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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. DocHoliday
    LOL, I had both of those as well. Actually, mine was the Celica GTS (manual) and not the Supra.

    Toyota Celica GTS.jpg

    Loved it so much that when I blew the engine I paid a race engineer cash to rebuild it. I remember how cool the mag wheels, flared fenders and sport seats were.

    The Corolla GTS (AE86) was cool too.......


    .....because it was slightly more agile. It just wasn't as cool as my Celica GTS.

    To get back on topic I've pulled out my old skool KZ's and the KZ veterans will be glad to hear that the BA10 actually sounds more like the ED3 "The Acme" than it does the ZS3.


    The BA10 sound signature is nearly identical to the ED3 "The Acme" but the bass is much cleaner; the resolution, imaging, separation and imaging are all improved across the board. Pull out your ED3 "The Acme" (Youth version) and listen to one of your favorite tracks; try to imagine an extremely clean presentation of what you are hearing. That is the BA10 in a nutshell.

    Once again, props to Igor for the graph. The blue line is more in line with what I am hearing (less mid-bass hump) from the BA10. The ED3 "Acme" starts to roll off at about 60hz but the BA10 has better extension all the way into the 15hz region, and again, that bass is sooooo much cleaner.


    To be fair I should remove those red vinyl grills that are staring right at me. Maybe I'll get a cleaner presentation from "The Acme".


    Be aware that my BA10 has the grill removed, the foam removed and whirlwind (wide-bore) eartips affixed. I could not fit wide-bore eartips on the ED3's smaller nozzles so the comparison is a little off. That said, I'm pretty sure I identified the sound signature correctly. I paid $10 a set for the ED3's when they were released and that was a great deal. The BA10 at $75+/- is still a great deal in my opinion.

    Full disclosure:

    I didn't pay full price for mine but considering the build quality and tuning I think $75+/- is more than reasonable "IF" you don't have small ears and if you can get a good seal.
    Last edited: Nov 20, 2018
  2. ketanbony
    Even I use my Pixel 2(Snapdragon 821) with Shanling M0 in LDAC mode and it shows LDAC on the screen if I have enabled LDAC on my Pixel 2.As per my understanding LDAC is software and APTX and APTX HD should have Qualcomm hardware as well.IMHO.
  3. sino8r
    It's all software and library files that enable it but like you said the chipset has to support it as well.

    By the way, for those curious about Samsung bluetooth from earlier...

    I was doing some research as to why only LDAC is on Samsungs and not APTX-HD as well. Turns out that Samsung claims that they had skipping issues with APTX-HD and that they plan to support APTX Adaptive (which is includes both aptx and APTX-HD). I think it will be added with Android Pie update whenever that is.
  4. LaughMoreDaily
    What do you say to an Audiophile when he farts? The soundstage could be wider.

    I know you're all going to come up with bass jokes. :wink: (or better ones than me. :wink:
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  5. CoiL
    I totally missed the ED3/HDS1 train... liked the yellow HDS1 but never got one...

    But instead I luckily have this:
  6. ketanbony

    What I am trying to say is LDAC is software only and from android Oreo onwards it is available on all phones running android Oreo but Aptx , Aptx hd needs a hardware as well.
    However to be connected by LDAC codec source and headphones/iem/speakers should both be LDAC compatible.This is true for every codec like Aptx or LDAC except SBC codec which is the default Bluetooth codec nowadays.
    Even if one of the chain is not LDAC the connection will "downgrade" to SBC.
    This is my understanding.
  7. loomisjohnson
    the bears won last night, so i celebrated by ordering a zsn, which has finally won the hotly contested crown of "most-hyped kz ever." the usual cycle is:
    1. a month or so of pre-release anticipation/speculation and hyperbolic reviews by paid review sites;
    2. a week of gushing praise by early adopters; and
    3. another week of more critical evaluation and contrary opinions; and finally
    4. a new kz comes out and the previous release is forgotten.
    in the case of the zsn, however, the gushing praise cycle seems somewhat longer which suggests that either this is a real groundbreaking iem or the brand has evolved to a new level. time will tell...
  8. toddy0191
    Along with the AS10s they're KZs best effort to date IMO. For pure price to performance though the ZSNs win.

    I took a couple of day break from them and when I came back to them they still had the wow factor for me.

    It's all about the bass for me; balanced, clean, quick and tight with great sub bass.
  9. DocHoliday
    That looks like an Opel. We only had two Opel models imported to the U.S. if I remember correctly. I only remember one of the the models because a friend of mine collected them (Opel Gt).


    The HDS1 is a great old skool KZ. I usually prefer more extension in the lower and upper ends but they are a great listen if you enjoy forward vocals, are treble-sensitive or prefer the low end to be reigned in considerably.


    I use Philip's SHE3580 silicone eartips and I think I paid $6 a piece for my HDS1's.

    71d7MErL9IL (0).jpg

    They are so small. See how large the eartip looks compared to the IEM?

    71Sv3latbEL (0).jpg
    71sXtryRtvL (0).jpg

    Here they are in comparison to the ED3 "Acme".


    The ED3 "Acme" (mild "V" signature) and the HDS1 (mildly inverted "V" signature) are both quite good. I like them both more than the ATE(ii). I'd say that the original ATR(i) with its ABS dynamic driver is on the same performance level; all three being very good for their ridiculously low prices.
    Last edited: Nov 20, 2018
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  10. mbwilson111
    I am enjoying both earbuds and iems. Some of my earbuds sound like full sized open headphones to me. Sometimes buds are better. Sometimes iems are better. Sometimes headphones are better. Sometimes speakers are better. Sometimes silence is better.

    ...and then there is live music.
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  11. eggnogg
    Last edited: Nov 19, 2018
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  12. stmiller
    I really hope kz incorporate the 10mm dynamic of the zsn into the upcoming ZS7..

    (10mm+8mm) DD's + 5ba's :beerchug:
  13. mbwilson111
    Is there a ZSN balanced cable yet? If I am going to have two ZSN, I want to use one of them balanced. My iBasso DX120 has an excellent balanced output. My Senfer PT15 sounds amazing with it.
    Last edited: Nov 19, 2018
  14. TheVortex
    Fixed. Sorry about that.
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  15. LaughMoreDaily
    The 7S7 is the ED16. :wink: Are they making a real 7S7 now? Do they have a webpage stating that?

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