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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. kennyhack
    Collecting posts? N
    Collecting posts? Not at all. I'll try to explain.

    I'm not comparing to thin air. I shared my firsr impressions on ED16 vs ZSR in previous pages (go and look for it), and even though I don't have ZSA or ES4, I support my opinion -technically and not just on "impressions" based on a spanish audiophile reviewer who has reviewed ED16 pretty scientifically and then compared it to ZSA and ES4 which he actually owns.

    So before sharing my impressions solely on "what I think" , I made sure to listen to this guy's compared review.

    1st part. Here's the ED16 virtual teardown analysis step by step, and the sound comparison to ZSA and ES4. (in spanish language)

    2nd part

    Hope I tried to convey it's not only I'm trying to collect posts, but to try to share some info on the new ED16 as one of the firsts who have it.

    Last edited: Jun 4, 2018
  2. CoiL
    That`s the thing - You can`t judge something based on others impressions. And my answer was mainly posted towards claim like bigger&more(BA)=better.
    I haven`t heard cheap chi-fi IEM (like KZ) which can beat IT01 (single DD) sound quality. Closest has been ZS5v1 with proper source and amping (which bests littlebit in soundstage size/width).
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  3. kennyhack
    Ok, you're right CoiL, just wanted to help, but in the end you're right. I only own ZSR and ED16, so I'll keep saying it's definetely a nice upgrade from ZSR (new frequency separation unit, seems to have the same graphene coated DD as ES4 and bigger resonating chamber, and a more balanced and defined sound, as I wrote in previous pages a mini-review/first impressions.

    P.S. thanks for the warm welcome hahaha :)

    P.S.2: When someone knows more stuff than me, I tend to trust them, mainly because they have more to say and you can learn from them. Especially when their opinion is the same as mine.
    Last edited: Jun 4, 2018
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  4. Vestat
    Sorry man but this review is nothing scientific.
    This guy is just reading and looking at the images of the advertisement stuff he could find on Aliexpress.
    I speak a perfect spanish so I understand every single word he says. Sorry but he is giving a general and just long told impression about ed16 based on images and a listening test based on a very old song with a Youtube sampling quality.
    I believe you should make this kind of test with different gear if you then want to make a review for the community.
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  5. kennyhack
    Ok, I get your point but I wouldn't call it a "general impression" when he spends 30min talking. I agree with you about the listening test quality though. We'll then have to wait for more people to get their ED16's along with more serious and in-depth reviews :)

    In the meanwhile, I'm enjoying my new KZ so much.
    Last edited: Jun 4, 2018
  6. CoiL
    3min talk by proper audiophile (with proper gear, music selection, measurements etc.) can tell 100x more than 30min with "just a Youtube reviewer" :wink:
    Just "be careful" with what You claim here, there are lot of very experienced audiophiles here. Tune-in and have fun! PS - sorry about Your wallet! :wink:
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  7. blur.png
    when kz said the es4 is "professional level" i think they mean it, i've been switching back and forth between the es4 & zs6
    and the es4 sounds better for me,
    punchier bass than the zs6 but not overwhelming like the rock zircon
    zs6-like highs with little to no piercing, the zs6 is just slightly brighter
    the slight trade offs are:
    a narrower soundstage (very noticeable from the zs6) ,s̶l̶i̶g̶h̶t̶l̶y̶ ̶l̶e̶s̶s̶ ̶d̶e̶t̶a̶i̶l̶ (it actually has the same/more detail than zs6) & less airy than the zs6
    my problems are:
    the memory wire, in the zs6 its good, in the es4 its awful (loose & wobbly, could be an unlucky batch)
    and the fit, the zs6 fits easily, the es4 is difficult for me
    oh and both uses foam eartips, since i don't like kz stock tips
    i feel cheated buying the zs6 :v


    the es4 is definitely the best earphone i've ever heard, a perfect balance between bass & highs

    *also,this is my first post :p
    Last edited: Jun 4, 2018
  8. Slater
    Welcome friend!

    A lot of us run without the memory wires at all.

    It is very easy to remove. You just pick at the bottom of the metal wire using your fingernail, and once the metal wire is exposed, you 'peel' it back like a banana peel (or a string cheese snack).

    Peel Memory Wire.jpg
    Last edited: Jun 4, 2018
  9. Vestat
    I am Very happy to hear this. I love ZS6 but, apart of the sibilances, I find that the Bass is often "not enough" even if still present, rumbling and detailed.
    Less pierce in the highs is just a nice plus considering I almost solved the problem with some eq and getting used to it..
  10. TJK81
    I had same issue with my ZS6's. A few drops of the 2-compound epoxy solved the issue completly. Just unscrew 2 torx screws (or all 3 if you want) of the problematic side (recommend to do it on both sides) and put a few drops of epoxy where the pin is situated inside the shell (not too much or you leave big mess inside). Assamble it again and leave to harden 12hours (24h best).
  11. blur.png
    just sharing my unlucky experience with kz too,
    my zs6 left side connector went wiggly and the right side died a week after i received them , i opened the dead side, resolder the connection and it worked again
    to add salt to the wound my later kz purchase, the zse (which is supposed to be my backup iem) has a defective right side (dangling driver) making them sound off
    so yea, QC isnt KZ's strongest point
  12. RyanM
    The ES4 is a really fantastic earphone, from what I'm hearing so far. Like, really really good. And I didn't really like much about the ZSR, and found treble overbearing on the ZS6. I do love the ZS5 (v1) and ZS3 however. I'm really impressed and it makes me want to give the ZSA and ZS10 a shot for sure.
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  13. Mr. Browstone
    You mean you just glued the connector? Do you happend to have a picture of what it looks like after you applied the glue? I was tempted to do this, but having a deattachable cable is a huge plus for me.
  14. Mr. Browstone

    I think I'm going to try #2 first and then #4. Do you happend to have any picture of what both the connector and the pins look like after the mod? Thank you, buddy.
  15. Deveraux
    How do you compare them with the ZS5 v1? I've the v1 currently and the ES4 should be here within a week.

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