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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Willber
    I might be wrong, but I thought all earphones produced some sibilance by the nature of the sounds in the music, and that excessive sibilance was the problem? Sorry if that is not correct. I too am sensitive to the higher frequencies (the main reason I use EQ) and have rated the phones according to my tastes. With the ZS6 there was a trade-off between reducing sibilance and retaining detail using EQ that I didn't find with the others.

    Although many would call them 'budget', I wouldn't want to spend $100 on earphones (although I did buy the B&W P5), but I was lucky to find the N1 for $30 in a Nullaudio flash sale the same day I saw them recommended (on reddit), so I was fortunate to get a bargain.

    Most of my listening (and all of it for recent comparisons) is done on a Lenovo laptop using 250+bps mp3 files via the APO/PEACE equaliser program. Tips used are: ZS6 - triple silicone; N1 - triple silicone; CM5 - stock silicone from ZS3.
    Last edited: Jan 31, 2018
  2. CoiL
    As I said, not sure S version has different drivers (even if they look same, maybe different tuning).
    And You can`t do FF-mod without nozzle change :wink: (it`s kind of essence of FF-mod).
  3. riffrafff
    "Lawyers will be first up against the wall when the revolution comes."
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  4. Strat Rider
    ZSR has arrived!
    FWIW these are my thoughts and impressions and not endorsed by management, or mis-management. Your mileage will vary:sleeping:

    Out of the box I installed one medium starline tip, (2 ears and one of these things is not like the other):ksc75smile:

    Tuned my iPod 5th gen touch to some Samantha Fish blues and my first impression was....pretty impressive.

    I enjoyed the tamed down-not so shrill highs.
    This is the first time that using the included Starlines, I did not feel the immediate need to reach for the foamies.

    I earlier in the day I was listening my unmodified (yet) ZS6, and to my ears this sounds like they are the " brother of another mother" compared to the ZS6.

    The mids are recessed, but not muddy, EQ ing will probably help, and Sub bass, and bass is better controlled and lighter to the 6.

    Sibilence seems very well controlled,

    Comfort for me took a little work with insertion depth. I did find that the nozzle allows for a little room to move the included tips towards or away from the body of the iem.
    Myself, I like iem's to tickle my brain when comfortably inserted and sealed.

    Tonight I intend to plug them into my trusty old Fiio X-11, and CMOY 2.06 & amp them up a bit for some Classical, and Southern Rock.

    First impressions::metal:These are going to cost me more than the incredible deal of the flash buy, I may need to shop for a real DAP!

    Of course again YMMV

    EDIT: I forgot to mention during the comfort setup, I did change to identical cable WITHOUT over ear wire. With the earwire, a comfortable fit was impossible.
    Last edited: Jan 31, 2018
  5. mrmoto050
    Just curious, are you volume matching these taking in consideration of different impedance (Z)of devices? You may be getting differences in sound just due to volume levels.
  6. riffrafff
  7. Slater
    Yup, many ways - trademark, design patent, etc.

    Fluke was/is actively suing (and winning) companies who make YELLOW multimeters. Yellow is just a color of a product, just like a green IEM. The case that's made by these companies is that it can cause consumer confusion. If you went up to the average Joe on the street (who have never seen KZ or CA IEMs), and showed them the green ZS6 next to the green CA, and asked them to guess which one is which (like the Pepsi Challenge), you'd probably get about 50% answers confusing one for the other.

    The point is that there's a 'mysterious reason' why KZ all of the sudden discontinued the green ZS6. That color was one of the best sellers as far as I could tell.
  8. stryed
    Oh I have no regrets for the IT01. Better in everything except for soundstage perhaps. Everything is more enjoyable. KZ5v2 is just such a great value at 16eu. IT01 is said to have a cable that could probably retail well over 50eu though!
  9. Podster
    Like it was made for this setup:wink:

    Case Study.JPG
  10. bsoplinger
    What he said about the iBasso IT01. You know you've spent some more than on the KZ product. My biggest issue with either the ZS5 V2 or ZS6 was fitment. Fixed that by buying foamies with a smaller nozzle diameter (4.0mm and 4.5mm, I used one of each size on the 2 different models) and I was happy enough with the results. But the IT01 really do sound smoother, more coherent across the whole spectrum. Without the slightly harsh treble peak. Very sensitive to both ear tip choice and to a lesser degree amplifier power (I really mean the ohm rating and just cannot remember the term I need). That is to say that they sound good with something like your phone but really shine with a DAP with a bit of power.

    As far as the UiiSii CM5, I have a pair. Listened briefly. Again a fitment issue. So I didn't wear them too much so didn't get a great listen. But for the $10-$15 you can often find them for a rather decent sound with nothing standing out in my memory as either very well nor poorly done. They do sound better than you'd expect for the price. Sorry I can't offer a better comparison.
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  11. C2thew
    The UiiSii CM5's look ilke they are only single driver IEM's, much like the KZ ZS3's. I'm kind of finding it weird how it is being compared to the ZS6 since it has 4 drivers. I'm guessing it's giving the ZS6 a run for the money since it sounds clearer, but would the difference be as similar if one were to do the ZS6 foam "slaters" mod of putting foam into both high frequency BA's of the ZS6?

    It looks like the CM5's would be more comfortable compared to the ZS6 since it is smaller and lighter, but the ZS3 still seems (at least for me) to be the winner in terms of fit and passive noise isolation.
  12. CoiL
    Hehe... seems I`m still going with the IT01 and it just wants to marry with my iBasso DX5X ;P Planning the wedding date and theme colors will be in red&blue, lol.
  13. Podster
    LOL, that reminds me of when Jim Belushi in the movie Red Heat asked Arnold how the Chinese took care of their crooked politicians and Arnold told him they just lined them all up and shot them!

    KZ fans unite:beerchug:

    ED 9 Cayin.JPG
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  14. bsoplinger
    Always hated the feeling of triple flanges although I did manage to get a decent seal with them on problem IEMs. On a positive note, I like my pair of black KZ ED9. Almost as nice for napping or sleeping as the ED2.
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  15. Strat Rider

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