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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. 1clearhead
    I will be getting the KZ ED16 by next weekend. I hope it lives up to its' name. :spy:

    Notice the ZS7 spelled out on the housing unit. Can this really be the KZ's hidden gem? The KZ ZS7?


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  2. CoiL
    Your ZS5 is v1 ? Locate in EU ?
    Glad I didn`t jump on ZSA - ES4 is gettin a lot of positive feedback.
  3. audionab
    also es4 is available for 14$ on gearbest with coupon from phonograph
  4. misterchao
    Nah V2 and NA.
  5. CoiL
    Gave up and ordered ES4 (Light Cyan / without mic). Like the looks and their shape is kinda similar to IT01 (which fits me great). ZST is kind of "on edge" with its shape (good for short listenings but longer sessions I get slight "pain").
    Will share my thoughts about ES4 when I receive, especially against my current KZ fav - ZS5v1. ES4 should excel it with mids but curious about ES4 soundstage (ZS5v1 has HUGE one).
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  6. Aparker2005
    I'm ready to hear more about these 16 drivers
  7. darmanastartes
    Just the ATE atm. I had the ED9 too.
  8. Slater
  9. Vestat
    YYeeahh.. I wish it was 2045 so we could all enjoy 120 drivers per side.. sooou sick.
  10. audionab
  11. CoiL
    r u serious?

    ...when it comes to cheap chi-fi products like KZ - I doubt this is the case. More drivers, the more harder is to implement them correctly for coherent result.
    All those KZ hybrids and I still like IT01 (single driver) more. Though, I haven`t heard ZS10 myself.
  12. GamerGuppy
    Thanks @stryed and @mbwilson111 for the pictures of the IT01 together with some other KZ models! Also thank you Stryed for the comfort impressions. I even got some PM's of people praising the IT01 and sharing their impressions.
    Thank you all, you are what make this community great. I decided to pull the trigger on the IT01 and can't wait for them to get here.

    I ordered them from PenonAudio, since they have a good reputation and the IT01 is difficult to obtain in Europe otherwise. I got a bit paranoid when I received a status update on my order with the tracking number.
    When looking up the tracking number, it states as destination country the USA. Also there is a USA e-express link as to track the item once it arrives in the USA.
    However, my order should be send to my adress in the Netherlands, as stated in the order details and confirmed by my paypal receipt. I send their support team a mail to ask if everything is allright.

    I am keeping a close eye on this thread. Seems KZ has launched several great IEM's lately with their ZSA, ES4 and ED16. Maybe I will upgrade my IEM meant for running after all :).
    Last edited: Jun 5, 2018
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  13. SciOC
    I'm highly doubting he was serious (I say as I shave my face with a 15 blade razor).

    Sarcasm needs its own font....

    There are aspects of the zs10 I like over the it01. Separation, soundstage and layering I find to be better on the zs10. But overall the it01 is probably better and more quickly accessible earphone. Not until you get to $175-200+ do you really start getting into territory where they do everything better than the kz's. What the zs10 can do, staging wise, is mighty impressive for the price.
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  14. KainHighwind
    Just receive my E-MI C880 and I'm really impressed, the vocal is very clear and no piercing like ZS5v2 and ZS6, bass is clear and punchy and just enough, not muddy so I can enjoy artist's vocal, the shell is small and easier to wear than my ZS5v2 and ZS6 and ZST. The downside is build quality feels very cheap and garbage, and straight jack is easier to be damaged than L jack.

    And I ordered my C880 from ALWUP store in aliexpress, they just shipped the phone and a paperbook, no replacable tips at all, I feel disappointed when open the package.
    Last edited: Jun 5, 2018
  15. Slater
    I think you guys know me by now :)

    Besides, I don’t think 400 BAs would even physically fit in your ear!

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