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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. audionab
    i have silver level membership which now makes sense lol
  2. nxnje
    I'm a gold member on aliexpress and i've never faced issues with refundsthe. They were always, processed in 4-5 days...
  3. scottySK
    I use foam tips with mine and find there is plenty of bass, and far less sibilance than my es3. I agree that the soundstage is not amazing, hoping burn in might help but Im doubtful
  4. Dickymint
    Sorry to hear about the holiday, we all need a break, mostly from the wife... Anyway, I have the ZSA and personally I think they are one of the better KZ IEM's, if you want good bass, then you need to play with the tips, good foam units create a wonderful deep powerful bass that isn't over blown but you need to experiment. I have the ZS6 and it's a good IEM but a bit bulky, just got an ZS3, and it is very comfy, lacks a bit in information retrieval but overall quite good, not IMHO better than the ZSA. I have the ZS10, big and bulky but good when you get it run in and used to it. Hope that helps.
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  5. nxnje
    How would you, compare the zsa with the zs6?
    So i can make a comparison triangle with zsa and zs6 and then zs6 with tin audio t2
    How is the soundstage on the zsa?
  6. Dickymint
    For me the ZSA is just about spot on for everything. I find the ZS6 slightly harsh, I have most of the Trinity IEM's and I prefer the ZS6 to nearly all of them, bar the 4 driver device. Soundstage on the ZS6 is quite good, the detailing is good but slightly aggressive for me, the ZSA? Well last week I spent several hours with the ZSA plugged into my X7 while doing some turntable repair work and to be honest, I forgot I was wearing the ZSA, the soundstage is, not enormous but wide and detailed, the depth of reality is brilliant and the one thing I find difficult to get in some headphones of all types, is emotion, the ZSA has it in bucket loads! The soundstage is a wrap around feeling, not just eyeballs and temples but spreading out past the ears and front and centre when it is supposed to be, I am really impressed with this small device. I have a large collection of headphones, some still with me and a big bundle that have gone through my hands but the little ZSA, when run in, impresses me for now! It's not the best out there but value for money? King of the hill at the moment! IMHO!
  7. dhruvmeena96
  8. Slater
    T2 is not the best for basshead levels. It’s like trying to tow a boat with a Corvette - you could do it because it has the power, but a truck is really w
    the best too. Plus the putty creates new problems.

    So if you don’t want to wait to see what Tin Audio comes up with, there are other IEMs that are basshead level ready-to-go right out of the box.

    Here’s a few I’ve heard, in no particular order:

    Boarseman KR49
    i-Into i8
    ZhiYin Z5000
    KZ ED15

    The fit of the i8 sucked for me, but my basshead coworker likes them. The Z5000 has MMCX removable cables. My favorites out of those are the ED15 and the Boarseman.

    Others may chime in with some input. I know @loomisjohnson has heard the Boarseman, and @B9Scrambler has a few of these (pretty sure he’s a closet basshead like me lol)
    Last edited: Sep 17, 2018
  9. loomisjohnson
    the boarseman kr49 is a very good bassy phone for the price; likewise the senzer h1. i'd also check out the update of the memt x5, which is the x9.
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  10. eaglearrow
    Bought the ED16 for $13 with $4 ali coupon.. Hope its a good buy. Are there any reviews for these to which, anyone can point me out to?
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  11. Wiljen

    I love it - One of the graphics reads and I quote
    "1DD + 4BA Hybrid Drive Unit"
    "Arrive to 8 drivers, providing you amazing sound quality"

    So I'm guessing it has 10, but only 8 of them work. That might finally be truth in advertising by KZ Quality control division.
  12. randomnin
    Haven't been following the Chi-Fi scene for a while, looked up what's new on the cheap end recently and it looks like the same old same old with more drivers. Though the ZS10 has very good looks, imho. The question I want to ask is whether KZ are planning on dropping the dynamic drivers (and the accompanying compensating holes on the chassis) and going full BA any time soon? Or is that still the realm of higher price categories?
  13. B9Scrambler
    Pssst: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/kno...essions-thread.698148/page-2305#post-14357330
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  14. dhruvmeena96
  15. neo_styles
    Decided to take the ZS6 out for today's commute and was surprised at how well they isolate given the rear vents. It's not quite as rejecting of outside noise as the ES4, ED16, and ZS10, but it's certainly leagues better than, say, an iSine 10. I can also see why people have had complaints about fitment, but have been able to achieve a good seal without discomfort. In my ears, they're actually a bit more comfy than the ZS10 or ED16, so kudos to that.

    Also realized the nozzle on the stock starline tips is loooooong, so I took my shot at trimming some of it down and, while the opening isn't flush with the earpiece nozzle, it's somewhat helped with some of the sharp highs. They're still there, but at least it's more tolerable.

    And I really like this combo of the Shanling M0 and ZS6. High gain isn't at all necessity, but the ZS6 will definitely take it without breaking up.
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