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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Slater
    I sent you a PM with details on how I would approach the situation. Hope it helps!
  2. Slater
    I believe I see what you're saying.

    If I pause a song, there is a very faint white noise sound for ~5 seconds and then the white noise sound cuts off and is dead silent (maybe a battery saving feature).

    This is not all that uncommon with Bluetooth gear. It is very faint, and I don't really notice it (probably because I have mild tinnitus).

    From what you're describing with the BT3, I would say we are talking about the same thing (ie a faint white noise sound).

    However, since your BT10 white noise is much louder compared to the BT3, then I would say something is wrong. Because that faint sound is the same on my BT3 and BT10.
  3. baxuz
    Actually, here's the audio I recorded:
    The noise is not microphone noise.
  4. audionab
    I had a brief listening session with zs4 and es4 and here is my comparison-
    es4 definitely sounded better than zs4 but when it comes to isolation and fit zs4 beats es4 by a mile
    es4's sound had more weight to it than zs4 which is probably due to boosted treble of zs4
    es4 has faster and punchier bass
    zs4 has boomy mid bass and better sub bass presence but I feel the bass on es4 is superior quality
    mids on es4 are not as recessed as zs4 but the mids on both iems sucks
    definitely the highs on es4 is tuned better than zs4 the boosted treble on zs4 makes the highs sound unnatural and thinner overall sound
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  5. audionab
    I think a BA change and some application of filters can help zs4 maybe
  6. Slater
    Yikes, that is really loud. It sounds like you have an old analog TV in the background, tuned into static between stations!

    Imagine lowering that white noise sound ~90%, and that's what my BT3/BT10 sound like. It's there, but barely perceptible. Of course the wired cable is dead silent.
  7. crabdog
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  8. neo_styles
    Looks like there's a sale on AE for the TRN BT10 from one of the sellers. Ended up ordering two pairs due to the discount so I could have one in MMCX and one in 0.75. 15 hours left:


    Also, the AS10 came in yesterday, so I'll be running it throughout today's commute and workday. Physical depth is surprisingly shallow in comparison to the ES4/ZS10, but they're still wide enough that they're an absolute no-go for wear while sleeping. Sound signature is also really bizarre in comparison to everything else I've used with KZ. Not necessarily bad, but something just feels...off. Doesn't sound to me like any of the BA's are miswired, so I'm hoping I can pinpoint exactly what it is after a little more time.

    But the cable that came with it got ripped off almost immediately. It is more comfortable than the previous KZ pack-ins I've received, even with the memory wire, but the jack end provided a really loose connection with my phone and would cut out frequently with almost no movement. Plus it looks like they've put some sort of rubberized coating over the headphone jack. Really don't know why...

    Last edited: Sep 27, 2018
  9. wind016
    I agree with that sentiment. I personally prefer the ZS10 sonically. They handle EQ much better than the AS10 and the treble is rolled off just enough before being too sibilant unlike the AS10. At first I was disappointed that it didn't sound as intimate as the ZSR, but it sounds better with more genres. The thing is way too big tho. Hurts my ears.
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  10. Cinder
    Yeah, I'd say it is well suited to those who want a warmer, but still V-shaped, sound signature. About the sibilance: I can't hear any. I am normally very sensitive to that sort of thing so I'd definitely be able to report it if it happened. Maybe it is due to bad compatibility with their sources? I'm using a Hidizs AP100.
  11. CoiL
    Ok, but still why "about half" of AS10 owners report sibilance? Different hearing, source gear etc. ? Smartphone not powering up bass-mids BAs enough that highs BA becomes more prominent? IDK. Will wait for more reports about AS10 and do more reading before I even start to think about getting AS10.
    I would be ok with V-shape if it is done well and knowing that AS10 has separate midrange BA makes me think it is tuneable(modable) to more balanced sounding with better mids presence.

    Anyway, my bet is atm @ ZS7. Hopefully it will adopt also midrange BA.

    Either AS10 or ZS7 ...I want to mod those BA`s into ZS4 shells ;P
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  12. Cinder
    Great question. I don't have a real answer for you, unfortunately. Given that this is KZ's first IEM with such a complicated crossover, and given KZ's very low sale margins, I'd imagine that the manufacturing tolerances for this IEM are quite loose. I want to get my hands on a "sibilant" pair of AS10s and A/B compare them to my pair. That way I'd have a more conclusive idea of whether or not it is a user problem or a manufacturing quirk.
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  13. parthabhatta
    I have a KZ Bluetooth cable with type-b connectors (the angled type) for my ZS10 and ED12. Can I connect this to ZS5 or ZS6 or I have to buy the type-a connectors separately? In other words, are the connector types a and b, interchangeable?
  14. neo_styles
    They'll both fit, if that's what you're asking. I've found that some of my IEMs that require one type of connector seem to fit better to my ear/head shape than the other, but they'll both work.
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  15. wind016
    I think it is fairly clear. It is most likely user hearing. You can see my comment previously. My friends that thought ZS10 had "no bass" also could not hear AS10 treble sibilance. It is with one pair of AS10, mine.

    At this point, I only follow reviewers that hear the same sibilance as I do. It could be a genetic thing, like hating cilantro. :shrug:

    My girlfriend prefers the AS10 and she doesn't have aged ears.
    Last edited: Sep 27, 2018

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