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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. DocHoliday


    Take your time

    .....but keep it coming.
  2. HiFiChris Contributor
    You need yet another pair so you have one for every day of the week. :yum:
  3. khighly
    IT03's are more bright, but a pleasant bright that isn't overwhelming. When I put my ZS5's in, they sound very dark compared.

    On to Tame Impala - Innerspeaker for the mastering and the really great crunchy distortion.

    This is tough though They have somewhat different sound signatures. ZS5 has more lows and mid bass, IT03's bass sounds very neutral and in line everything else. Soundstage is larger in the ZS5's. You get more depth to the sound.

    EDM is better on the ZS5's.
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  4. Lord Rexter
    Yes Sir right you are. Can't wait for KZ to release White or Blue color. That will make my collection complete :ksc75smile:
  5. CoiL
    Very nice work! Will also do it for my ZS5v1. Planned reshelling with wood but no time off from baby....

    Can You please explain more what is better with nebula than ZS6 ? Can You also compare to ZS5v1 ?

    Uuuuh... Oooohhh... oh no... KZ still not upping the game... just releasing new new (same) IEMs all over.... in different shell.
    Was planning to get IT01 soon but this made me cautious... IT01 is not worth price jump over ZS5v1 ?

    Really? UiiSii CM5 is so good? What is better than ZS6 ?

    ATE-S might have different drivers inside but not sure. My bet is on regular ATE (current is 5th gen) with metal cable weigths.
    But You do understand that FF-mod is not so simple (the nozzle change part) and requires ED9 brass nozzles?

    Btw, ED9 golden nozzles have changed at some point (slightly larger nozzle hole size).
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  6. Willber
    I use EQ and the profile I applied to the CM5 is the same as I used for the ZS6 because the signature is so similar. However, the CM5 has smoother highs as well as a bigger (deeper) soundstage. I'm not talking huge margins here, but it is overall a more immersive and natural sound, .
  7. Willber
    To keep it brief, the Nebula One has a deeper soundstage, tighter bass, fuller mids, and less sibilance with more detail than the ZS6. Overall a sweeter, more natural sound. In a word: Nebula One - Analogue; ZS6 - Digital. It's what I would expect from a $100 earphone.

    I don't have the ZS5 (1 or 2) to compare.
    See my reply to @khighly above. I would say that the ZS6 is 85% of the Nebula One, while the CM5 is 95%.
  8. CoiL
    By less sibilance You mean N1 still has some sibilance? I`m sensitive to FR around 6.2-7.5kHz and overall like rather slightly smooth/warmish highs (but not muddy/soft).

    AAW Nebula One was one of the candidates along with IT01 but for some reason (I did some reading) I ditched it (don`t remember why, maybe because whole package I get as extra with IT01).
    Seems I have to do more research about N1.

    More important for me is question - what is Your source gear and music used with ZS6 vs. CM5 vs. N1?
    And what tips You use with all those 3 ? I have to say foams are 111% OUT for me - I hate them.
    Last edited: Jan 31, 2018
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  9. DocHoliday
    Color me surprised. This will serve as a reminder to me not to assume things.

    "IT03 is close to what I remember the ZS6 signature to be, except it doesn't have the ringing sibilance that takes forever to get used to. I still remember the ZS6 having a larger soundstage that flowed around you. I wish I still had my ZS6's — all I have is one side now."

    Your description of the IT03, thus far is welcome news. Hopefully, the IT03 presents a lot of micro-detail. It looks like the configuration for the ZS6 has recently been revised so we'll have to see how those changes effect the treble. Apparently, Knowledge Zenith has done away with the "two ultra-high frequency BAs" in the ZS6 and is now equipping them with "one treble BA" and "one midrange BA". I suppose the new configuration will be dubbed the ZS6(ii) or something equivalent moving forward, so, unfortunately for you, a comparison to the ZS6(i) seems less likely at this point unless someone on this thread for one reason or another gifts you the missing ZS6 earpiece. Just a suggestion, but don't toss that one ZS6 earpiece just yet. I'll bet that in the ensuing months someone will experience loss or failure of one of their ZS6 earpieces and that may hold some possibilities, so with a great community, a little time and a little luck......

    "This is tough though They have somewhat different sound signatures."

    "IT03's are more bright, but a pleasant bright that isn't overwhelming."

    "When I put my ZS5's in, they sound very dark compared."

    This doesn't surprise me. I always found the ZS5(i) to be a bit darker/warmer.
    The ZS5(i) always sounded like a smooth laid back presentation to me that comes alive when I give them more volume. They actually remind me of the ATE(ii) but with more width and depth. My preferred sound signature requires a little more energy with a healthy dose of micro-detail so the ATE(ii) and ZS5(i) get less ear time than my ZS6, ES3 and ZST, but again, that comes down to personal preference. It sounds like you're enjoying the IT03's brighter presentation, but missing the ZS6's soundstage.

    "ZS5 has more lows and mid bass, IT03's bass sounds very neutral and in line everything else. Soundstage is larger in the ZS5's. You get more depth to the sound."

    "Neutral bass" sounds quite different from what I was expecting from the IT03. I was thinking that the IT03 would have more lift in the lower frequencies, not necessarily more than the ZS5(i), just in general.

    "EDM is better on the ZS5's."

    This part definitely surprised me considering their darker nature.

    Looking forward to more input.


    BTW, a little something to test the timbre in the midrange?
    Last edited: Jan 31, 2018
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  10. kylemd
    Reading through this thread is making me concerned about the ZSRs I have coming from Gearbest and whether I should get foam tips for them...

    Is there any consensus as to what size tips they're meant to fit?
  11. kiler
    If you get the comply T400 it should probably fit
  12. Podster
    I was thinking his collection would make great Christmas Ornaments on a mini (Desk Size) tree:wink:
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  13. Viber
    It's hard to fit tips on them, but regular silicone tips work fine eventually. If you get foams then only T400 or bigger will fit.
  14. RomStar
    Ah thanks for the reply,

    It's a shame, I already ordered the Ate-S a few weeks ago. A quick Google search didn't help I guess, I thought it would be the same drivers

    Also, I am planning on doing at FF mods, without the brass rings. As far as I remember, it's very tricky trying to allign them on. I'm also a total novice which doesn't help. Let's see how badly I mess up the mod

    Actually I share some very similar concerns, but I'm willing to give KZ benefit of the doubt here

    I'm just excited to see how they execute the Zs10/Zsr Pro. After all, I'm very hopeful and think they've worked on a new BA driver for sure

    Otherwise I can't see them waiting 1+ year on that iem. This also leads me to believe the Zs7 will house those newer low frequency BA and I'll be hoping they have crossing over (idk I just can't see them churning out the same stuff, I'm hopeful they will tune these iems quite differently)
  15. F4yze
    Someone please help inform me. Previously I was using the KZ ofc upgrade cable in copper colour, which I believed to be the "kz zs3/zs6 ofc plated (4cords,grey,"new")" quoted above. The bass I got from that cable was perfect. Deep rumble without drowning out the mids and highs. Today I purchased the number 1 cable you recommended so I hope it would be a better improvement. I probably should have just bought the same ofc cable but there's that tiny bit of hope in my mind that the cable you recommend would be better.
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