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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Rippersyte
    so basically BA is better than DD for IEMs?
  2. kukkurovaca
    Each type of driver has its own strengths and weaknesses (or, at least, risk factors in implementation).

    Multi-driver IEMs, especially cheap ones, can lack "coherence" because some part of the frequency range isn't adequately covered by any of the drivers, or because the overall tuning is imbalanced.

    There are good and bad examples of BA, DD, planar, and hybrid IEMs. Unless you care greatly about some aspect that is specific to a given driver, look at the overall performance rather than what parts are used.

    (An example of something driver-specific is faster bass "speed" with BA and planar drivers vs. greater bass impact or "slam" with dynamic drivers.)
  3. Slater
    Got a photo? There hasn’t been any 2-pin jack changes on the ZS6 from what we’ve seen. I have numerous ZS6, including newer ones with the nozzle lip, and the area where the 2-pin goes is the same on all of them.

    BTW, I’ve never been able to get any of the ZST style angled cables to work (called B type). All of the ZS6 I have require the straight cables (called the A type, used on the ZS3, ZS5, and ZS6)

    On the new ZSN they changed to a different plug. Is that what you’re referring to?
  4. williamclarkonet
    I just picked up the KZ ZS4 and ES3 which one has better bass?
  5. blur.png
    huh weird, my ES4 cable (type b i believe) works just fine with my ZS6, it wont be secured "properly" (it wont lock with the rounded edge like the straight jack & hit the small lip around the connector) but it does work & is secure enough that it wont just fall off if i want to run it that way
    Last edited: Oct 19, 2018
  6. Tunaa
    Well im not able to take photo of them but as i said one of the pairs has better pin port i have had the ES4 cable and i could easily plug them into the ZS6(has no lip)2-pin port.
  7. scottySK
    Can anyone remember what price the zs6 sold for last year during the 11.11 sales? Im interested in picking them up if the price is right!
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  8. phrancini
    I'd like to know as well

    I might be interested in getting a new one as mine is starting to show its age...
  9. blur.png
    i think its about $31 on 11.11 (GB) , now on ali you can get them for $30 ish too
    im sure the reduction is because usd is "strengthening" & lower manufacturing cost now, so maybe next 11.11 will be even cheaper
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  10. scottySK
    Thanks for the info. It's a shame the Australian dollar is so weak against the USD currently though :frowning2: we also have to pay 10% tax now too :frowning2: :frowning2:
  11. phrancini
    I must have been lucky then. I got mine on ebay for 17EUR last year. Let's hope this year the price will be in the 20s USD range.
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  12. RomStar
    Hey guys, I've missed quite a few months of head-fi...which is literally the equivalent of a few years worth of posts... Ngl

    It's that time of the year again, where I have some spare cash to spend, and the last satisfactory kz purchase for me was Zs5 v1, where I skipped the treble heavy Zs6s. I know as10 some other stuff came out, so here's my question

    - Has there been any upgrades and not side-grades from Kz?

    - My preference is Strong punchy bass, with good sub-bass and I always appreciate crisp treble. So that should help if anyone was wondering my preferences

    - Loved the Zs5s, with Sir slaters nilon bass mods and tapes for the bass vents

    - Can amp up my iems, so that shouldn't be an issue, my budgets 50-100$ for now

    Thanks to anyone for taking the time to read this, and hopefully there's some good stuff I can sink my teeth into, looking to get back into music after some stressful moths,

    Keel staying classy yall
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  13. blur.png
    for the cheap class, i'd say the ES4 if your device can drive it properly, my phone makes it sound semi-warm by boosting the bass a bit ,while my ultrabook made it sounds brighter and makes the bass slightly crisper (less muddy is the word im looking for i think), though im not sure myself as my phone runs viper4x with playback gain control
  14. Slater
    You can find out with Aliprice. It is a historic price checker, similar to camelcamelcamel for Amazon.
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  15. RomStar
    Thanks for the reply,

    I am honestly looking for an upgrade and correct me if I'm wrong, I thought the es4 was good, but not really an upgrade in terms of sound resolution or presentation compared to zs5 v1s

    I know the Tin2s were pretty good at the sub $50 range, so I'm looking for something that's a good upgrade from the V1s that won't break my bank

    But then again, I don't mind settling for some great sub $30 iems, and thanks for the recommendation :)


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