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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Slater
    Nope, different shell material (zinc alloy vs aluminum), and different drivers as well. The vent holes are also different between the 2 models.

    The sound is 'kind of' similar between the 2, but I prefer the EDR1 much more. To me it sounds cleaner, less grainy vs the EDR2, has deeper extension on both ends, and is a little more v shaped.

    I have about 8-9 EDR1s and only 2 EDR2s.

    The EDR2 isn’t poor by any means, but when I let people hear the EDR1, the typical reaction is “wow” or “holy s*it, how much did you say this cost again?”. I’ve never heard that reaction from anyone on the EDR2.
    Last edited: May 31, 2018
  2. BadReligionPunk
    I just got my edr2 and after I got it, opened it up and listened to it thru about 4-5 tracks, I rolled it up, and gently placed it in the box it came in and banished it to the shelf, probably to be never seen again.

    To me it seemed the bass was really loose and flubby. I dunno it was close to edr1 sound, but wasn't as good.

    Waiting on the golds to see how those are...
  3. Slater
    Haha, that’s exactly what happened to my EDR2s LOL

    What are the “golds” you’re referring to? Do you mean the EDSE?
  4. CYoung234
    I have two sets of them, but prefer either the ZS6 or ZS10. I am going to listen to the pair I have out of the box some more, but unless they grow on me exponentially, I will be in the U.S. in September, and will probably bring both sets with me to sell. One set is blue and the other is grey, both bought from gearbest. So...
  5. Slater
    I'm willing to bet you will sell them both within 1 day of putting them up for sale.
  6. Strat Rider
    Thank you @Slater I had read before about a difference between the two.
    i already have 2 pair of the EDR2, wanted to try the EDR1, just a $5.00 gamble.

    I'll get them before they disappear forever, just not from that particular shop.
    Slater likes this.
  7. BadReligionPunk
    Yea the SE versions. Still waiting for em.
  8. BadReligionPunk
    Amazon has the edr1 for $6.50 prime shipped. Same seller has the edr2 for $6.80 prime shipped also. If in the us, have prime, and need them fast. If not, Sorry. :)
    Slater and Strat Rider like this.
  9. audionab
    do anyone here has ed16 yet?
  10. Turbo AL
    Can one of you KZ experts explain what is ment at the top of this ad for the EDR1 to me? I understand the "This time,"
    but I am not adept enough at this particular brand to discern what come after "This time," AL

  11. Strat Rider
    OMG..! @BadReligionPunk, thanks for that heads up.
    When l'm looking for KZ, I shop ebay, GB, AE, but never think about Amazon.
    Sometimes I think my Wife has Amazon Prime on speed dial.
  12. Storyteller
    I'm not a KZ expert, but I have some imagination. My translation to modern english would be:

    "This time, finally, this ****ing time, we got it right. The things we did wrong in past models are now fixed, so there. As one of the few professional audio brands around, and being the competition so tough, this is it. Out patent is the crap."
    Strat Rider and BadReligionPunk like this.
  13. Slater
    Got it.

    I'll be curious what your reaction of the EDSE is. Mine was a similar reaction to the EDR2 - not great, but not bad.

    I would rate them EDR1 > EDSE > EDR2.

    Make sure you mark them so you don't mix them up! The EDSE and EDR2 are almost indistinguishable. The only outward physical difference are the vent holes.
    Last edited: May 31, 2018
  14. Vestat
    I got my ZS6 from amazon.. They cost me 45 $ but make sense to me.
    AE is way cheaper.. But I like Amazon when possible mostly because of the after sale customer satisfaction.
    Strat Rider likes this.
  15. misterchao
    Damn, I wish I got cyan now... I got the conservative color black. :frowning2:

    But your impressions are aligned with mine. Love these things.
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