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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. nxnje
    I have to confirm: HD800 are not fun sounding.
    I tried to apply some EQ but i admit i didn't find a pleasant equalization for my tastes.
    The thing is used them many times in the studio, as i used them for headphone-mixing as a reference for monitor speakers in order to do perfect mixing balancing the outputs. In this way you have a good trade-off between the impact of the monitor speaker and the compensation in the detail of the headphone.
    In this kind of sector, the HD800s are divine.
    If i had to choose a headphone to be used in listening sessions, that wouldn't be my choice.
    I would prefer another kind of headphone, I mean.
  2. HungryPanda
    3.8mm will be a bit tight, I use KZ starlines, Auvio and RHA tips on my KZ earpgones
  3. pbui44
    So I received my KZ ZSA yesterday to replace my ZS6 and I am overall happy. Here are my impressions of the ZSA against the ZS6:

    -The ZSA’s metal housing is substantially smaller than the ZS6’s metal housing, and the difference can definitely be felt when worn. The ZSA is definitely for those with smaller ears.
    -The ZSA cable is less microphonic than the ZS6 with less rubber and angled 2-pin connectors. Yet, the splitter and 3.5mm connector is the same and the splitter now runs half-way, instead of 1/3-way from the 2-pin connectors.
    -Of course, the rest of the packaging and accessory materials are almost identical with the ZSA manual and warranty information being of a revised print.
    -The ZSA’s soundstage is slightly smaller than the ZS6’s soundstage, which is surprising, as the driver count of the ZSA is half of the ZS6.
    -The ZSA’s instrument separation is nearly as good as the ZS6, which is not as surprising, as there are identical vents.
    -The ZSA’s bass has less impact than the ZS6, but the sub-bass has slightly more quality than the ZS6. The impact was not surprising, but the sub-bass was surprising, as the ZSA’s dynamic driver has more layers than the ZS6’s dynamic drivers.
    -ZSA’s mids are more apparent than the ZS6’s mids with better extension, but in times of a silent background, the ZS6’s mid-quality is more noticeable than the ZSA’s mid-quality, because the second-dynamic-driver’s mids coming from the nano-tubes can be heard with a silent background. This allows the ZS6 to be better for classical and acoustical genres, than the ZSA.
    -ZSA’s treble is almost as sparkly as the ZS6 and has less sheen, making a less fatiguing sound presentation. Less sheen decreases some airiness, but 80-95% of the sparkle is still there. This allows the ZSA to sound better with vocals than the ZS6.
    -With the above said, the ZSA has more of the Audio-Technica-house-sound-signature, whereas the ZS6 has more of the JVC-house-sound-signature.

    Personally, I like the ZSA more than the ZS6 because of its less fatiguing sound and physically more comfortable metal housing. Compared to other IEMs, the ZSA is still V-shaped-sounding, but more slightly V-shaped, keeping the ZSA strong enough to battle other IEMs up to $150 in retail value. So is the ZSA 10x its value? Not necessarily, but I will say that you should definitely consider the ZSAs for budgets up to $100, so you can buy more stuff with your budget.:)
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  4. wind016
    I agree. It sublime when I want to hear all the DETAILS! All the "air" around the instruments. But at $31 now, the ZS10 is doing some nutty stuff. What did we get 10 years ago from a Shure IEM at $100?
  5. scottySK
    I use these on my trn v80's

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  6. nxnje
  7. scottySK
    They are the only foams I've ever bought.
  8. scottySK
  9. nxnje
    Did u apply some kind of force to make them securely fitted?
    I mean, they needed some push to go in?
    It's really strange as the nozzle is 6mm and the tips are 5mm ones
    Gonna try buying them if they fit your v80.
  10. scottySK
    Yeah its tight. They definitely don't fall off! Haha
  11. carltonh
    I think this relates to shallow tips plus deep insertion blocks some of the ports, increasing bass. If you don't do that, then yeah, it might not be basshead capable. But I also have the Trinity Phantom Master 4 and the Sony XB90, which are professional basshead approved. I think the CH9T and ZS10 are both better basshead than those. Though, again, that is with the conditions I mentioned for ZS10 fit.

    I just tested the ZS10 with my preferred tips and fit with the android Frequency Analyzer app, and with everything at a reasonable volume at every frequency, no loud peaks, (and no EQ), then it is still very clear down to 12 Hz that you feel it is certainly on and vibrating, a clear difference vs. when off. The ES3 can also get about this low though, when also with appropriate fit.
  12. chi-fi mel
    I received the ED12 today, actually due to an ordering error. Once I put foams on them they sounded pretty good. The one drawback is the quality of the mids, clearly inferior to the mids on the EDR1 and EDR2 which are also single dynamic drivers. Since those can be had for around 4 bucks I can't really recommend the ED12, but it's decent.
  13. Wiljen
    Saying that it is clearly on and vibratiing implies that some harmonic is causing vibration, it is not the same as saying you can hear it producing a 20Hz tone. I think we are comparing apples and oranges as such.
    Last edited: Sep 1, 2018
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  14. antdroid
    Does that frequency analyzer app show distortion or waterfall csd? 12Hz would be mighty impressive for any headphone or high end subwoofer even. At 12Hz though you would only feel rumble as opposed to hearing it.

    How are you measuring it? Most measuring mics aren't capable of below 20 Hz with any accuracy.
    Last edited: Sep 1, 2018
  15. fedcas
    remember I was struggling to skim down my shopping list?

    well... it ended up like this XD



    in the end I even added the V80 :p cause it was at a very appealing price in the AK store and I found for a few dollars more in that shop (over 65 usd i think, and I was already very close as most KZs i bought in AK store) i would have had a 6 usd discount :p
    Last edited: Sep 1, 2018

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