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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Slater
    It’s just old stock. And really only worth getting from a collectibility standpoint. KZ has come a looooong way since the IE80.
  2. Mellowship
    So, now we have at least 5 of them in the same town.
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  3. Mellowship
    I myself like them a lot, but they are not worth that price when compared to other IEMs. 15 - 17 would be the maximum I'd pay for them, considering they are not for every ears, they have a strange fitting, the lack of sub bass, problems with the polarity of the cable (kz being kz...). But their mids are great, soundstage is wide, the bass adjustment screws do work, and they are quite enjoyable.
    I still use mine from time to time.
  4. Mellowship
    My Honor 8 (kirin 950) has all bt options since the Oreo update, and when I chose aptx from the developer menu, it will keep that choice with aptx devices. It only reverts to sbc when I connect something that is not aptx, like the kz bt cable. With my AKG Y45BT, which is one of the oldest headphones with aptx, that selection will activate. Is it possible that I'm not getting aptx even when the software tells me that I am? Is the system fooling me?
  5. Slater
    Also the AT style cable is very fragile and breaks easily.
  6. Mellowship
    Mine didn't have the chance to break, never used it for more than 10 minutes until figuring the polarity issue. Dreadful cable... Had to put the shells aside while waiting for a third party one to come in the slow boat from China. Even with all these drawbacks I could not quit the IE80. And yes, I love my '93 Corolla...
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  7. mbwilson111
    What we are supposed to do with those super long links is remove everything after the .html
  8. sino8r
    The only way it SHOULD do that is if you are connected, you select the option, and it reverts back. At least that's what it does in developer options. Sometimes they are greyed out depending on the device.
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  9. Mellowship
    With the AKG, I can select from sbc, aac and aptx. When I toggle between them I'll ear a beep on the headphones. The other codecs are not greyed out but I can't choose them. Once I chose aptx, it will keep it steady.
    With the kzs, only sbc and aac are possible.
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  10. sino8r
    That does sound strange. I wonder if you tried a different source if it would show then?
  11. Cruelhand Luke
    I really like the ZSA, it's too bad they don't get as much love around here as they should. I think the 'problem' with them is that they are the middle child in the KZ lineup. I have three IEMs in my daily rotation: ES3, ZSA and ZS5. In terms of over all sound quality ZS5 is my favorite, I like the soundstage/deep bass and detailed treble but it can get fatiguing. The ES3 is more chill in terms of sound, it fits better and it's more isolating. It has a smoother sound and I sometimes wear them all day. The ZSA slots right in the middle...it's closer in sound to the ZS5 (I think of it as my mini ZS5) bass/treble/soundstage are similar just scaled back a bit in every regard. (soundstage I think is noticeably better on the ZS5, but on a daily driver IEM that's the last thing on my list of concerns)
    I like their small size, (it's pretty tiny for an IEM of this type) they are easy to put on, comfortable, and they stay in place relatively well. In terms of form factor/ergonomics, it's right in the middle of the three.
    In the best way possible, it's the middle child of my three IEMS...sounds better than the ES3, not quite as good as the ZS5, fits better than the ZS5, not as good as the ES3...if I could only have one iem out of the three, it would probably be the one I keep...but I 'like' the other two more...maybe?
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  12. khighly
    I don't know about the Honor 8, but what you're describing sounds like expected 8.0+ behavior. aptX should stay on in developer options when an aptX capable device is connected with an aptX capable phone. It will change back to another codec after awhile if it's not the right codec.

    The device has to have bluetooth circuitry capable of streaming high bit rates, many cannot do LDAC because of its high bitrate, some cannot even do aptX. While the codecs are software, hardware is required to stream at high bitrates. I imagine every BT 5.0 device will be capable of all current codecs, though the licensing will be necessary.
    Last edited: Nov 18, 2018
  13. B9Scrambler
    Tons of people are passionate about Toyotas. Here's one you might know of. Corolla Levin AE86; https://www.carthrottle.com/post/this-is-why-the-toyota-ae86-is-so-damn-legendary/

    My personal fav is the 2nd gen Celica Supra. This late '85 I owned very briefly (and the '98 Corolla you can barely see as well, which stuck around in our family for a looooong time):

    Supra.jpg Supra2.jpg

    Had some uncommon features like a fully digital dash and some other cool stuff. Unfortunately that bit of rust bottom of the rear fender was just a small sample of the rot going on beneath the interior panels in the rear :disappointed:. Too costly to save. One day I'll find another one in better condition. Hard to get in Canada though. Thank you government and their love of salting roads...m*******s.
    Last edited: Nov 19, 2018
  14. Cruelhand Luke
    a good friend of mine had a Celica Supra back in the late 80s and I had an 87' Sirocco ...between the two I liked mine better, it felt more planted and seemed to like to be pushed harder...but the Celica Supra is a forgotton gem.
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  15. B9Scrambler
    Supra wasn't really a performer. Too long and heavy. More of a cruiser :) Siroccos were pretty boss. There are a few kicking around here still.

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