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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. HungryPanda
    I have to add of all the latest KZ earphones the ES4 is probably my favorite
  2. toddy0191
    Completely agree!
  3. audionab
    any first impressions on the new kz ed16 you received from anywhere?
  4. Bartig
    Haha, I honestly think the cyan is a mismatch with the standard cable. :p


    Don’t care though. They sound great. Even better than the ZSR!
    Last edited: Jun 1, 2018
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  5. HungryPanda
    Unfortunately my wife grabbed them from the pile I received that day leaving me with 3 earbuds but I know she likes them
  6. loomisjohnson
    i completely agree with slater on the edr1--you cannot overstate how impressive it is. the zsr/zs5 have bigger, more detailed presentations, but to my current thinking the edr1 has the most natural-sounding tonality of any of the kzs. the only limitation i've heard is that its lowend tends to wobble on lower-powered sources, tho it tightens considerably when amped.
  7. mbwilson111
    She does...

    Getting ready to take some photos... they are smaller than I expected them to be. I will show a comparison of the ED16 to the ZSR and ZS10 for size.

    LOL you made it sound like all you have left to your name is 3 earbuds!
    Last edited: Jun 1, 2018
  8. BadReligionPunk
    So ES4 peeps who also have or have tried ZS10. The vibes I'm getting is that there is no reason at all to spend the extra cash on ZS10, when ES4 is better and cheaper. Is that right? Is there anything that ZS10 does better?

    Could save people a lot of money here. :)
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  9. Bartig
    I think, although this might be strange sounding, that the ZS10 offers soundstage on more levels. On the ES4 it's mainly the drums that give an airy feeling, on the ZS10 it's more layers and frequencies of the music. However: I'm all on camp ES4. The sound is more balanced, better tuned and most importantly: it's non-offensive on rock and classical music.

    The ZS10 sometimes punishes your hearing with those upper mid-punches on guitars and violins. There's none of that on the ES4.
    Last edited: Jun 1, 2018
  10. mbwilson111
    I wish the photos were better but here they are. Not ready to try a sound comparison. My ears get a little irritated when I take iems in and out too much in one day. I did that a couple of days ago trying to find the right tips on a few things. Buds for me today I think. I do really like the ED16. They are quite flat in the ear so I could sleep with them. Especially since they have a tough sturdy cable.

    Green ZSR on the left, black (transparent) ED16 in the middle, red ZS10 on the right. All are comfortable for me but the ED16 is the most comfortable of the three. I don't know which one sounds best. I like them all.

    Only open the spoiler if you want to see several large photos.

    R0013341.JPG R0013343.JPG R0013350.JPG R0013354.JPG R0013355.JPG R0013359.JPG
    Last edited: Jun 1, 2018
  11. Saoshyant
    I really wish the pacing of releases was a little more spread out as after ZSR I’ve been hesitant to buy anything due to so many options so quickly. For the smaller build ZSA is intriguing, and ED4 certainly has some love. Barely remember reading about the ED15, and hoping more impressions pop up soon.
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  12. B9Scrambler
    Old news, but I got in a new ED9 a couple days ago. I've had one of the original versions with the bio-diaphragm for years and took a brief listen to the current titanium driver model early last year before it was gifted to my cousin. Now that I've got my own and have had the opportunity to sit and compare to the original, damn is it good. ZS10 is better on a technical level, but with the balanced filters installed the ED9 is just so pleasant to listen too. Tight, deep bass, slightly recessed tonally correct mids with great timbre, and crisp, accurate treble that doesn't peak uncomfortably. The current driver is so much tighter and more controlled than the old one as well. None of the splashiness that turned me away. Glad I got them with a mic as these are going to be seeing a lot of use. What a bargain for 10 CAD.

  13. GrassFed
    I have to disagree just a little bit here. You can overstate how impressive it is haha Got mine a couple days ago. They sound great, very similar to Final E2000. Vocals are sweet. But somehow Beethoven' piano sonatas sound crowded and thick. Overall they're excellent value, unbeatable indeed for under $10. But didn't knock my socks off.
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  14. ShakyJake
    It is interesting that the writing on the ED16 says "ZS7" :) I know that some promo pictures showed that, but I guess KZ decided that it needed "rebranding".
  15. toddy0191
    The ZS10 is technically better with excellent layering, separation and soundstage. The ES4 is more balanced though with more forward mids and a warmer mid bass / lower mids and slightly more aggressive treble I like both.
    Last edited: Jun 1, 2018
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