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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. SomeGuyDude
    I sure do, I'm in my 30s and I've always loved headphones. You know what the funny thing was about those $10 earbuds? They sounded like complete and utter ass.
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  2. thekenta
    Been out of the loop for a while.
    Is there still a way to get the ZS5 v1?
  3. xxxreyxxx
  4. kokakolia
    Yeah! And they still sell them airports and drug stores. For around $20 (and <$10 online). These SONY earbuds have the most horrible shrieking treble.
  5. F4yze
    The green version from this massdrop looks a lot like the one in your pic. Or maybe I'm just colourblind. https://www.massdrop.com/buy/kz-zs6-iems
  6. HungryPanda
    Massdrop probably hoovered up all the greens
  7. VinceHill24
    Lol i couldn't believe myself that massdrop have it. There's still green from most sellers anyway, just like the case when ZS5 V2 is out and yet many sellers still ship ZS5 V1 + i believe green wasn't popular so even if it's discontinued, there'll still be plentiful available.

    Anyway, just checked some of those Taobao store and apparently Grey is already available for purchased. If anyone's interested to buy from Taobao there you can get grey.
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  8. acia
    why zs5 v1? still have 2 pairs collecting dust now.
  9. tworule
    I received zs5 v1 from gearbest : the blue with mic from gearbest . I ordered at the beginning of October
  10. SomeGuyDude
    The v2 thing with 2 BAs in the nozzle has everyone clamoring for the v1 as the best KZ offering.
  11. kokakolia
    So I listened to the KZ ATE for hours today using the small silicone tips that came in the box and my Zuk Z2 phone.

    Well, the treble is just as grainy and sibilant as upon the first listen. But my brain got used to the recessed vocals. So it's improving for me, I guess.

    It's especially unbearable listening to the Oasis song titled "Roll with it".

    FYI, I ordered the ATE from Banggood.com last month. So I'm assuming it's a recent production run.

    I can't wait for the ZSE and ZS5 to arrive!

    Meanwhile, I have to work all day outside with my ATE :xf_mad:
  12. Superluc
    Well... try to tame them a bit. If you can't do some EQ, try foams or put a round of highs-taming material ( like coffee filters or toilet paper's ply ) out of the nozzle. Don't be afraid of do some experiments, especially on things that can't harm the IEM itself.
  13. NeonHD
    LOL don't remember if it was B9scrambler but someone in this thread cut a big hole into the ATE housings and put a metal mesh on it. Probably must've made it sound so good.
  14. kokakolia
    I don't even have the tools. I may as well buy better earphones haha
  15. B9Scrambler
    That was our resident modder and KZ baller @CoiL :)

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