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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Zlivan
    Seriously? Surely that can't be true :)
  2. Wiljen
    I'm not sure any of those are small enough that I would consider them comfortable for sleeping in. I'll let others who have more experience than I chime in on that as I rarely if ever sleep in any of mine.
  3. ViperScull
    I wouldn't lie about something that serious!!
    Same guy that reviewed the bs-6 speaker reviewed the t6 and commented it. I asked in the comment section specifically about it and he confirmed it.
    It is indeed frustrating
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2018
  4. Dickymint
    Today heralded the arrival of my new TRN V80 headphones and first impressions are not very good! Bass is light, though the addition of foam buds has helped, bit too forward in the mids for me with a restricted sound stage, very at eyeball level and just around the temple area. Cannot quite put my finger on it yet but they sound off for some reason and they are sibilant, at least until I added the foam tips! Once they have had a bit of a run in, they might sound different, we wait with baited breath...
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  5. nxnje
    Then guys, my holiday are 99% canceled due to flight problems and something like that, but i'm not here to tell this.
    That was just a little words to say that i have now a little bit more in my bucket to spend on a new iem.
    In these months i posted here to have some info about the zsr and so on

    I watched many reviews about many headphones and then i came on a decision: i wanted to buy a pair of KZ ZSA.
    Then i decided to spend a little bit more as i won't go on holidays but i wanna gift myself with a little gem.

    I'm coming from a pair of MEMT X5, which i love and which served me well since December 2017 without any problems (except the driver flex which forced me to use the foam tips: i actually love them), but i feel now i want to have a better pair of headphones.
    What digs in me with my memt is their bass, he digs so deep in my ear canal and i can feel the rumble that i really like.
    The problem is that the V shape is really accentuated, so even if treble got microdetails, soundstage and mids are a bit limited: soundstage is average, i would say a bit poor, and mids are recessed, and don't sound airy, so female vocals don't sound crisp but a bit too warm.

    i wanna anticipate: i have small ears and wearing my old KZ ZS3 have been a real pain, i just couldn't stand them more than 30 mins. I listen to EDM tracks and i even produce my own music (hybrid trap, bigroom house, psytrance and so on)

    I was watching online and between all the headphones i know in chi-fi i had some eye shocks:
    - KZ ZS6 --> shape is big, people say they are phenomenal but really hard to find a good position for that moreover if you have small ears.. so i refused to buy them as i want a comfortable IEM.
    - REVONEXT QT2 --> same shape as the ZS6, no piercing treble like the ZS6, better sounding overall, the problem is always the shape and they even cost like 15 euros more... refused these
    - LKER i8 --> friend who has them said the upper bass bleeds into the mids ruining the sound image, and said they are a bit sibilant on the highs. Then the nozzle seems really short and i'm afraid the shell will touch my ear creating me pain.. refused
    - SENFER 6in1 --> heard good things about these, design is crap but heard they sound very well and the drivers are tuned properly.
    - TIN AUDIO t2 --> MANY good reviews, i like them a lot, their design is so elegant, they can be worn with the cable down or around the ear. Reviews say they sound really really airy and spacious and that the sound signature has a bright tone. I'm just a little afraid about the bass, i like bass and i like deep bass as i listen so much dubstep and hybrid trap, hardstyle and psytrance, but i really like sometimes putting vocal tracks from sia, florence, many tracks from red hot chili peppers, old tracks from queen, police and so on.

    Then i'm now really confused. One part of my brain says "HEY, SAVE YOUR MONEY, BUY THE ZSA".
    The other part: "cmon, u really like the TINAUDIO T2, BUY THEM AND DON'T THINK IT TWICE".

    I'm asking for your help, as i really want a new headphone to pair with my BENJIE S5/AGPTEK m20, and wanna try a serious upgrade from my memt x5 which i love but which make me a little bit disappointed on the points i've just described above.

    Hoping someone can give me some good news about the tin audio t2 and about how they compare with other choices,
    I thank you in advance. Will wait for your answers.
  6. Slater
    The T2 aren't too bright IMO. They are perfectly balanced.

    The issue with the T2 is that it is a little too neutral/bass-shy for the genres you listed (which I listen to basically the same genres). However, this is easily solvable by removing the blue wax under the nozzle screen. Then you'll have more bass. And if that's not enough, you can get even more by adding a small piece of micropore tape to the front vent.
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2018
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  7. Zlivan
    Do you think all T2s have wax inside the nozzle as some kind of bass control, by design?

    Now I feel tempted to mess with it, even though I find the bass just right :D
  8. Zerohour88
    care to share your impressions on either of the chi-fi thread? since this is the KZ thread, it might get lost in the mix. A couple of users also received their V80, you can compare notes with them here:

  9. Slater
    It's not wax; I just call it that. It's obviously a dampening material of some sort. I would love to know what it is made of exactly. It's very odd whatever it is. Like a blue waxy silicone spongy material that crumbles apart when disturbed, but is kind of sticky and clumps together at the same time. Must be alien in origin lol


    As far as messing with it, if you are OK with the sub bass as it is stock I would leave it alone. Once you remove the blue material, there is no going back.

    The T2 is unique, in that there are very few neutral IEMs in its same price range with the same features, accessories, and build quality.

    I have 3 pairs of T2, and the pair I removed the material from was ready for the garbage, so I had nothing to lose. You could do add the same ~5dB sub bass with EQ just as easily, without making irreversible changes to the T2.

    I actually used that pair with the intent of it being a sacrifice - to learn how to disassemble the IEM and see how it was made and to evaluate it for driver swaps or tuning modifications to the front and rear vents. That was when I stumbled upon the blue "wax", and removing it actually fixed my problem. That's when I noticed the impact it had on the sub bass.

    If I was in the shoes of someone who only owned 1 pair, I would personally wait to see what Tin Audio does with the T2 Pro and T3 (which are due out any day now). Tin Audio is well aware of the T2's sub bass shortcomings, and have come right out and said the T2 Pro will address this (or maybe it's called the T2 Pro Bass, I don't remember).
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2018
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  10. HungryPanda
    I love the Tin Audio T2 it is so neutral but not a bass heavy iem, the Senfer 6in1 on the other hand has really good bass, mids and highs. I have been using them quite a bit recently
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  11. neo_styles
    My ZS6 just arrived and were immediately unboxed. They definitely feel like the most sturdy of all of my KZ IEMs. Cord is positively garbage and went right back into the box and I used my OKCSC cable instead. Plugged everything into my Schiit Magni 3 and...WHAT THE EFF...it sounded horrible. Like poor connection horrible (where everything's completely out of phase and waaaay too airy). Quite confused, I took at look at all my connections...and realized the OKCSC's a balanced cable. After feeling very dumb, I swapped the cable out for the KZ silver and plugged everything back in.

    Much better. Well, relatively speaking. Everything was back in phase, so that's a plus, but I can immediately pick up on the sonic notes mentioned earlier in this thread. The presence region is significantly boosted, almost to the point of discomfort. If anything, though, I'd say it's really source-dependent. I absolutely wouldn't call them forgiving if the recording is sub-par and they do reveal when producers get a little aggressive with the compressor. Though they do tame down via EQ (verified by Neutralizer), I don't have that same capability at the desktop because I'm set up for bit-perfect playback. Hopefully it's just something my ears can adapt to, but this is definitely the brightest pair I own now.

    Staging and imaging, however...well, I get it. I wouldn't call it the widest stage, but it's certainly the most localizable and least congested of the bunch. During some of the left/right panning effects on multiple tracks, I could finally get a feel of all the space in between left, center, and right. A++ in terms of imaging and I think that's going to be what keeps a niche carved out in my collection for the ZS6.

    I also ordered a pair of ZSA from GB for about 17 USD shipped to send to my son since he's starting to get an interest in better sound quality. Might have to trade with him at some point and get some listening notes on them.

    *No audio equipment was harmed during the making of this post*
  12. nxnje
    Then slater you're always helpful and you know everytime, the right answer eheh

    You can understand me so if you, listen to the same genres.
    So you would wait if you were me for new tin audio headphones?
    Anyway, i've heard the bass problem could be solved by closing the front vent with some patafix/mounting putty but i didn't understand if then i will hear, a "basshead like" bass.
    Do you feel good with themthe? Have you tried sealing the front vent?
  13. CardigdanWalk
    So for all those thinking of pulling the trigger on any Bluedio things, it seems patience is a virtue

    1) they have added a $5 off coupon to the store, on $5 spend. So even more to save!

    2) the limited units of stock is all bulls**t, they said they only had 5,000 t6 up for grabs, so I woke up early to place my order ... but they have forgotten that AliExpress tells you how many orders have been placed for a product. At the start of the sale it was less that 3,000 ... and now we are about to bit 10,000!

    So do feel a little pissed off, if I waited, I would have saved $5 off my order. A little tempted to complain or maybe even cancel my order / reorder, but have heard horror stories about refunds from AliExpress!

    Either way , if you haven’t ordered you’ve got 1h45m to get a free $5 coupon and save even more!
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  14. audionab
    oh ya aliexpress refund system is horrible it took 16 days to get my refund
  15. maxxevv
    That's a pretty amazing deal. Unless the headphone is total crap, at US$28 (after the US$5 coupon discount which I checked, does work) its a steal. Sell it on your local craiglist for practically no loss even if you don't like it eventually.

    Its dependent on you membership level. A 'platinum' and above member will get their refund resolved typically within 3~5 days.

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