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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. TheWongWrong
    Man I sure wish KZ decided to put more money in the housing instead. Like one guy said in a review from youtube, they used metal to hold a few ear tips in the retail box instead of the housing of the headphone (made me giggle a bit haha). Kind of disappointing for me since they were a long(for KZ's standard) time coming and came with a fair bit of hype as well. I know the general consensus is function over form but just really wish they hadn't made a bootleg Andromeda. Might still snap it up sometime down the line because of @Vidal 's stellar impressions though, didn't think they'd top his list before seeing his review.
  2. Vidal
    Neither did I, I was ready to mark 'em down but found myself smitten :heart_eyes_cat:
  3. Sylmar
    Using the big eartips from my broken Hifiman RE400 for my ZS5. Seems to add comfort as I don't feel the sharp ridges anymore plus it seems that they seem to enhance the soundstage by a fraction.


    (top left ones)
  4. ezekiel77
    I'll probably go to hell for this, but...

    I prefer ZS5's fit to the original CA Andromeda/Jupiter. CA metal+sharp edges=aahhhh pain, but the ZS5 plastics made the fit bearable.
  5. ricemanhk
    BTW for those with fit issues, take out the memory wire and then it's fine. I did it on day 1, as have quite a few others and all report back the same.

    As for copycat design...well they claim to have been working on ZS5 for quite a while, so it might even be the case that the development for ZST started later than ZS5, and then it was too late to change the housing design for ZS5. Give them time and hopefully they use the ZST style housing more which I prefer. I think the ZS3 was also a copycat design for the housing? albeit a less well known IEM.
  6. 1clearhead
    I got that same exact set as well. :ksc75smile:
  7. 1clearhead
    I actually prefer the sound signature over some of those big names, but not the quality per say. :blush:
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  8. acia
    pure silver mix copper cable, good idea??
  9. WilliamCruz
    So far my experience with zs5 is not as expected, but pretty good for the price tag.

    It could really use better layering especially in busier tracks.

    The speed is really good, good enough for fast paced instruments, was able to differentiate every note.

    Bass can sound a little bloated and excessive.

    The quantity of the treble is just right for me plus it's really smooth and clean, kz done a good job here.

    PS: I have the lune cable with it, and this is in comparison with the gr07 mk2
    Last edited: Jun 7, 2017
  10. acia
    Bought pure silver x copper cable. Hope it is good
  11. benchan2
    So long story short. Some day the cover of another ZS5 falls off. The owner found the wire connecting one of the BA fells off, and there is no audio crossover despite there are 4 units. However the sound is the same.
    So instead of putting it back by himself, he decided to disassemble the whole thing. Since the DD is not fixed by glue and other way, it is not that hard.
    Taking the BA and DD out, he found there is only 1 real tube at DD that sound can go out. Other chambers are sealed.
    So basically there is only 1 DD and 1 BA (inside the bore) that actually work. The other two drivers are blocked. And since there is no damping for the BA, it is rather soft or treble will be too bright, implying it is not contributing to the sound much either.

    All credit goes to 愤怒的X88
    Last edited: Jun 7, 2017
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  12. B9Scrambler
    Interesting, but I'd want to examine them myself. Doesn't make sense to toss in two extra drivers and not have them contribute at all.
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  13. CoiL
    1. ATR has no tuning foam.
    2. Nothing really unique inside - same as ATE (just wider nozzle inside diameter and slightly different breathing hole port cover material).
    3. Grill-mod to ATR makes much less effect than with ATE but it helps slightly.
    4. ATR with "open-back" grill mod is better than stock.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    5. I have tried many different tweaks but still loving my ATE FF-mod more than ATR.

    6. If ZST didn`t have treble issues (for my ears at least), then it would top my ATE FF-mod in overall SQ but soundstage of FF-mod is something special.
    Haven`t tried modding ZST yet. I`ve stopped modding IEMs due to being involved with new production IEM.
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  14. Skullophile
    If it's true it explains everything about the mysterious ZS5! :) innocent until proven guilty though.
  15. hanamichi
    is there any one who can compere zs5 with havi b3 pro 1 ? pls no1? i want to buy one of them

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