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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. wind016
    Haha it's crazy how close a KZ ZS10 is to an HD800 for just $40. The expensive headphones all have issues anyways. Theres always some distortion or congestion somewhere. Electrostats are high maintenance. Cant use it with wet hair. Need special equipment. HD800 still needs amp. I just don't care to have to sit down to listen to music now and I don't enjoy my music any less with the Chi-fi stuff. Actually their headphones seem to handle EQ better than headphones. The AS10 is an EQ champ. It can play pop, rock, orchestral with some EQ tweaks and I don't really notice much affect to the other frequencies. And I just listen to them with the TRN BT3 Bluetooth adapter. Maybe I'm also not as discerning these days.

    Man, I don't know if I trust myself modding. I have the bass EQ way down tho.
  2. nxnje
    Ehm, i tried the KZ ZS10 from a friend, just for like 10 mins. I know it's not enough to judge a pair of headphones but with A&K AK240 + KZ ZS10 i didn't feel they were close to hd800s..
    HD800 are one of the best headphones i've ever tried and analitically i think the best i've used in the studio..
    I doubt (as i remember like that) that zs10 could be near the hd800..
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  3. wind016
    You're probably right. I haven't used my HD800 in months. I think the ZS10 is extremely detailed for $40. I'm not sure if HD800 resolves much more. Maybe I should AB them sometime.
  4. SSandDigital
    Yeah, I'm still not convinced about the ZS10, but am intrigued by the AS10.
  5. pbui44
    Unused HD800? Bro, I will trade you my unopened and pristine KZ ZSA for your old and moldy HD800. :floatsmile::floatsmile::floatsmile:
  6. SSandDigital
    I'm really hoping KZ are delaying BA10 to redesign the shell, realizing that yeah... We don't need another campfire uncomfortable copy, and maybe, just maybe, make a metal shell that doesn't have sharp angles. And does an all BA IEM need those giant vents? As said, I hope KZ designers are going back to do some redesigning.

    Last edited: Aug 30, 2018
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  7. Slater
    Seeing as it’s not even out yet, and no one has publicly tried them, we have no idea of the fit. For all we know, they could be super comfortable.

    Remember, the fit and comfort is determined moreso by the front where the nozzle is, not by what the back looks like.

    I can name dozens of IEMs that “look” uncomfortable as heck, but they fit people fine.

    Why not just wait and see, before getting worked up?
    Last edited: Aug 30, 2018
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  8. hiflofi
    When it comes to chifi, this is exactly what makes it almost unbearable.
    I haven't heard the ZS10 but if the AS10 is meant to be better (I finally got another listen and we used the same gear, this time with an IEMatch just to make sure the OI wasn't causing problems with the BAs), then there's NO way KZ has anything close to TOTL gear.
    The tonality on the AS10 tends to warmth while that on the HD800S goes the opposite way. Further, I've already stated this but the AS10 sounds like a muddy mess even compared to Etys.
    I just don't understand why people can't be reasonable. KZ is good for its price. Don't overreach.
    I'm curious as to the responses some of these wild claims would get if you posted it in the HD800S thread or in the TOTL IEMs thread.
    Last edited: Aug 30, 2018
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  9. Slater
    You, sir, win a cookie :cookie:

    To reiterate your point, I'd love to know who comes up with these wild claims?! The direct comparisons with HD800, Campfire Andromeda, etc are comical.

    KZs are a low budget entry-level ChiFi stepping stone IEM, that offers a surprising amount of bang for the buck. They're good for low budgets and/or beginners on their audiophile journey to better gear. They are not a substitute for better or TOTL gear, nor does KZ market them that way.
    Last edited: Aug 30, 2018
  10. antdroid
    KZ AS10 and ZS10 are comparable to a Stax SR009 + HeadAmp Blue Hawaii. The KZ's may even be more detailed and better in the upper range than those. Actually its no contest.

    As for dynamics, I think they also beat the Focal lineup (Utopias and Clears) in every way, or come extremely close. But they only cost a $25, not $4000.

  11. wind016
    Lol ok. Yes the HD800 costs more. Is it more resolving than these $40 ear buds? Maybe a bit more. You guys hold summit fi at such a height like they can do no wrong compared to these little things. The HD800, stax omegas, whatever, are just products to me. I don't really care if a $40 ear bud gets close. I have no summit fi ego. Yes summit fi is better, but a $40 can get close in detail now. Summit fi is barely evolving. The chi fi is improving at a MUCH faster rate. This is fascinating to me. I don't care to argue. Leave your ego at the door.
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  12. HungryPanda
    I can enjoy music on a $10 earbud or my LCD-X and everything in between if it's decent
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  13. wind016
    I already gave my impressions of the AS10 in this thread.

    Does anyone else feel like these are voiced like Beats headphones? It's like they took the ZS10 and then looked at Beats and thought, "That's what they want." It's SUPER V sounding. The low end is so overbearing that in order to bring details back, they increased the treble so sharp that it distorts. I'm not sure how so many reviewers are saying these are so much better than the ZS10. It's not even like I hate bass. I'm a basshead maybe half the time I listen to music. However, the bass is so emphasized that it bleeds into the mids. I even have to EQ the bass and treble down on podcasts, but these headphones handle EQ like a champ. Bring down the bass and treble and the bass won't bleed into the mids and the treble will not distort. However, even going back and forth between this and the ZS10 does not show a substantial difference in sound. The ZS10 already has strong bass and some sharp treble. The distortion levels are about same, very low. The detail retrieval and separation is about the same, which is to say fantastic for the price. The AS10 is like the ZS10 with emphasized bass, sharper treble to compensate, smaller soundstage, and more comfortable earpiece. I love the AS10, but I have to listen to it EQ'ed. "
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  14. Slater
    Agreed. I enjoy my $2 KZ EDR1 just as much as my $200 Magaosi K5 if it's decent.

    I wish more people would do what your wife preaches - just get lost in the music and enjoy the moment, instead of worrying about every trivial minutiae.
    Last edited: Aug 30, 2018
  15. Zerohour88
    I'd also love to know how people can perceive a "hype train" from only a few comments praising a model. Guess they weren't around when the Memt X5 was discussed. Both extremes on the spectrum does annoy me, but its better to acknowledge and rectify rather than focusing on only one side of it.

    The way I see it, most models have been polarizing so far, which is a pass in my book with all the models being released allowing more choice. People are gonna have their preferences.

    Bisonicr's review of the ZS4 is up, typical KZ V-shaped sig, really good fit (as expected on the ZS3 successor)
    Last edited: Aug 30, 2018
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