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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Wiljen

    Wow, the B400 and Comet are such totally different animals it is hard to consider them in the same sentence. Other than price point and the fact they fit in your ear, they have almost nothing in common. I think based on what you bring up though on natural tonality, I'd give the Es4 a go. I'll make the offer that if you'll cover shipping, I have a Zs6, 10, R, and ES4 that I could send you to audition.
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  2. Wiljen
    ED15 comes to mind
  3. gemmoglock
    Thanks for the gesture! Unfortunately I'm a little far so shipping even if affordable is a bit risky haha. Yes it's true I only heard the Comet briefly. Let's focus on the B400 then, I appreciated the coherence and moderate stage but most importantly a decent tonality that works across classical to jazz, EDM, rock and more. ZS3 and ATR aren't perfect but they just sounded 'agreeable' to me even when listening to more expensive gear.

    Other than the ES4 do you think any others could be fun without skewing the tonality? I admit I'm hoping you'll say the 6/10/R because I want to try a KZ with more drivers, but at the same time I recognise that the tuning gets only more important when you have more drivers in there.

  4. Wiljen
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2018
  5. Wiljen
    I would look at the ZsR, ES4, and ED16 as the most likely to fit what you are after. The ED16 probably comes closest to the b400 of the three as it is the most detailed. It will need a bit of EQ to be as flat as the b400 but the other two have way more of a V than the b400.

    The ES4 can be thought of as a shallow V while the ZsR is a bit deeper. The biggest difference is (to my ear) the ES4 has some extra energy at both ends of the V but doesn't scoop the mids. The Zsr in contrast creates the elevation in the ends of the V by recessing the mids pretty considerably.
  6. gemmoglock
    Wow just how many KZ new models have come out?! The ED16 appears like a good choice though the shape and default cable is a small turnoff. Thanks for the suggestion, will check it out further :)
  7. ViperScull
    I watched the review and the sound was impressive for the price.

    Same here. I'm about to click on the pay button. I found out that you can't control the volumen with the set. You gotta do it with the player.

    T5's ANC is pure garbage. Not because it doesn't cancel the noise but because the quality of the sound is worsened dramatically. If I buy the T6,which the reviews say it suffers from the same effect, is because it isolates rather well without ANC and the quality is really good for the price. But I don't plan on using ANC.
  8. neo_styles
    Shape on the ED16 is fine and it's pretty close to wear-in-bed small, but you have to lay down just right to make it work. While the ZS10 might have the upper hand in terms of bass extension, the ES4 kinda beats it out in terms of bass quality, and the ED16 finds a happy middle for me.
  9. CardigdanWalk
    I was looking for a review of the bs-6 but couldn’t find one, could you share please!

    Also sounds like we are in similar shoes, don’t really intended to use the ANC function, but can’t argue with a $30 Bluetooth aac headphones!
  10. Makahl
    Has anyone else gotten the new KZ Bluetooth module?

    I've been using the previous model for gym, but I'd like more power to drive ZS3/ZST/ES4 and maybe watching videos on youtube without delay would be great. So is that an upgrade for that? I was considering to upgrade it for FiiO's or Xiaomi's receiver instead but the KZ's price and just for gym propose looks a better deal.
  11. dhruvmeena96
    Make it a horn load, increase the internal back cavity of BA(something like CI enclosure with ED system).

    There are many ways and I can't write it.
  12. CardigdanWalk
    I have tried the newest one, but have been through the previous KZ and the TRN ones and while they were functional felt like was missing something compared to wired. Ended up buying the EarStudio ES100 and haven’t looked back!
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  13. Slater

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  14. ViperScull
    Sure, but it's in Spanish.
  15. Cronnie
    Thank you, certainly one I'm considering.

    Any recommendations for one of the models with the replaceable cable/over the ear style that has a small profile?

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