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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. manjunath1915
    any link for wide bore tips @ali or gearbest i am a quite newbie to headfi sorry could not go through all pages
    so even on high impedance bright source it01 is a recommendation
    is ibasso it01 that good and better than kz worthy of all praise for the price(i see almost all positive reviews)
    this says spiral dot is good?
    kz es4 for 10usd vs ibasso it01 for 100 usd is there worthy difference in sound quality, detail and soundstage
    is it01 must buy budget hifi iem so that its quality is not available at least in any other sub 200 usd iems
    Last edited: Jun 29, 2018
  2. CoiL
    SQ - yes.
    Detail - yes.
    Soundstage - similar, if You consider sound signature.
    But it all depends on source gear sound signature and amping also.
    Personally, I find paying extra 85$ for IT01 is worth every penny but at same time ES4 with proper gear match, wide-bore tips and removed nozzle grill is also very good choice. Actually, I`m starting to think that ES4 is best achieved complete package with coherent sound signature and good mids that KZ has to offer aside from all those V-shaped chi-fi tuned choices.
    Imho, IT01 is one of the must buy around 100$ (especially considering HQ cable and ergonomic fit) but there certainly are other great offerings between 100-200$ like TFZ King Pro, Hisenior B5+ and some others.
    It all depends also about personal sound signature preferences.
    Maybe try to give us more insight what You are looking from sound and what You mainly listen? Do You have large/medium/small ears?
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  3. kimi7
    ok, I saw the Post #33469 but I didn't understand it so I asked for a diagram. Does it mean that each resistor acts as a fuse to limit current? In that case they will be just wired in series one to the BA one to the DD, right? thanks!
  4. chickenmoon
    No, TFZ King Pro, Simgot EN700 Pro and Dunu Falcon-C for example are all better technically IMHO but the IT01 is still very good and likely the best you can get at its price point.
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  5. CoiL
    Something like that yes. I haven`t opened up my ES4 yet to tell exactly how that crossover is implemented. Will do if I get time.
  6. C2thew
    still no mention of the ZS4 eh?

  7. Slater
  8. Vilhelm
    Now that I have a decent portable source (LG V10) I've been listening to my KZ ZST Pro's a lot, here are my impressions:

    ~ Clear and good sound quality, can listen on lower volume levels and still hear details well
    ~ Decent bass, these babies pack a punch but I would like much more sub-bass. Bass responds nicely to EQ. Great for trance but true bass heads want moar for sure
    ~ At times sound just a bit too bright to me but this can be fixed with EQ
    ~ Vocals could sound a bit better I think but definitely not complaining
    ~ Responds amazingly well to both my V10's Hifi DAC (unlike some cheaper headphones I've tried) and the equalizer
    ~ Sound doesn't seem to distort at all with the quite basic EQ settings I use


    KZ ZST Pro's are amazing value for the money, I haven't listened to anything better at this price range. Recommend! 4/5
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  9. DocHoliday
    If you'd like more bass and don't mind sacrificing some of the ZST's "air-like" nature then check out KZ's ES3.



    The ES3 is one of my daily drivers for relatively modern genres.

    Last edited: Jun 29, 2018
  10. Danfish98
    I've been trying different tips and cords on my ES4 trying to figure out why my ears don't hear what others do and I think mine were wired out of phase. I flipped the connection on both sides and the sound improved. Better sub bass, less mid bass fuzz and more air in the highs. Fortunately I wear them down so a zs5 cable works perfectly.
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  11. neo_styles
    Well...the KZs are getting shelved for a bit. These babies just came in:


    Really special sound so far. Great for metal
  12. pbui44
    @neo_styles you will want the more-closed sound of the KZ eventually. In the meantime, the iSine series is amongst the widest soundstages of any IEM.
  13. neo_styles
    Oh definitely. The only things these are replacing are my Monoprice M300. Still waiting on my ED16 and ZS6 to arrive, but I think they won't get here until mid-July.

    Wide is a great way to explain it. I mean my HE-400i have a decent sense of space, but these take it a notch higher.
  14. pbui44
    If you want to see how much higher, compare to both or also on your KZ with this live video recording with very airy-and-accurate audio of Tame Impala:

    Last edited: Jun 29, 2018
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  15. monitoringsound70
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