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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. fluteloop

    I recently plugged in the stock cable into some zs6's after listening to exclisively with the upgraded braided rope looking one, and I was also shocked at the difference, I remembered when I first tried the new cable and did notice a slight difference (I Wasn't blown away I just noticed the highs slightly curbed and the overall range to be clearer, whether that's something to do with the cable itself or the malfuntion of the stock one that I owned, that's not tested)_ so kept it on but going back the other way has been the most noticable, I just received a few of the newer darker bronze looking cables (bsacially the same) the quality of audio is still good if not better than the older upgraded model, also the wire covering feels softer, still quality just less twangy like my other ones are lol. like wirey,, still good. I do like the newer bronze ones now, they''re like 0.02 thicker and softer more pliable sheath. :D happy days. the mids and upper mids sound punchier. i'm really sceptical too but initial listening of material I'm very familiar with on a source I am welded too, that's my initial finding. the airyness is less but the punch and dynamic sound is warmer. but still clear. I don't drink really at all, and when i drink (I've had a couple of brewskadeezys) I might be hearing things. 10.10 weould recomend. maybe checkout the impedance dongles too, not sure where you get them but I've heard they're good for tuning on different sources so tame harshness. happy times.

    tldr: going back to the stock cable after so long with the "upgraded" cable will offer the biggest or most noticeble difference as opposed to the initial shift to "upgraded" cable. In my opinion, or at least from what I found. and I stand by that.
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  2. fluteloop
    I think that's like how fast the speaker adapts to the variation of sounds being sent through, for a bassy example would be a series of Bass kicks maybe double kicks or something played over the top of a bassline of some kind, the speakers ability to represent the bassline AND also have the kick drums or bass kicks resolve properly amongst all of that bass juice. I used to call it speaker recovery but I don't know if people understood what I was talking about... or if that was ever some official terminology :D

    have you answered questions like "so which do you prefer, the zs10 or the as10 and why?" if you have. is it in this thread I can look back for it. also I feel people who have the zs10 + as10 or have used them extensively are the best to comment on the ba10 which, to be honest I was really proud of KZ when they announced them and their "unique" kz design, but did they have to go to such extremes.. it wouldn't be coopying as such if one was to design around the shape of the human ear. annnnyway,..
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  3. fluteloop
    do you have a multimeter ? you can check the polarity of your cable and also your earphones to check if they're terminated correctly. Also testing the impedence of the earphone can give an indication of a problem somewhere, I'd also check your source channels are working correctly, if it can Pan Left and right worth a look, swapping l+r cables each side, for each earphone check they give the same result when swapped and reversed, be sure the cable is on the eearphone correctly and correct polarity is given. gadoosh
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  4. Slater
    Yup, you got it. Fast referrs to the ability to handle transients well. Not many headphones/IEMs seem do it well.

    I’ve found metal is a good torture test for the fastness/speed of gear.

    BAs generally handle it better than a single dynamic. I assume because the diaphragm is physically smaller.

    The type and construction of the diaphragm comes into play (as well as voice coil and magnet).

    In multi-BA IEMs, there’s different drivers handling different frequencies, so it basically spreads the work load so to speak. The same could be said for some double dynamics too in theory.

    I don’t have the AS10, so I don’t know how well it handles fast music. Maybe someone will chime in with an answer.
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  5. fluteloop
    do you think any company is going to make an earphone that looks like a hearing aid, microphone unit. 50 ba's piped into the ear canal, built in amplifier. should have stopped at the second beer.
  6. jeromeaparis
    I am very interested by your feelings about the sound of your trn cable (compared with stock cable)
    after some time of listening.

    is it this one ? :
  7. fluteloop
    thank you. i've noticed that when the frequency is split into separate ranges and fed into the associated driver the fact the driver only has to deal with a limited "range" or a more focussed range I should say (dictated by the crossover points) it helps a lot with transients. so essentially, what was expected of single dynamic drivers (exotic, expensive materials, essentially the lightest and stiffest materials that could be implemented) can now be spread out across generally less Exotic drivers that still have abilities and characteristics of their own.

    and i'd agree with the dual dynamic driver mention, anything that takes load off one driver and gives to another can then basically free up the original driver to concentrate on what it does best, essentially more bass requires more air to move and bigger drivers can do that while smaller drivers can concentrate on higher freqs can be smaller in size so with only bass frequencies to worry about the larger diaphragm has nothing else to confuse or muddle up its job. resulting in theoretically a cleaner reproduction. (cheesy grin)
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  8. Tunaa
    Can anyone d
    Well i have had 2 pair of KZ ZS6s and one of them had the lip on the nozzle section. And also it has different pin ports from the other one. With the old one i can use angled cable easly. But with mine new ZS6s its impossible. So they've changed the pin ports i guess.
  9. Mr. Rattlehead
    Couldn't have said it better myself (maybe with better spellings :grin: Sorry!)
    Changing from stock to non-stock cables a year back, I too didn't notice much of a difference and continued using them. Until yesterday, when I was forced to use the stock ones and now the difference was night and day. Don't know about iems/headphones but cables burn-in is certainly a thing.
    Thinking of going with a nice 8 core cable this time around. My KZ ZS6 certainly deserves it. My love for it still hasn't diminished even after a year. It's sq still surprise me to this day. All-time Chi-Fi legend!
  10. blur.png
    well mine's an older batch (missing lips on the right side eugh), maybe the plugs are more recessed than the original batches
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  11. maxxevv
    If you use the handphone app, there is a fantastic offer for these on checkout at NiceHCK. They have choices for 0.75mm / 0.78mm / MMCX both 3.5mm and 2.5mm TRRS (balanced) and in both colours.
    You won't see the final price on selection, only on the "Shopping Cart". 8-core cables at just US$8.79/ - each from a reputable seller. Completely unbelievable! ( I just grabbed 2 pieces) :ksc75smile:

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  12. Tunaa
    But the old batches are much better on that way. Their plugs are more durable i guess. I have lost mine ES4's left side during the travel.
  13. Slater
    You’d be surprised.

    I never thought I’d see cat ear headphones, IEMs with stuff like bananas and mushrooms stuck out the side, etc
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  14. nxnje
    Thanks for your information
    I actually tried using them pushing them into my ear canal picking the upper part of the ear and pull it up, and at the same time opening my mouth.
    They now go deep in the ear canal and i can hear there is no difference between the two channels, it think my right ear canal is just different and that's why when i listen to music i tend to hear different if i compare right and left ear canals.
    I think i'm gonna try triple flange tips.
    For example my right ear canal is way larger than the left one.
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  15. scottySK
    Yes that's the one. I can't say much about the sound, seems the same to my ears. First impressions felt that there was slightly less air, so maybe it softens the treble perhaps? I'm more inclined to say that it is 99% the same. I only purchased it for the look and feel - stock cables tangle too much

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