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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. eaglesgift
    How can you video a problem with IEMs? Was the video just you explaining what the problem was while holding the earphones?
  2. xxxreyxxx
  3. Viber
    That's a very strange thing to say imo.

    Did you try switching the cables?
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  4. SomeGuyDude
    Again, what tips? I have the v1 and the ZS6 and when I first got the 6 I was legit ready to throw them in the trash, now the 5 collects dust. I am telling you, give them time to settle and pick up some foam tips.
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  5. bsoplinger
    They asked me to make a video of a stylus for a tablet that wasn't working. How was I supposed to show it not working? Just move it around on the tablet and say "see the cursor isn't following?"

    I think its their default response to any claim of a problem with a product.
  6. eaglesgift
    That sounds reasonable in your case but I was asked by a local supplier to make a video of a problem concerning a DAP with a battery that was draining to 0% over a period of about 5 days (as I mentioned in this thread or another previously). I couldn't see the point so I didn't do it. It seemed to me like they were simply trying to make customers jump through hoops in order to discourage them from returning defective products. Just to be clear, this was not Gearbest but a local company in Thailand.
  7. charlescc2
    Seriously sitting here wondering the same thing. The volume difference between the crap left IEM and right one is very noticeable when listening, but whether I can make that clear in a video? Ehh.

    Does burning in make a big difference with KZs, or I guess IEMs in general? How long are we talking if so?

    Also I've seen many people saying to get tips separately, could you explain why we should get foam tips? What difference do they make, and is it a preference thing or an objective quality difference thing?
  8. SomeGuyDude
    I'm not talking some insane thing. Just give them a bit. Plenty of time within the return window.

    Tips 100% make a difference in sound. Whether it's better or worse comes down to preference, but if the treble is too peaky, the foams will iron that out nicely.
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  9. Aevum
    I´ve tried Bee tips and comply.
  10. Lord Rexter
    Yes I agree just listen to the music you like for a week on ZS6 they'll grow on you, they certainly did for me. I'm using ZS6 as a daily driver now.

    I have the biggest New Bee foam tips on them: https://m.gearbest.com/headphone-accessories/pp_609044.html
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  11. Trisse
    So I have a KZ bluetooth cable Im pretty happy with. When I got it it was speaking english but somehow i managed to change the settings so now the girl is speaking Chinese. Does anybody now how to change back to english?
  12. tworule
    Well right ear piece had no sound so, I closed the nozzle of both iems with my finger while playing music and then take out my finger one by one. It was obvious rthat one of the iems was not producing any sound. Sorry about my English :) here is the video: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/8vkricat...Aa?dl=0&preview=Video+17.10.2017+21+02+27.mov
    Last edited: Oct 22, 2017
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  13. tworule
  14. eaglesgift
    Thanks! The problem seems very clear on the video you made. :)
  15. Rilke
    Did somebody bought their Zs6 from Gearbest last weekend ? Mine isn't shipped yet. After reporting that my adress got somehow messed up. They told me that they are going to intercept my parcel and send it to right adress. But since then the customer service answered random stuff to all my inquiries with no precise information. :cry:

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