sealed perfectly with regular tips in quite a while. Too bad I gave mine to my old lady. Maybe with popularity of the the ZSN design, they'll make a similar one with flagship armatures. It made me miss that shape so much that I reordered the TFZ Queens to tide me over until the next KZ. Plus, I really regret returning them:cry:

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