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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Mr. Rattlehead
    I have it in red.
  2. mbwilson111
    Actually, that second cable says MMCX. The ZS6 uses 2pin... make sure that whatever you get will work with it.
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  3. Mr. Rattlehead
    Aliexpress and their titles. Sellers write whatever they like. 0.75mm 2 pin cable very much available there. Thanks for the concern though!
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  4. Mellowship
    Just ordered the b&w one for my brand new as10...
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  5. Mr. Rattlehead
    Great! I too have decided to go with the trn one only. Will look more badass with the red ZS6. How's AS10 btw? An upgrade over ZS6, or just a sidegrade?
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  6. Mellowship
    I don't have the zs6, but compared with the ba kss I do have (ZST, zs5, ZS4), the treble is tamed down to much lower levels, the bass is punchy and eloquent, and the imaging in there, they can do 3d, but depth of stage seem to be somewhat behind your head. I really have to listen closer, but they have a refined sound. They are definitely different from their kin.
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  7. Mellowship
    Came to the garden to have a good listening session with them.
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  8. khighly
    TRN BT10 came wired out of phase . Not a great first impression of TRN and makes the cable unwearable. Need to see if I can get my money back or get a replacement. Says BT 4.1 on the back while quoted 4.2. AAC sounds pretty bad, but aptX sounds phenomenal. Able to power the AS10's just fine. More pronounced highs on the AS10's too.

    I noticed it has the same exact female announcement voices as my Mee Audio aptX headset I use with the IT03's. Same layout with batteries on both sides. Hmm.

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  9. khighly
    Definitely different from anything I think KZ has put out. Looking forward to extended listening opinions.
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  10. Mr. Rattlehead
    Yep! Have heard those great things about them elsewhere as well. Thing is getting a Tin Audio T2 last month, which has got lesser bass, abysmal fit and isolation when compared to ZS6, has just been a sidegrade of sorts and don't really get much listening time as my year old ZS6.
    So, was really searching for a real upgrade to ZS6. Might score an AS10 on 11.11. Let's see!
  11. Mr. Rattlehead
    Pink Floyd was the first thing which came to mind when I saw it.
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  12. Mr. Rattlehead
    Just as I was going for a trn cable, here comes the doubt creator! :confused:
  13. Mellowship
    @khighly, your collection of earphones in the signature is quite close to mine! :D

    Yes, as10 is different, in a good way. First thing I am noticing is that they take a good pounding without sounding congested. They are fast and articulate. Bass has a good punch but less range, it doesn't seem to go as low as ZS5, ZS4, but is more present and audible. They strangely remember me the bass on small British speakers amplified with an old NAD integrated.
    Mids are much closer. This is new. The V got much shorter.
    The treble... I haven't decided yet if I like it. It's something about the decay... they are not sounding natural.. yet...
    Tempo is really enjoyable, they are fun without being overemphasized. Foot-tapping material. PRaT. Whatever.
    Really got to listen with more tracks and more time.
    Timbre will take more time to assess. Male voices seem ok. Female not so much. There is something strange with the high mids-low treble, maybe they need different tips... Maybe to many drivers working their way out of a multitude of harmonics... Or maybe they need... Hum... Should I say it... Burn in. There, I said it.
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  14. Mellowship
    Been listening to "the wall" lately, for political reasons

    I have here a great rip of it from MFSL!
  15. Mr. Rattlehead
    That's really cool! :thumbsup:

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